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        April     13, Adjournment     Afghanistan    Afghanistan alleged that Pakistan has
        2008          Motion                         dumped nuclear waste in Afghanistan
                                                     during Taliban rule.
        April     18, Question NA     Indian         India is building dams in violation of
        2008                                         IWT, 16 of them on Chenab, 6 of them
                                                     on Jehlum, Kishanganga, Uri, Chenab
                                                     Valley Power Project, Kiru, Pakhal Dul,
                                                     Kaswar, Baglihar and many other. I
                                                     asked that India should be held
                                                     responsible for all its treaty violations at
                                                     the time that they happen rather than
                                                     when the time lapses and it is too late
                                                     for Pakistan’s water scarcity issue.
        April     21, Adjournment     US/            To discuss the proposed US policy to be
        2008          Motion          Sovereignty    adopted by government based on the
                                                     detailed briefing given by US Embassy
                                                     officials to senior cabinet officials.
        April     23, Point        of India          Requested Speaker to have discussion
        2008          Order                          on most important issue of Kashmir as
                                                     many CAs and Adj Motions have been
                                                     rejected on this.
        April     25, Resolution      India          Resolution submitted “resolves to back
        2008                                         the plea of the Kashmiris to link India’s
                                                     bid for a seat in UNSC with its resolution
                                                     of Kashmir Issue to the satisfaction of
                                                     the Kashmiris”.
        April     26, Adjournment     India          To       discuss      the    government’s
        2008          Motion                         deliberations on the occasion of
                                                     Composite Dialogue 2008.
        May       12, Seminar         Afghanistan    I was guest speaker at Institute of
        2008                                         Regional        Studies     seminar      on
                                                     Afghanistan, presented a paper on
                                                     “Afghanistan: Integration of counter
                                                     insurgency, counter narcotics and
                                                     development policies.
                                                     Afghanistan is a traditional country,
                                                     where the issue should be dealt locally
                                                     rather than nationally. A fraction of
                                                     financial resources which are available
                                                     could be dedicated to empower
                                                     traditional councils in villages and
                                                     district levels, which could become good
                                                     interlocutors between the government
                                                     and local farmers in the context of an
                                                     efficient and effective counter narcotics
        May       15, Meeting         Afghanistan    Met with UNHCR to discuss the issue of
2008                                   Afghan refugees and asylum policies of
May    23, Resolution   India          “This house condemns the statement of
2008                                   Indian National Security Adviser that
                                       Pakistan has not stopped cross border
                                       terrorism and is fomenting communal
                                       troubles in India.

May    23, Resolution   India          This house condemns the Delhi public
2008                                   school authorities ban on Muslim
                                       students which stopped them from
                                       offering prayers in school premises in
                                       This house resolves to back the plea of
                                       the Kashmiris to link India’s bid for a
                                       seat in UNSC with its resolution of
                                       Kashmir Issue to the satisfaction of the
June    2, Calling      Sovereignty/   Pentagon planning “boots on ground” in
2008       Attention    US             Waziristan, ready to attack Iran.
June    2, Resolution   Sovereignty    House condemns NATO’s sarcastic
2008                                   remarks against Pakistan troops as
                                       Pakistan’s contributions to fighting
                                       extremism should not be belittled.
June   23, Article      India          Article in The News “Resolution of
2008                                   Kashmir”          published.     Kashmir’s
                                       resolution is not just one agenda item
                                       on our Composite Dialogue but THE
                                       agenda item. I hope that together with
                                       government         we    as   ‘constructive
                                       opposition’ contribute towards its
July   11, Seminar      US/            Attended Pildat Seminar on US Policy.
2008                    Sovereignty/   These days the most dangerous threat
                                       facing Pakistan’s sovereign territorial
                                       integrity, it is important to send US the
                                       right message. US needs to get out of a
                                       belligerent mode. It must leave
                                       Afghanistan but in a phased way. The
                                       clubbing of ALQ and Taliban is not
                                       useful by US. The only way to change
                                       US belligerent policy is to resist it;
                                       through regional collective effort versus
                                       individual country effort. Great game
                                       ambitions of US are not affordable. If
                                       Pak falls to extremism, US would loose
                                       all. US help is required for resolving
                                       Kashmir. It is important for US to study
                                       the Pak China model to understand how
                                       relations need to be conducted with
July    11, Resolution       US/              House resolves to condemn the
2008                         Sovereignty      incursions by the Western forces into
                                              Pak borders which are an affront to its
                                              territorial sovereign integrity.
July    25, Press            India            Govt announced Trade Policy. This
2008        Conference                        trade policy is ‘India centric’. All trade
                                              routes with India pass through Kashmir.
                                              We will not allow ‘loot sale’ of its natural
                                              resources for Indian businessmen.
                                              Government had already decided to
                                              award the contract of a significant “Thar
                                              Coal Project” to “Reliance Company” of
                                              India. No country allows its adversary
                                              an open access to its natural resources.
                                              This policy would make Pakistan a
                                              “dumping ground” for faulty and old
                                              Indian technologies, equipment and
Aug 2, 2008   Calling        Foreign Policy   To discuss foreign policy which is
              Attention                       showing no initiative on China and
                                              having trouble with peace with India.
Aug     11, Point         of National         R&D Fund for SPD has been reduced
2008        Order            Security         due to the insistent and pressure of the
                                              United State.
Aug     12, Point         of India            APHC leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz was
2008        Order/                            shot dead in Indian held Kashmir.
                                              Unmarked graves, EU taken notice but
                                              Pakistani Govt is silent. Minister
                                              statement “Berlin Wall” unacceptable.
Aug     13, Point         of India            India allowed civilian mountaineering
2008        Order                             and trekking expeditions on the Siachen
Aug     21, Point         of US               Rice assertion that there is no
2008        Order                             leadership vacuum in Pak was wrong
                                              considering on food, energy and
                                              security govt had failed to deliver due to
                                              lack of cohesion and dysfunctionality in
Aug     22, Question NA      India            I asked Foreign Minister whether he
2008                                          considered composite dialogue was
                                              benefiting Pak or Indian national interest
                                              considering his statement on Berlin Wall
Sep 5, 2008   Point       of US/              continued assault of Pak sovereignty by
              Order          Sovereignty      US forces despite strong worded
                                              resolutions in parliament.
Sep 6, 2008 Point     of US/                  I condemned the latest US-led forces’
            Order        Sovereignty          missile attack in North Waziristan
Sep     13, Question NA India / China         India     has    organized       a   civilian
2008                                      mountaineering and trekking expedition
                                          on Siachin Glacier, whether the matter
                                          has been discussed in the recent CD
                                          with India? This will weaken Pakistan
                                          and Chinese position, so what sort of
                                          initiatives government has taken to
                                          avoid this situation in November and
Oct 1, 2008   Article       China         Article in The News “Why China?”
                                          Whilst China grows exponentially,
                                          Pakistan must with singular focus piggy
                                          back on to this growth. Chinese have
                                          supported us on our position on the
                                          Nuclear Supllier’s group issue.
Oct     29, Press Note      US            Strongly condemned the government’s
2008                                      decision to award highest civil award
                                          “Hilal-e-Pakistan” to Senator Biden and
                                          Luger who has violated our territorial
                                          sovereignty, killed innocent people and
                                          mocked the resolution passed by
                                          parliament is nothing but an insult to
                                          whole nation especially to Pakhtoons.
Nov     11, Point        of Sovereignty   Made point of order on NATO, that if
2008        Order                         NATO can attack us, we should take a
                                          policy decision, we need to block their
                                          supplies rather than militants do this.
                                          We should do it officially to show that
                                          we are a dignified nation.
Nov     16, Visit           China         Official visit started to China on Chinese
2008                                      government/ Communist party invite to
                                          lead a parliamentary delegation to
                                          improve our bilateral relations –
                                          economic, social, political, defence.
Nov     18, Visit         / China         Communist part Vice Minister Banquet
2008        Meetings                      breakfast meeting in Beijing. She
                                          pledged to commence a China
                                          parliamentary group which could track
                                          our bilateral relationship. I briefed them
                                          on Kashmir, Pakistan Tibet policy,
                                          balochistan quake rehabilitation, WoT,
                                          IDPs. Congratulated them on Beijing
Nov     18, Visit         / China         Working meeting with the DG of the
2008        Meetings                      International dept of CPC in Beijing. I
                                          presented the WAPDA projects and
                                          asked for investments in this area.
Nov     18, Visit         / China         Meeting with the Vice Chairman of the
2008        Meetings                      Foreign Affairs Committee of their
                                          National Congress in the Great Hall of
                                          the People Beijing.
Nov    19, Visit      / China   Breakfast      meeting    with    DG     /
2008       Meetings             Ambassador- CPC. I decided to launch
                                the Nazim – Shizhaoang concept here
                                through this meeting. I talked of
                                partnership at grass root levels between
                                our nazims of the three areas which
                                belonged to 3 parties represented on
                                trip. I discussed building a model
                                through private public partnership which
                                would exchange know how and bring 1-
                                clean drinking water- 2- garbage
                                disposal turned into energy 3- health- 4-
                                school- 5-small dams- agriculture
                                packaging,       processing,     cropping
                                technique and language cooperation.
Nov    19, Visit      / China   Meeting with Pakistan Ambassador to
2008       Meetings             China where I chalked out Sino-Pak
                                Parliamentarians caucus TORs
Nov    21, Visit        China   Visited Honzquin economic zone in
2008                            Shanghai.
                                Visit to 3D, multimedia company.
                                visit to the Suzho creek project
                                Meeting with CPC leader of the standing
                                committee of Shanghai. They talked
                                about disparity reduction, vision 2030,
                                vision 2020, about mapping challenges
                                of each country. Talked about harmony
                                of people and individual, of man and
                                nature, of spiritual and physical, of
                                current and future generations.
Nov    22, Visit      / China   Visited      Shanghai     Academy       of
2008       Meetings             International Studies. I presented a
                                paper on “Pak-China Bilaterals Baton
                                change strategy”. We have traveled to
                                China to seek a deeper understanding
                                of what type of impetus is required to
                                boost our bilaterals. As young
                                parliamentarians from Pakistan, we are
                                honored to accept taking the baton
                                forward on the Pak-China bilaterals.
                                Zhou’s li and yue philosophy comes to
                                my mind when I examine how the
                                correct policies will enhance the trust of
                                the people. Scientific Outlook on
                                development needs to be a shared
                                objective in the Pak-China bilateral.
                                Pakistan’s future needs as described in
                                the Vision 2030 need to be compared to
                                a similar document of where China will
                                be in 2030. A SWOT Analysis is also
                                required on an immediate basis of the
                                     two countries. Pakistan’s weaknesses
                                     need to be capped by China and vice
Nov     23, Visit          / China   Visited World Financial Observatory
2008        Meetings                 Visited Urban Planning centre.

