To everyone who helped make the Ice Cream Social/farewell to the by 39WyJBL7


									To everyone who helped make the Ice Cream Social/farewell to the Community Center/60th Anniversary
event such a success, thank you, thank you, thank you. The evening went perfectly and I know everyone had
a great time.

Helen McAllister, Lisa Brownlee, Ann Nichols and the Garden Club, it was another great ice cream social.
This is an event that the whole community looks forward to each year. We all know there is a lot of work to
put it on. Helen, thanks for all the help with the planning, we couldn’t have done it without you.

John, Joanie and the city staff, John, I know you are really shorthanded right now, but everything we asked
for we got and then some. You are a good emcee to boot. Your cooperation in letting us open the
community center one last time meant a lot to those who went in to share one last look. It was so appropriate
to close one chapter so we can begin the new chapter. Joanie, thanks for going that extra step to get us the
tent from the county, and free too.

Midge, thanks for all your help with the proclamation and signs. When all was said and done, it looked
professional for novice proclamation writers. Your train cake was a real hit and I know all the kiddies are
looking forward to another one next year. Sorry, but I think you’re hooked.

To all our speakers, thank you so much for your meaningful remarks. The program went off without a hitch
and ended on time too. Each of your remarks touched someone who loves this community.

Alex and Eric, you both are helping to document Sylvan Lake’s history. This community is lucky to have
professional photographers and producers like yourself.

To our newspaper friends, Carol, Dave and Larry, thanks for the articles and publicity about our event. Your
continued coverage of our city and its events is very much appreciated.

Paul Hungerman, you’re always there in your quiet way and I appreciate it. You don’t give yourself enough
credit for all that you do.

Last but not least, Helen Jane. You can stand on your laurels, because there are not enough words to express
what a great job you did on celebrating our 60th anniversary as a city. Just think, for generations to come,
your efforts will keep us in touch with our history. For sure I know how much our seniors appreciated all
you do and have done. The boards were outstanding and a whole lot of work. Thanks to Pete also, we know
he’s right there to help you and support the city.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone who helped create this very special evening. See you next year as we
celebrate the dedication of our new community center.

Marlene Toby

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