Nov     24, Visit          / China   Visited Urumqi Xinjiang
2008        Meetings                 Meeting at the Xinjiang Ethnic Religious
                                     Affairs Committee of Xinjiang Uygur
                                     Autonomous Region. I talked of their
                                     objectives for this province having
                                     handshake       on    university,   herbal
                                     medicine, sports with Northern Areas.
                                     Talked of need for tolerance in society
                                     and need for more interaction.
                                     Meeting with the federation of women. I
                                     gave a detailed briefing of all the pro
                                     women work our govts had done. I
                                     came up with an agenda for sharing
                                     experiences and programs: population
                                     planning,    traditional    crafts,   rural
                                     cropping techniques of women doing
                                     businesses       from    their    gardens,
                                     entrepreneur leaders exchanges.
Nov     24, Visit          / China   Meeting with member of the Standing
2008        Meetings                 Committee        of    Regional      Party
                                     Committee. I conveyed a lot of thoughts
                                     accumulated on the strategic plan and
                                     specifically the coordination between
                                     these two provinces.
Nov     25, Visit          / China   Visited Youth League in Urumqi. I gave
2008        Meetings                 5 point proposal for collaboration: green
                                     force, entrepreneur exchanges, media
                                     culture promotion, sports, and university
                                     Visit to the Medical University. I
                                     launched 4 point plan on health:
                                     exchange between this university and
                                     one of ours, research and development
                                     of herbs from Northern Areas, setting of
                                     similar facilities in Northern Areas,
                                     launching of Chinese herbal medicinal
                                     training programs.
                                     Visited to a pharmaceutical company,
                                     they jumped at my herbal medicinal idea
                                     coordination with GB.
Nov     26, Report           China   Presented the China visit report with
2008                                 recommendations to Speaker National
Dec 1, 2008   Press Note     India   Marvi Memon while talking to Aljazeerah
                                        tv said its time for national unity in the
                                        face of Indian acquisitions on Mumbai
Dec 4, 2008   Article   India           Article in Kahwish-Wadahat-Mashreq-
                                        K2. Pakistan should mobilize regional
                                        security organizations against Indian
                                        offensive fast. Pakistan should also
                                        launch a diplomatic offensive rather
                                        than a defensive on India and provide
                                        the world with details of India’s efforts to
                                        destabilize the region and Indian human
                                        rights excesses. Why has India
                                        increased      military    presence       in
                                        Afghanistan? Why has India started
                                        work on Ladakkh airbase? Why is India
                                        deploying      nuke     warheads       near
                                        Srinagar? Why is India not being taken
                                        to task over its 100 homegrown
                                        separatist organizations which are result
                                        of Indian policies of marginalization? We
                                        want peace but with dignity.
Dec 5, 2008   Lecture   India           Launched diplomatic offensive against
                                        the India. Had an Interaction with Air
                                        University students courtesy News1.
Dec 9, 2008   Article   US/             Open letter to US legislators published
                        Sovereignty     in The News. US needs to respect 14
                                        point resolution passed by parliament,
                                        US is appeasing India’s regional
                                        destabilization efforts and its human
                                        rights excesses, India needs to stop
                                        making belligerent, India needs to
                                        handle its homegrown terrorism issues
                                        and Pakistan will handle its extremism
                                        issues on its own, we would like ‘peace
                                        with dignity’ President elect Obama’s
                                        idea of a peace initiative for Kashmir
                                        mediated by US would be welcome, US
                                        media, think tanks portraying Pakistan
                                        as the ‘weak link’ in the fight against
                                        extremism need to be discouraged, any
                                        attacks on our intelligence agencies are
                                        seen as an attack on the state and thus
                                        the people, aid given by the US gets
                                        siphoned back to US in the form of
                                        foreign consultancies and foreign
                                        experts fees.
Dec     15, Meeting     India/ France   Went to French reception of new French
2008                                    ambassador in Islamabad and rattled
                                        same point of view against Indian
                                        belligerence in French to them and
                                   French media.
Dec    16, Point        of India   I said that a historic parallel between
2008       Order                   1971 and 2008 and it is that Indians in
                                   those days and in these days trying to
                                   destabilize Pakistan. And Inshallah we
                                   will not let them succeed in their
                                   intentions this time and we are united on
                                   this point.
Dec    16, Whitepaper      India   Whitepaper on Terror Attacks inside
2008                               Pakistan with possible Indian hand,
                                   evidence given to PM in form of one
                                   year terrorist attacks chronology.
Dec    16, Meeting         India   Meeting with visiting Senator Kerry. I
2008                               made two points:         First, we don’t
                                   appreciate our state agency being
                                   accused of terror linkages. The same
                                   statement would have been appreciated
                                   by him on RAW when he was visiting
                                   India. Second that we would appreciate
                                   US insisting on reciprocity from India on
                                   cleaning up its terror networks, including
                                   investigation of RAW linkage to Alqaida
                                   attacks of many suicide bombers in Pak.
                                   The bomb attacks linked to AlQaida in
                                   our country need to be investigated by
                                   UN whether they have any Indian non
                                   state actor or state (RAW) role.
Dec    23, Article         India   Article “Diplomacy with Delhi “ published
2008                               in The News. Pakistan needs a dignified
                                   response strategy to the international
                                   isolation resultant from the weak
                                   diplomacy of the current government
                                   and the efficient diplomacy by India. The
                                   first track of the ‘diplomatic initiative
                                   strategy’ or DIS is ‘composite dialogue
                                   awareness campaign’. The second track
                                   of DIS is the ‘Indian propaganda
                                   inversion campaign’. The third track of
                                   DIS is the “forcible reversal of Indian
                                   regional destabilization.’ The fourth
                                   track of DIS is the ‘terror accountability
                                   strategy’. The fifth track of DIS is the
                                   relations with US which have to be built
                                   on a basis of respect for Pakistan’s
                                   sovereignty. Finally the sixth track of
                                   DIS is the ‘economic tsunami recovery
Dec    24, Resolution      India   Parliament was drafting a resolution on
2008                               India, I gave input on resolution draft
                                   that international community should
                                         ensure that India dismantles its terror
                                         network and stops spreading regional
                                         destabilization and that we condemn
                                         terror attacks in India AND Pakistan,
                                         were added.
Dec    31, Article         India         Article    “Indian    appeasement        not
2008                                     acceptable” published in Nawa-e-Waqt.
                                         Whichever political party one belongs to
                                         the Indian relationship must be
                                         conducted with great care. We have
                                         many unresolved issues with India
                                         including Kashmir and no amount of
                                         brotherly talk is useful till such issues
                                         are resolved. why have we sat silently
                                         on discovery of Indian origin arms in
                                         Swat and Indian help to separatist
                                         movement in Balochistan.
Jan    13, Point        of India         Govt not following Senate resolution to
2009       Order                         ban Indian channels and contents. India
                                         has banned Pakistani channels and
                                         recently asked Ajoka Theater to not
                                         come to India.
Jan    13, Press Note      India         Marvi Memon in her interview to Daily
2009                                     Jinnah said that the failed policies of
                                         government          have       endangered
                                         federation. Breakdown of government to
                                         respond Indian allegations has made
                                         this nation guilty in front of international
Jan    14, Speech NA       US            I demanded of the government to seek
2009                                     compensation for killing of innocent
                                         people in drone attacks and immediately
                                         fill the vacant posts of diplomats at
                                         foreign missions.
Jan    15, Question NA     Afghanistan   How many Afghans are in Pakistan?
2009                                     What economic activities they are
                                         involved? Law and order threat? What is
                                         govt exit plan for them?
Jan    26, Resolution      US/ India     I managed to get signatures of all party
2009                                     leaders on her Kashmir resolution:
                                         “House resolves to ask US President
                                         Obama to send a US envoy on Kashmir
                                         or to include Kashmir’s resolution in the
                                         mandate of the US envoy on
                                         Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Jan    26, Resolution      India/ US     Resolution I drafted for National
2009                                     Assembly but got rejected. This house
                                         understands the importance of the
                                         peaceful & just resolution of the Jammu
                                         & Kashmir dispute. And in this context
                                   expresses the confidence that the new
                                   US Administration will as stated by
                                   President Obama give priority attention
                                   to this issue. The US Special
                                   representative for the region must (note:
                                   word must has been crossed) play an
                                   important role for the resolution of J&K
                                   issue and must (note: word must has
                                   been crossed again) have Kashmir
                                   included in his mandate.
Jan     27, Point        of US     Raised issue of US cuts in payments on
2009        Order                  WOT bill (CSF)- no answer by govt on
                                   this. $55mn deducted from $156mn
                                   payment from money which US had to
                                   pay Pakistan
Jan     30, Question NA    India   What steps govt has taken to raise the
2009                               issue of illegal Indian dams on
                                   Pakistan’s water such as chitaen 990
                                   MW, Kiru 600 MW Pakal Dul 1000
                                   ,Kawar,520 MW and Chenab Valley
                                   power         Project,        Development
                                   Corporation Project.
Feb 5, 2009   Seminar      India   Attended a seminar on Kashmir
                                   Solidarity Day in Islamabad. We
                                   declared our solidarity with Kashmirs
Feb     12, Press Note     India   Blasted on media our UK High
2009                               Commissioner who put state security at
                                   risk because he admitted ISI was
                                   involved in terrorism in the past but not
                                   anymore- in diplomacy past and present
                                   is same admittance. I demanded that
                                   mandate of Holbrooke should not be
                                   limited to Pakistan-Afghanistan only, he
                                   should mediate on Kashmir issue too
                                   and members of Parliament should
                                   demand this. I said UK was also going
                                   to nominate envoy for Pakistan and
                                   Afghanistan and that the resolution of
                                   Kashmir issue was very important for
                                   the security of this region.
March   12, Speech NA      India   Asked the government response on
2009                               Indian allegations of us being failed
                                   state to minister of foreign affairs. Also
                                   seek govt response on Sonia Ghandhi
                                   statement that Pakistan would pay the
                                   cost of Mumbai attack.
March   24, Adjournment    India   Pakistan’s position on Sir Creek dispute
2009        Motion                 with India, and strategy for resolving this
                                   dispute as per its official position.
March   31, Report         US      Drafted Foreign Policy Response on
2009                                     Obama’s AfPak Policy. Accepting the
                                         policy is tantamount to loosing
                                         sovereignty over our foreign policy
April   10,   Point     of US / India    Raised issue of Foreign Minister who
2009          Order                      clearly had not negotiated a good US
                                         aid bill since clause J asking Pakistan to
                                         ensure no terror act against India would
                                         be emanating from Pakistan in order to
                                         qualify for the funds was incorporated.
April   13,   Meeting      US / India    Meeting with Senator Kerry on Pak-US
2009                                     bilateral. I asked him to look into finding
                                         a resolution for Kashmir.
April   13,   Meeting    / US / India    Handed over a letter to Kerry for
2009          Report                     President Obama. Pakistan seeks
                                         peace and security, but not at the cost
                                         of our dignity and sovereignty. I believe
                                         that my armed forces and government is
                                         capable of safeguarding Pakistan’s
                                         nuclear assets from all eventualities. I
                                         also believe that peace between India
                                         and Pakistan is critical for defeating
                                         militancy in the region. The Afpak policy
                                         and the ‘Peace Act 2009’ which we
                                         perceive as a US-Indian tool for
                                         curtailing Pakistan’s sovereignty, should
                                         be saved from this branding.
April   15,   Meeting      UK/ US/ India dinner with UK diplomats- gave them 3
2009                                     messages:
                                         1. we don’t like your increased
                                         diplomatic/intelligence presence in Pak-
                                         2- Please concentrate on getting India
                                         online and out of state terrorism and on
                                         Kashmir resolution
                                         3- We don’t appreciate your efforts to
                                         interfere negatively in Balochistan and
                                         encircling us with US.
April   15,   Meeting      China         During IT Standing Committee meeting
2009                                     raised the issue of LDI license for
                                         Chinese       mobile     company.       Got
                                         commitment by minister that they would
                                         give China the LDI license
May 9, 2009   Media        Afghanistan / Afghan Transit Trade Agreement is
              Briefing     India         against our National interest and best
                                         serves Indian interest. Zardari instead of
                                         giving evidence of Indian hand in
                                         terrorism      in   FATA,     Swat     and
                                         Balochistan has given it route.
May 9, 2009   Adjournment Afghanistan / Submitted Adjournment motion to
              Motion       India         discuss Afghanistan Transit Trade
May    14, Point   of Afghanistan / I raised the ATTA trade issue and
2009       order      India         waved that agreement with pro-Indian
                                    clauses, and vowed vehemently that I
                                    and many other Pakistanis real ones
                                    would block this. I initiated cross party
                                    core group of parliamentarians who will
                                    block afghan trade agreement since it
                                    has many anti-pak pro-India clauses
May    17, Visit      US            US official visit for 3 weeks started. I
2009                                was      the    part     of    6    female
                                    parliamentarians      visiting    US     on
                                    International      Visitor      Leadership
                                    Program.         Visited        washington
                                    monumnet- arlignton cemetry- lincoln
                                    memorial- sacrifice on alter of
                                    I left note at Vietnam Memorial saying
                                    “hopefully there will be less needs to
                                    build memorials if US foreign policy
                                    respected sovereignty of other nations
                                    as much as its quest for democracy a la
May    18, Visit      US            I gave the meeting request list to our
2009                                host. As many Pakistan caucus
                                    Senators and Congressmen/women
                                    appointments as can be lined up.
                                    Important to meet with maximum since
                                    the message about Pakistan needs to
                                    reach      maximum        population      of
                                    parliamentarians;        and       negative
                                    perceptions need to be reduced.
                                    Pakistan’s concerns need to be
                                    enunciated       logically-      something
                                    Pakistan     Government        has    been
                                    struggling with.      Leading Think tanks
                                    in Washington. Survey and public
                                    opinion poll related organizations- TV
                                    and print media       Environment related
                                    agencies, Alternative Energy related
                                    federal        agencies           including
                                    Congressmen/women on this particular
                                    committee. Drafters of ‘Comprehensive
                                    Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan’
                                    released March 27 2009. Legislators
                                    who have been involved in the ROZ
                                    concept. Peace Bill of House of
                                    Representatives has many controversial
                                    clauses.      Congressional       oversight
                                    committee members for spending on
                                    Pakistan, US Drafters of Afghan Transit
                        Trade Agreement, Defence related
                        organization where drone attacks can
                        be discussed, Homeland security
                        officials, US National Security Advisor or
                        his staffers, Senate Committee on
                        Foreign Relations – Human Rights and
                        Democracy- members and staffers,
                        National Counter Terrorism Centre,
                        Congressional        Oversight     Select
                        Committees on Intelligence
May    19, Visit   US   Meetings in Washington:
2009                    Republican National Committee HQ
                        discussed constituent services and
                        republican party strategies.
                        2- Newsweek meeting with 3 columnist
                        Eleanor Clift- meeting with her to
                        interact with US intelligentsia and to
                        pushing Pakistan case. She was eager
                        to rattle off Pakistan’s issues with US
                        foreign policy so that US intelligentsia
                        could have our side of the story. She
                        had prepared a detailed summary which
                        she handed over on IDP assistance,
                        drone       attacks,   Kashmir,    Indian
                        belligerence, Afghan transit trade,
                        attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear credibility
                        and our armed forces, Afpak policy and
                        the Kerry Lugar/ Berman legislation.
                        3-pak-american leadership council- how
                        we can lobby Pakistan case better
                        discussed- very important considering
                        we have been beaten square by India
                        on this.
                        4- meeting with Honorable Sheila
                        Jackson- Congresswomen who is
                        heading Pak caucus-
                        Meeting with pakistan’s Ambasador to
                        US and then dinner with the Pakistani
                        lobby team. It was important to be on
                        the same page and rise above party
                        affiliations at this stage for Pakistan
                        which we did. They discussed over
                        dinner how Indians were better
                        cemented in their lobby tactics and she
                        made a strategy to improve our lobby
                        initiatives within US through such
                        teams. This to me is such an exciting
                        process. Working with teams to make
                        the mission happen. No mission can
                        happen in isolation. The webs of
                        support have to be built in.
May    20, Visit         US    Interview with C-Span. Represented
2009                           Pakistan and defended state of Pakistan
                               on strategic, economic, political and
                               social issues.

May    20, Visit         US    Met Mr. Berman author of Berman
2009                           Legislation (Pak Aid Bill) told him about
                               the no go clauses on Dr. AQ Khan and
                               that these clauses are unacceptable for
                               Pakistan. He replied that his intention
                               was to ensure Pakistan follow non
                               proliferation regime- She assured him
                               Pakistan was not proliferating and Dr.
                               AQ Khan days were over.
May    21, Visit         US    Minneapolis: Met with State Budget
2009                           team-      the    MIS     /software   for
                               Visited State assembly.

May    22, Visit         US    Minneapolis: meeting with a judge at the
2009                           Humphrey Institute- university of
                               Minnesota to discuss human trafficking.
May    22, Visit         US    I wrote an article “3 weeks in America –
2009                           Part 1” for Urdu English media in
                               I must admit that I was highly skeptical
                               about this trip on the plane. There was
                               none of the romance which I had felt
                               when I boarded the flight for Beijing.
                               However, I convinced myself that this
                               was for Pakistan and I had to play my
                               role in pushing Pakistan’s case
                               internationally rather than just sitting in
                               opposition benches and criticizing
                               government. Whichever system is
                               chosen it needs to be followed without
                               any short cuts. It needs to be an
                               accountable system or else it becomes
                               a despotic system; this rule is as true for
                               a civil system as it is for a military
                               political system. It was about choosing a
                               well thought out system, not a system
                               half-baked on individual self interest of
                               coming to power. Systems took time to
May    23, Visit/   Press US   Elinor article in Newsweek.
2009       Note
                        “It’s our war against the extremes,” says
                        Marvi Memon, the most outspoken of
                        the visiting delegation. But she wants to
                        know why the U.S. isn’t doing more to
                        aid the displaced persons. Why isn’t
                        there a number to call on television the
                        way there was for the victims of
                        Katrina? Listening to Memon and the
                        others was like having a fire hose turned
                        on as the grievances kept coming. In a
                        written statement she had prepared for
                        me, she said Americans should
                        substantiate their claims about the
                        whereabouts of bin Laden “with GPS
                        locations,” or else stop making such far-
                        reaching assertions that Pakistan is
                        harboring him. President Obama
                        believes very strongly that we should
                        look to the future rather than the past,
                        but in Pakistan, the legacy of mistrust
                        and miscalculation can’t be set aside-
                        anymore than it can here at home.
May    24, Visit   US   Huston:       Sent     Pakistan   Human
2009                    Trafficking legislation and progress to
                        Minneapolis Judge.
May    25, Visit   US   Huston: Wrote article for US newspaper.
2009                    First article was for Pioneer.
May    26, Visit   US   Baker Institute meeting – one of 30
2009                    leading think tanks in the US- she gave
                        her notes regarding Pakistan- special
                        focus on conflict resolution rather than
                        management thus She brought up
                        Kashmir as being central to reducing
May    26, Visit   US   met Houston’s controller which is top
2009                    financial post- discussion on women in
                        politics- gave her the economic fact
                        sheets on Pakistan and the issues she
                        should be aware of so that she is more
                        aware of what issues face             her
                        constituencies Pakistani element -
                        Met with 2 leading business people in
                        top 10 fortune 500 companies- She
                        gave an honest business picture of
                        Pakistan- bottom-line was that we need
                        to clear up extremism and then Pakistan
                        is ready for FDI- so for now they should
                        not loose interest- keep engaged-
                        because better FDI times will return and
                        then 170 million Pakistani market is
                              great for profitability.
May    27, Visit        US    Houston-           Equal           opportunity
2009                          Commission- excellent visit- She will
                              start a similar commission at home.
May    28, Visit        US    Raleigh North Carolina: Met with a
2009                          Senator and member of House of
                              Representative to discuss Pak-US
May    29, Visit / Press US   Press Note in US media:
2009       Note               Another worry — what Marvi Memon
                              calls the “minds and hearts” factor —
                              looms as American forces gear up
                              across the border in Afghanistan to rout
                              al Qaeda leaders and their Taliban
                              sympathizers from mountain hideouts.
                              “We need to dialog better with people,”
                              she said. “Mostly what you see in
                              Pakistan is emotional scenes and very
                              anti-American slogans. It’s very popular
                              to be anti-American back home.”
                               “If we don’t get this right, we are going
                              to lose the minds and hearts just like
                              this,” Memon said, snapping her fingers.
                              “It is very, very critical to get this right. . .
                              . We appreciate the fact that the United
                              States is giving aid, but it’s not just a
                              question of getting the money in. It’s a
                              timing issue. The timing has to be
May    29, Visit / Press US   Minneapolis Star Tribune
2009       Note               When it comes to the United States,
                              though, her views reflect those you
                              often hear in Pakistan. So I will share
                              them. They do, indeed, illustrate an
                              urgent need for dialog at the very least.
                              it offends Memon to hear Obama talk
                              about Pakistan and Afghanistan in the
                              same breath.
                              “It whips up the sentiment that Pakistan
                              and Afghanistan are on the same
                              levels,” she said. “Pakistan is a nuclear
                              state. Pakistan is battling Talibans.
                              Pakistan does not want to be put in the
                              same category as Afghanistan.” We will
                              defend our sovereignty at all costs. And,
                              for that, we as a nation are united.”
                              “Nobody talks about the nukes in India,
                              but the West has an obsession with our
                              nukes. And the West needs to get rid of
                              its fears about Pakistan’s nukes
                                 because the Pakistani armed forces are
                                 fully capable of securing our nuclear
                                 assets and as a parliamentarian I have
                                 full faith that they will do so.”
May    30, Article   US          Article in Pioneer by me.
2009                             As I travel through the U.S. at the
                                 invitation of the U.S. State Department, I
                                 can’t help but notice that the word
                                 “Pakistan” has become synonymous
                                 with “terrorist base for al-Qaida.” To a
                                 moderate liberal member of parliament
                                 like me, this is a painful depiction of my
                                 country. Through dialogue with the
                                 people of the U.S., this misperception
                                 about Pakistan may perhaps be
                                 removed. We have some convergence
                                 of interests but the mechanics of the
                                 relationship are not mutually beneficial. I
                                 am convinced that I, as a younger
                                 generation of politicians, can be part of
                                 the fix-it team that can steer my nation
                                 toward being just, developed and
                                 moderate. But I need trust and dignity
                                 for my nation from you.
May    30, Article   National    My article published in US media.
2009                 Security/   There is no dearth of allegations in
                     Article     Western media that Pakistan’s nuclear
                                 assets are exposed to extremist control
                                 and that political instability in Pakistan is
                                 exposing the world to a disaster.
                                 Nothing could be further from the truth.
                                 The implications of the allegations
                                 against our nuclear program’s safe
                                 management are not lost on any
                                 Pakistani who values our territorial and
                                 sovereign integrity beyond everything.
June    1, Visit     US          Congressional Research Service. met
2009                             the relevant analysts/specialists who
                                 had written the reports that make
                                 headlines at home- and drive our
                                 political agenda- objective now is to
                                 remain connected to those who write
                                 these reports – figure out what their
                                 issues are- what evidences they have
                                 for their issues against Pakistan- work
                                 with state to respond with evidence to
                                 these issues thereby and only thereby
                                 changing their perceptions.
                                 Meeting with International Republican
                                 Met with a Senate Foreign Relations
                        Professional Staff who was very helpful
                        in giving her a reality check of where
                        Pak stood in the US grid.
June,   2, Visit   US   meeting     with    CIA     officials  in
2009                    Washington.
                        I put the question to the CIA officials
                        whether they were doing anything about
                        changing the perception that said in
                        Pakistan that they the Americans were
                        supporting the Talibans destabilize
                        Pakistan through their links with
                        Baitullah- of course there was no
                        answer- the reason she was so blunt
                        was because this perception is rampant
                        in Pakistan and if they were there for
                        dialoguing they must discuss ground
                        perceptions- secondly she asked about
                        where Dr. Afia was- ofcourse she got no
                        answer to that one either-
June,   2, Visit   US   Meeting with Holbrook team. I gave
2009                    them following points.
                        US-Pak Bilateral- Way forward
                         Extermination of extremism:
                        Honorable regional conflict resolution
                        Sustainable speedy development
June    3, Visit   US   Washington:      Meeting    at     Genera
2009                    Accountability Office- she wanted to
                        implement this model at home.

                        Meeting with Congressman Price.

                        Meeting at Pentagon on security issues.
                        Defended state of Pakistan.

                        Meeting with Congressman Dan Burton
                        of Pakistan Caucus- He promised Marvi
                        Memon that he will help dialogue
                        between Pakistan and Indians. Also that
                        he will help bring business to Pakistan
                        to create economic opportunities for
                        people of Pakistan since that is the only
                        way forward if Pakistan is strategically

                        Dinner with American business /
                        corporate sector people at washington’s
                        army navy club.
June    4, Visit   US   In Washington.
                        Visit to Brookings Institute: I discussed
                             IDPs issues and gave my views- they
                             also discussed what they had written in
                             May 30 issue on nukes- ludicrous
                             assertions that we were diverting funds
                             to fight militants to nuke program. I
                             rejected this firmly- I also gave a 3
                             pager analysis of why Pakistan nukes
                             were safe. Next was the issue of jihadist
                             state or most dangerous state- she gave
                             a list of evidences against India totaling
                             37 items which held India responsible
                             for unfair policies and state terrorism- I
                             told them that instead of contributing to
                             Pakistan’s destabilization by insinuating
                             about our nuke weaknesses they had a
                             responsibility to improve bilateral by
                             doing research on Fata and Madrassa
                             mainstreaming which was far more
                             useful to get rid of extremism- plus I
                             managed to get research interns from
                             Pakistan approved long distance so we
                             could have our voice

                             Visit to Council of Foreign Relations:
                             she discussed their article that painted
                             ISI as a demon- She gave Indian
                             evidence of state terrorism and asked
                             them to be fair to Pakistan. I will be
                             writing an analysis of President
                             Obama’s speech soon for them

                             Congressman Van Hollen on ROZ

                             Meeting with Senator Ted Kennedy
                             office: they discussed water and
                             Kashmir issue.

                             Meeting with officials of World Bank-
                             IBRD: they discussed development
                             projects, tax reforms,
June    5, Visit     US      Gave interview to Germany Radio on
2009                         Pakistan.
                             Meeting with Gallop officials
                             Meeting with Terisa Shaefer at CSIS
                             Meeting with officials of Heritage
                             Foundations and discussed possibility
                             Pakistani internees for research.
June   19, Meeting   China   Met with Chinese visitors in Islamabad
2009                         to discuss 10th Western China
                             International Economy and Trade Tair
                                           in Chengdu Sichuan China- made whole
                                           plan on how to link Pak and China
June    24, Speech NA         India        In my speech at Assembly I said Mr.
2009                                       Zardari said “INDIA NOT A THREAT”.
                                           This is a wrong threat perception.
                                           They are saying , American’s line
                                           Taliban are threat but Indian are not.
                                           Indian, whatever they are doing only for
                                           to make us destabilize and spreading
                                           extremism, which is threat But
                                           Mr.Zardari do not understand this issue.
                                           He needs to explain to Parliament on
                                           what basis he is making this statement.
                                           ATTA anti-Pakistan.
July    18, Visit             Turkish      Visited as official guest of the country.
2009                          Cyprus       In my interview to media I spoke of how
                                           people need to respect others wish to
                                           live under whatever form of govt they
                                           desire-how conflicts need resolution-
                                           how UN needs to play its role and finally
                                           do it- how we were enjoying their
                                           hospitality and how when the conflict
                                           between north south ended their tourism
                                           industry would flourish more.
July    21, Meeting           US           I attended the meeting of Pakistan
2009                                       Chamber of Commerce-USA, I said that
                                           Pakistan had signed 47 bilateral
                                           investment treaties, but the current draft
                                           of bilateral investment treaty with the US
                                           was not acceptable. I stressed that the
                                           US first sign FTA with Pakistan and then
                                           both the countries should negotiate on
                                           BIT. I said the US had already signed
                                           BIT with many countries and did not put
                                           any conditionality for signing BIT,
                                           whereas conditions were put on
                                           Pakistan for signing this document.
Aug 4, 2009   Point        of India        I made a Point of order on how there
              Order                        was evidence of Indian involvement in
                                           Balochistan insurgency- how our PM
                                           had not been able to push our case
                                           internationally nor been able to deal with
                                           the Indian PM.
Aug 6, 2009   Press Note      US / China   During national assembly session she
                                           said that a Chinese oil refinery was
                                           winding up its business from Gwadar
                                           while the US marines were planning to
                                           land in Islamabad, raising the strength
                                           of the US embassy staff to 1,000.
Aug     12, Meeting       India      Made a strategy with media and
2009                                 showbiz representatives to block Indian
                                     contents in Pakistan.
Sep     19, Adjournment   US         Submitted Adjournment Motion in NA
2009        Motion                   “Government utilization of aid from US
                                     as quoted by Ambassador Patterson
                                     (approximately $3bn), where it has been
                                     spent and why Finance Minister has
                                     only received approximately one third of
                                     it. “
Sep     19, Calling       US         Submitted Calling Attention in NA.
2009        Attention                To discuss contents of Pakistan
                                     Ambassador to USA letter regarding
                                     treatment of US citizens.
Sep     19, Calling       US         Submitted CA to discuss pre-conditions
2009        Attention                on Pakistan and requirements by
                                     Pakistan for getting Kerry Lugar aid.
Aug     27, Press Note    US         Marvi Memon said Kerry Lugar bill an
2009                                 affront to Pak sovereignty. The Indian
                                     PM has had the audacity of accusing
                                     Pak of using terror as an instrument of
                                     state policy because Pak government
                                     by accepting Kerry Lugar terminology
                                     has accepted the same unfortunately.
                                     The text of the Kerry Lugar bill is a
                                     testament to this issue: “ceasing
                                     support, including by any elements
                                     within the Pakistan military or its
                                     intelligence agency, to extremist and
                                     terrorist groups, particularly to any
                                     group” This has weakened Pakistan’s
                                     international position. The aid given in
                                     the Kerry Lugar Bill is miniscule
                                     compared to what has been offered by
                                     US to its other allies. Any compromise
                                     on our sovereignty is unacceptable.
Sep     27, Adjournment   National   To discuss the Pakistan government
2009        Motion        Security   discussions with US on potential US
                                     attacks in Quetta and elsewhere
Sep     27, Adjournment   India      To discuss the discussions of Pakistan
2009        Motion                   government with Indian government in
                                     US regarding Pak-India issues.
Sep     30, Press         India      Did press conference at Islamabad
2009        Conference               press club with the families of Sindh
                                     fishermen arrested by india. Families
                                     are from a village Atharki Thatta district.
Oct 1, 2009   Protest     India      Protested with Fisher Folk Forum in
                                     front of Islamabad Press Club for the
                                     release of fishermen in custody of
                                     Indian authorities.
Oct 1, 2009   Adjournment   Afghanistan / Adjournment Motion submitted to
              Motion        India         discuss how government has bypassed
                                          parliament by signing a transit trade
                                          facility with India despite our repeated
                                          issues with a similar MOU called Afghan
                                          Transit Trade agreement which allowed
                                          third party transit trade (reference India)
Oct 8, 2009   Press Note    US            Marvi Memon said: “Everyone wants
                                          aid, the problem is the conditions, which
                                          are tantamount to holding Pakistan
                                          hostage to US designs. “This is a
                                          complete        affront      to     national
Oct 9, 2009   Speech NA     US            Parliamentary Debate on Kerry-Lugar
                                          Bill. I said you claim that you are a
                                          democratic government, but frankly you
                                          have not shown the character of a
                                          democratic government because the
                                          democratic government would not have
                                          sold out for peanuts or for a lot of
                                          money and you certainly have sold out,
                                          it seems because anyone who accepts
                                          the Kerry-Lugar Bill in its current
                                          conditionalities is selling out on the
                                          sovereignty, the defense and the
                                          nuclear programme and should be held
                                          liable for high treason. (I analyzed this
                                          bill clause by clause)
Oct     10, Visit           India         Visited Atharki Kharochan district Thatta
2009                                      to see fishermen families whose
                                          husbands sons were in Indian jails.
                                          Families needed financial support while
                                          their men were jailed in India.
Oct     15, Press           US            Did a press conference in Islamabad on
2009        Release                       KLB explanatory note response, I
                                          rejected explanatory note on legal and
                                          national security grounds. I said
                                          Pakistan needs the aid but not at the
                                          cost of our independence. As such the
                                          aid coming through the KLB needs to be
                                          rejected in totality or else Pakistanis will
                                          be       held      hostage       to      US
                                          micromanagement and interference not
                                          just in this government’s tenure but also
                                          in the future.
Oct     23, Referendum      US            Went to Jumat-e-Islami referendum on
2009                                      KLB. Voted against KLB.
Oct     24, Adjournment     US            Adjournment motion in assembly
2009        Motion                        submitted: to discuss the impact of the
                                          new us military aid bill for Pakistan on
                                         Pakistan’s security strategy.
Oct     24, Visit           India        Met the families of fishermen in Rehri
2009                                     captured by Indian authorities for
                                         allegedly fishing in Indian Waters. Met
                                         Mai Bhaagi, her 4 family men missing
                                         in Indian jails since 13 years
Oct     24, Visit         / India        Meeting with Fisher Folk Forum officials
2009        Meeting                      in Rehri on the issue of fishermen in
                                         Indian jails.
Oct     25, Meeting         UK           Meeting       with   Pakistani   students
2009                                     detained deported illegally in UK. I said I
                                         will fight for students who were
                                         innocent. I said we will demand apology.
Oct     25, Lobbying        Sri Lanka    I lobbied for Pak-Sri Lanka Joint
2009                                     Parliamentary Friendship Group to learn
                                         from each other’s experiences of
                                         eliminating terrorists groups in their
                                         respective countries. Her efforts failed
                                         because of vested interests of political
Oct     26, Adjournment     UK           Adjournment Motion submitted to
2009        Motion                       discuss: the detention/ arrest of 10
                                         Pakistani students in April 2009 in UK
                                         and the remedial measures taken for
                                         their compensation by the Pakistani
Oct     26, Meeting         UK           Meeting Pakistani students from S.
2009                                     Waziristan who were illegally detained
                                         in UK to discuss the human rights
                                         violations against them
Oct     27, Adjournment     US           Submitted an Adjournment Motion to
2009        Motion                       discuss the clandestine deal signed by
                                         Pakistan Government with VOA to
                                         expand US propaganda in Afghanistan
                                         into Pakistan.
Oct     31, Open Letter     US           I wrote an Open Letter to Secretary
2009                                     Clinton which got published in The
                                         Nation. I refused to meet her as protest
                                         against US interference in our
Dec 7, 2009   Press         US / India   Press release on India prepared:
              Release                    Rehman Malik statement that India
                                         giving arms to terrorists, Bilour saying
                                         that US and RAW involved, then who
Dec     14, Press Note      US           US exporting terrorism to Pakistan:
2009                                     Marvi. US nationals recently caught.
                                         parliament should be given the list of
                                         9236 visas given by Hussain Haqqani in
                                         past 4months. Rehman Malik should
                                          apologize to nation for lying on
Jan 9, 2010   Adjournment   India         Water dispute and its status between
              Motion                      India and Pakistan affecting Pakistani
Jan     11, Point      of UK              Condemned the statement of Foreign
2010        Order                         Secretary Miliband statement on
                                          Karachi. In his statement he asked
                                          Pakistan to resolve terrorism issue in
                                          Karachi. She termed it interference in
                                          our domestic affairs.
Jan     12, Point      of UK              whether Foreign Office has summoned
2010        Order                         UK High Commissioner on Milliband
                                          issue which we raised last day?
Jan     13, Point      of India           PMLN legislator from Balochistan said
2010        Order                         no Indian hand in Balochistan unrest.
                                          She said such statement hurting Pak
                                          interest. She asked govt to present
                                          evidence against Indian involvement to
                                          prove internationally and domestically
                                          that India is involved in terrorism
                                          incidents Balochistan.
Jan     14, Article         India         Article published in The News on
2010                                      “Parliamentary Agenda”. parliament
                                          needs to be explained why Indian
                                          appeasement is continuing over non
                                          movement of composite dialogue, water
                                          disputes non resolution, afghan transit
                                          trade favoring other countries, Indian
                                          terrorism in Balochistan and FATA and
                                          Kashmir human rights violations.
Jan     15, Press           India         Ministers avoiding replying important
2010        Release                       questions. CA on illegal blocked of pak
                                          river water by India couldn’t be
                                          discussed as minister was not present.
Jan     16, Adjournment     Afghanistan   Security threat posed by Afghan Transit
2010        Motion                        Trade Agreement as per statement
                                          made by Federal Minister for Labor and
                                          Manpower on the floor of the house.
Jan     16, Point      of USA             Rejoinder on news of US taking control
2010        Order                         of your nuke came from our Foreign
                                          Office but it should have come from US
                                          Ambassador. Pak needs mini radar
                                          system to manage Pak-Afghan border.
                                          How much CSF Pak has received and
                                          will be receiving?
Jan     16, Point      of India           India has rejected US suggestion to be
2010        Order                         used as bridge between Pak-India
                                          conflicts, Pakistan also needs to give
                                          official response, if we want US to be
                                          used as bridge then we would need
                                          strong lobbing.
Jan     16, Point        of Afghanistan   Minister said ATTA is a security risk.
2010        Order                         Our cross party resolution on this
                                          subject should be considered.
Jan     19, Point        of USA           US has linked the release of CSF to the
2010        Order                         issue of visas. No response from govt
                                          on this question. IDP funds in trouble
                                          due to donation not on time. No
Jan     19, Resolution      Afghanistan   Submitted cross party resolution on
2010                                      ATTA. Pak did not give transit facility to
                                          India since 1947, ATTA security risk as
                                          Pak can’t inspect sealed containers, it
                                          will damage our transport industry,
                                          ATTA contrary to Pak interests. (16
                                          MNAs from different parties singed this
Jan     21, Resolution      India         With 43 signatures of MNAs from
2010                                      different parties submitted a resolution
                                          against Indian Water Terrorism. Govt
                                          failed to protect Pak interest, political
                                          statements        only,    failing     future
                                          generations, drastic decline in Chenab,
                                          Indian building Baghliar on fault-line,
                                          condemn         the     Dulhasti,     Dugar,
                                          Gondhala,        Reoli/Dugli,     SachKhas,
                                          Tandi, Teling Tinget, Sawalkot, Seli,
                                          Raoli, and Kirthal hydropower, Pak
                                          should challenge construction of Bagliar
                                          in Court of Arbitration, by not appointing
                                          negotiators and loosing time helps India
                                          and hurts Pakistan, Composite Dialogue
                                          process should resume immediately so
                                          that Water issues and many other
                                          critical issues like Kashmir are brought
                                          to negotiating table.
Jan     23, Press Note      India         Indian      Premier      League      banned
2010                                      Pakistani players which is humiliation for
                                          Pak and part of govt failure to deal
                                          forcefully at diplomatic front against anti-
                                          Pak Indian propaganda.
Jan     24, Article         India         Article published on Indian Water
2010                                      Terrorism against Pakistan.
Jan     25, Point        of India         Indian threats to our water security
2010        Order                         should be discussed with briefing to joint
                                          sitting of parliament. Water security and
                                          food security direct link to our national
Feb 5, 2010   Visit         India         Went to Gujrat Headmaralla on Kashmir
                                    Solidarity Day, did jelsa against water
                                    terrorism of India/ Chanab blockage.
Feb 8, 2010   Adjournment   India   1. India's human rights violations in
              Motion                Kashmir and the need to bring it to
                                    centre stage of international politics
                                    through better diplomacy including the
                                    agenda for the foreign secretary level
                                    2. India's blockage of Pakistan's water
                                    and inadequacy of government to
                                    negotiate with India or to internationally
                                    project the Indian violations of Indus
                                    Water Treaty leading to water security
                                    crisis for Pakistan.
Feb 8, 2010   Adjournment   US      Existence of Blackwater or Blackwater
              Motion                type organizations in Pakistan with US
                                    and Pak government connivance.
Feb 8, 2010   Adjournment   US      Afia Siddiqui's verdict and government's
              Motion                consequent actions for her immediate
Feb     10, Point      of India     Asked if contents of Composite
2010        Order                   Dialogue have been changed as per
                                    news reports. Indian water terrorism
                                    continues. FM doing uturns and not sure
                                    of Kashmir or water coming first in
                                    priority when Kashmir is pinnacle of
                                    Pakistan Foreign Policy.
Feb     12, Debate     on India     Spoke on Indian water terrorism and
2010        Indian Water            open debate on behalf of party.
            Terrorism in
Feb     23, Resolution    Nukes     Submitted a resolution on Fissile
2010                                Material Cut Off Treaty with signatures
                                    of 31 MNAs. Pak doesn’t wish to enter
                                    discriminatory regime,
                                    India through the Indo-US nuclear deal
                                    has managed to gain diplomatic,
                                    political, economic, recognition as a
                                    defacto nuclear state without signing
                                    NPT India legal cover to build nuclear
                                    warheads through this deal. World
                                    powers like US, UK, Russia are
                                    subordinating regional peace and
                                    security for their short term economic
                                    gains Pakistan should take a strong
                                    position in favour of a just verifiable
                                    international regime.
Feb     24, Point      of India     India is forcing Pakistan to change their
2010        Order                   negotiation team which was leaving for
March   17, Question NA     Kashmir   What steps have taken to highlight the
2010                                  Pakistan stance on Kashmir issue at
                                      international level for its resolution?
March   19, Question NA     US        total number of Americans presently
2010                                  living in Pakistan and the nature of visa
                                      granted to them?
                                      I did not receive the reply.
May 3, 2010   Adjournment   India     Foreign Minister's recent statement in
              Motion                  which he reportedly said that India is not
                                      stealing Pakistan's water and the water
                                      shortage is due to our domestic
                                      mismanagement,         nomenclature      of
                                      composite dialogue is not important for
                                      India Pak talks. Also to discuss whether
                                      this now suggests that Pakistan is
                                      engaging with India outside framework
                                      of composite dialogue without prior
                                      parliamentary approval, Similarly a
                                      guarantee that in the new format India
                                      will not be allowed to push cross border
                                      issue as most important issue and
                                      relegate the issue of Kashmir.
May 4, 2010   Point    of India       Condemn FM statement on water and
              Order                   asked him explain how Jamat Shah
                                      accuses govt of delay over moving WB
                                      and loosing Pakistan much water whilst
                                      you say no loss.
May 8, 2010   Adjournment   India     What is government team composition
              Motion/ CA              for sorting legal water crises with India.

                                      Afghan Transit Trade being pushed for
                                      relaxation of trade with India through
                                      Wagah border without parliamentary
                                      approval but with US nod.
                                      US-Pak imbalanced bilateral relations
                                      and why Coalition Support Funds
                                      payments have been delayed.

                                      justification for accepting increased US
                                      boots on ground strategy
May     14, Point      of US          One of Pakistan's bad habits that Mr
2010        Order                     Obama mentioned in the news
                                      conference was its obsession with India.
                                      I condemned his statement and that we
                                      are not obsessed with India.
May     20, Phone           India     spoke to Pemra chairman to ban Indian
2010                                  channels not licensed-he agreed- I don’t
                                      understand why govt is allowing them!
                                      zee Sony star etc.
May     28, Adjournment     US        Implications of new National Security
2010       Motion                         Strategy of US on Pakistan.
June    1, Press         US               Why couldn't protesters be allowed to
2010       Release                        protest infront of USA consulate
                                          peacefully? Clear signal that govt has
                                          sold its sovereignty and is a department
                                          of the US state department.
June    1, Press Note    Israel           Condemned the Israeli force action
2010                                      against aid carrying vassal. “US and
                                          Israel enjoy close ties, and US
                                          ambassador should be summoned to
                                          convey Pakistan concerns to Israeli
June    4, Question NA   India            whether it is a fact that India has been
2010                                      included in the Afghan Transit Trade
                                          Agreement       recently;   if   so, the
                                          justification thereof? (Minister replied
                                          India is not part of agreement.)

                                          state the steps taken to highlight the
                                          Pakistan stance on the human rights
                                          violation committed by Indian forces in
                                          India occupied Kashmir during the year
                                          2008 till date?

                                          Miss Marvi Memon:
                                          Will the Minister for Health be pleased
                                          to state:

                                          (a) whether it is a fact that proper
                                          arrangements have not been made for
                                          the safe disposal of hospital waste in
                                          the Federal Government Hospitals at
June   23, Article       US               Article “Obama on Pakistan” published
2010                                      in ET. Obama said it has the right to
                                          take out ALQ top level leadership minus
                                          Pak permission if it doesn’t act, he also
                                          said India has the same right. Obama’s
                                          public statements don’t treat Pakistan
                                          as a dignified ally in the war on terror. A
                                          recognition, of exactly how low the
                                          graph has gone is urgently required for
                                          us to regain our dignity.
June   23, Speech        Foreign Policy   During budget debate I criticized heavy
2010                                      expenditures on foreign affairs and said
                                          despite heavy spending, Pak could not
                                          formulate its independent foreign policy,
                                          vis-…-vis Kashmir and other issues.
                                            Govt had relegated country’s foreign
                                            policy to other powers.
July   16, Resolution      India            Submitted a resolution in NA after FM
2010                                        Qureshi failed talks with Indian FM.
                                            Failed to articulate Pakistan’s principled
                                            position on Kashmir, Legitimized Omar
                                            Farooq’s government by calling it an
                                            elected government, failing to draw
                                            attention to the relevant UN resolutions,
                                            failed to present Pakistan’s objections
                                            on India violating IWT, failed to present
                                            the factsheet / evidence of Indian
                                            involvement      in    destabilization   of
                                            Balochistan, FATA, failed to get a sign
                                            off on Sir Creek and Siachen disputes
                                            allowed India to characterize the peace
                                            dialogue in terrorist framework failed to
                                            seek an apology for the unwarranted
                                            attack on ISI on the eve of the dialogue
                                            by high official of the Indian
                                            government.failed to use the coalition
                                            partnership with USA to influence better
                                            dialogue results with India, did not
                                            clarify Pakistan’s justified role in
                                            Afghanistan versus continued anti
                                            Pakistan activities of the Indians in
July   17, Meeting         India            I have called a meeting of climate
2010                                        change committee to investigate which
                                            govt officials gave Indian hydro projects
                                            trans-boundary EIAs allowing it carbon
July   22, Meeting         Afghanistan      Visited Serhad Chamber of Commerce
2010                                        & Industry officials in Peshawar on
                                            ATTA issue. Formulated a joint strategy
                                            against ATTA.
July   22, Article         Foreign Policy   Article “where is our sovereignty?”
2010                                        published in ET. We have lost charge of
                                            our foreign policy. It has never been this
                                            bad in the past. And unless some
                                            patriots freeze the situation as it is now
                                            and review the damage done in the last
                                            two years and then make amends,
                                            things will not get better.
July   26, Meeting         Afghanistan      Met Lakhdar Brahimi special advisor to
2010                                        UN SG and his team. I discussed ATTA
                                            and Afghanistan situation with them.
July   26, Article         Afghanistan      Article on ATTA published in Nawa-e-
2010                                        Waqt.
Sep    28, Point        of Sovereignty      Raised the issue of ISAF forces
2010          Order                violating our territorial sovereignty.
                                   Condemned        their    attacks   inside
                                   Pakistan. Asked govt to block NATO
Oct 3, 2010   Conference   India   I was chief gust at a conference
                                   organized by Press for Peace in Kotli. I
                                   paid tribute to the youth of Kashmir for
                                   their New Intifada, I said we support
                                   them and will do everything morally and
                                   diplomatically in this regard. I announce
                                   Dherna at LoC for their support.
Oct 5, 2010   Point    of India    Raised the issue of Hussain Haroon our
              Order                embassador at UN for protecting Indian
                                   interests with Indian ambassador and
                                   called “inseparable twins”.
                                   I talked about new Kashmiri Intifada and
                                   said I will do dherna on LoC.
Oct     23, Press          India   Announced Kashmir Solidarity Rally/
2010        Release                Chain/ Dherna and invited people of
                                   Pakistan to join us at Chakothi LoC to
                                   show solidarity with Kashmiri youth for
                                   their new Intifada.
                                   Invitation letters sent to important
                                   personalities from all fields including
Oct     27, Protest        India   Qomi Caravan took off from Islamabad
2010                               press club. People from Punjab, KPK,
                                   Sindh, Balochistan, GB and AJK were
                                   part of this Caravan to show solidarity
                                   with Kashmiri youth.
                                   Did jelsa on Kohala Pul.
                                   Did Jelsa at Gharidupatta.
                                   Did Jelsa at Hatianbala. Reached
                                   Chakothi by night. Did night vigil and
                                   remembered Kashmiri Shohdas by their
                                   names at LoC.
                                   People from different parts of Pakistan
                                   paid tribute to youth in their own
Oct     28, Protest        India   Gave dherna at LoC at Chakothi sector.
2010                               My message was: new Kashmiri intifada
                                   we salute you, Kashmir youth you lead
                                   and we will do whatever you need as
                                   support morally and diplomatically,
                                   Obama don’t be scared of India, go
                                   have guts to discuss K in India in
                                   November if you want regional stability,
                                   UN Secretary General please do your
                                   job and enforce resolutions, warning to
                                   India to cut the human rights violations
                                          and that we were losing patience with its
Oct     31, Article         India         Article “Aatish-e-Chinar” published in
2010                                      Nawa-e-Waqt on Kashmiri youth new
Nov 1, 2010   Adjournment   US            Discuss the output of the strategic
              Motion                      dialogue, relations with USA, including
                                          intrusive     economic      and    military
                                          interventions of us in our ministries and
                                          our villages.
Nov 1, 2010   Adjournment   India         Pakistan support for Kashmiri Intifada
              Motion                      morally and diplomatically including
                                          pressure on USA to force India to
                                          implement UN resolutions.
Nov 2, 2010   Point    of India           Raised the issue of Indian human rights
              Order                       violations in Indian Held Kashmir.
Nov 2, 2010   Point    of US              Raised the issue of US interference in
              Order                       our ministries through Kerry-Lugar Bill
                                          and funds.
Nov     11, Point      of India           I raised the issue of US support for
2010        Order                         Indian bit for UNSC seat and how
                                          assembly needed to move resolution
                                          which I had got signed unanimously..
Dec     19, Adjournment     US            Increased drone attacks and the counter
2010        Motion                        terrorist attacks.
Dec     19, Adjournment     Sovereignty   WikiLeaks impact on Pakistan's image
2010        Motion                        and sovereignty.
Dec     19, Adjournment     India         Indian water terrorism and territorial
2010        Motion                        interferences.
Jan     11, Adjournment     Sovereignty   Interior     Ministry   threatening     our
2011        Motion                        sovereignty by ordering all federal and
                                          provincial authorities to expedite setting
                                          up anti-terrorism security apparatus in
                                          Pakistan that would be linked to the US
                                          monitoring mechanism.
Jan     11, Adjournment     US            All decisions taken in working group of
2011        Motion                        US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue met on
                                          October 20-21, 2010 in Washington
                                          which are affront to Pakistan’s
                                          sovereignty and national interests
                                          should be discussed on the Floor of the
Jan     11, Adjournment     US            US urged Pakistan to sign a security
2011        Motion                        pact with India if it wanted a civilian
                                          nuclear deal with Washington. US
                                          Senator       John    Kerry     personally
                                          conveyed this message to President
                                          Asif Ali Zardari.
Jan     11, Adjournment     US            US Ambassador Munter’s statement
2011        Motion                        “We appear to be intrusive because we
                                        care, we are the largest donor”.

Jan     11, Adjournment   US            Continued drone attacks by US.
2011        Motion
Jan     11, Adjournment   Sovereignty   NATO Choppers violating Pakistan’s
2011        Motion                      sovereignty.
Jan     14, Meeting       India         During meeting of Standing Committee
2011                                    on Human Rights I have suggested that
                                        the committee should have a public
                                        petition day with Indian Held Kahsmir
                                        victims via telephone talking to the
                                        committee and media covering it, to
                                        raise awareness internationally
Jan     28, Point      of US            Raised the issue of US interference in
2011        Order                       our sovereignty and security.
March   21, Resolution    US            We the members of Majlis e Shoora
2011                                    take strict notice of the drone attacks of
                                        the USA on our territory which we take
                                        to be a tacit declaration of war against
                                        Pakistan. Under such circumstances,
                                        we authorize our armed forces to take
                                        action against such attacks and protect
                                        the territorial integrity of Pakistan.
Feb     16, Protest       US            Led a rally from Thatta to Karachi Press
2011                                    Club to protest against Rymond Davis
                                        and American intrusion in our
                                        sovereignty. Govt would not have been
                                        so dependent on US diktats had it not
                                        emptied national exchequers in last 3
Feb     17, Adjournment   US            Immunity issue related to Raymond
2011        Motion                      Davis.
March   20, Letter        US            Wrote a letter to PM on “is Pakistan at
2011                                    war with US?”
                                        We the members of the Majlis e Shoora
                                        take strict notice of the drone attacks of
                                        the USA on our territory which we take
                                        to be a tacit declaration of war against
                                        Pakistan. Under such circumstances,
                                        we authorize our armed forces to take
                                        action against such attacks and protect
                                        the territorial integrity of Pakistan.

April    7, Visit/        Sri Lanka     I had the meeting with Deputy Speaker
2011        Meeting                     of Sri Lankan assembly- on cyber crime-
                                        constitutional reform- terrorism
April   11, Adjournment   US            Whether permission given for US drone
2011        Motion                      strikes by Pak govt or not. If not then
                                        discussion on retaliation permission to
                                        be given to armed forces.
April   11, Adjournment    India    Pakistan’s relations with India including
2011        Motion                 regional coordination efforts despite
                                   Kashmir and water security issues
April   11, Letter         India   Wrote a letter to Minister for State for
2011                               Foreign Affairs for the early release of
                                   Fishermen who were arrested by Indian
                                   authorities. Fishermen of village Haji
                                   Yousif Katyar Taluka Kharo Chan
                                   District Thatta with boat No Al Noor
                                   12131-B were in custody of Indian
April   15, Point        of US     I raised issue of USA Bilateral
2011        Order                  Investment Treaty and said that without
                                   Free Trade Agreement govt will not be
                                   allowed to proceed on anti-Pak work.
April   24, Protest        US      Attended the PTI dherna in Peshawar
2011                               against US drones strikes with fractured
                                   leg. Asked govt and Pak forces to take
                                   practical measures to stop drone
April   26, Point        of US     Georgian parliament delegation was
2011        Order                  present in NA, I asked them to go give
                                   message to US govt that we don’t
                                   appreciate your drones. You are not
                                   welcome here till drones stop if this
                                   House is sovereign.
                                   I also asked Pakistani govt make public
                                   the agreements in last govt and now on
                                   drones if you think this House is
April   30, Resolution     India   This House resolves that “Most Favorite
2011                               Nation” status for India should be
                                   condition to the resolution of Kashmir
                                   issue. Any effort to grant MFN status to
                                   India before resolution of Kashmir issue
                                   will be considered lethal for Kashmir
May     21, Protest        US      Attended the PTI dherna in Karachi
2011                               against US drones strikes with fractured
                                   leg. I joined today’s dharna especially
                                   govt failed to implement resolution we
                                   passed recently in parliament. I am one
                                   MNA who cannot be blamed for inaction
                                   after that blow to parliament.
May     26, Meeting        India   Met the Indian legislators in Islamabad
2011                               in a conference on Pak-India bilateral. I
                                   said resolve issues in Composite
                                   Dialogue including Kashmir and water. I
                                   asked them to not push these issues
                                   under carpet. Asked them to not lecture
us on terrorism as I don’t want to lecture
I also paid tribute to the Kashmiri
Intifada in Indian Held Kashmir loud and

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