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									Reference/relevant   Timeline/Places                  Actions/Important facts            What others said   What he said   Naval conditions
Photo of Burnham     Birth 29th September 1758 in     Father a country clergyman
Thorpe church        the parsonage at Burnham         and mother daughter of a
(SG)                 Thorpe, three miles from coast   baker
                     of Norfolk                       Edmund Nelson's (Nelson's
                                                      father) wife (Suckling)
                                                      descended from the family of
                     Father spent much of his time    Sir Robert Walpole prime
                     enjoying himself in Bath.        minister under George 1 and
                     .                                11
                                                      Horatio was one of 11
                                                      children (8 still alive when she
                                                      died in 1767 when Nelson was

                     Age of 13 joined the navy with   Entering the navy.                                                   600 or 700
                     uncle Maurice Suckling. Naval    Both his uncle William and                                           unwashed
                     dockyards at Chatham.            Maurice (Suckling) in the                                            seamen messed
                                                      navy. Nelson who was twelve                                          on the gundeck,
                                                      said he would like to go to sea                                      in hammocks
                                                      with his uncle Maurice who                                           (14 inches of
                                                      was captain of the                                                   spaces to swing
                                                      Raisonnable He was made                                              in)
                                                      midshipman and was also
                                                      captain's servant and able                                           Learned
                                                      seaman.                                                              navigation,
                                                      He had to learn all the duties                                       rigging and all
                                                      of a common seaman although                                          the basics
                                       he was mostly in the company
                                       of the captain and officers.
                                       The Triumph (second ship)
                                       went up and down the Thames
                                       as a guardship.
                                       His uncle found him a
                                       merchant ship to work on
                                       which would give him more
                                       experience so he got first
                                       experience of the Americas
                                       (Florida, Bermuda and Lesser
1773 Took part in an expedition        Ship sailed up to within 10      On getting           Caught malaria
to find the North West Passage         degrees of the North Pole.       malaria              in the East and
to India at the age of 15.             On his return his uncle put      "Well then, I will   never shook this
Trip to the far east lasting till he   him on the Seahorse which        be a hero and        off throughout
was nearly 18.                         was off to the far east. >       confiding in         his life.
                                       Madeira> Cape of Good            providence I will
                                       Hope> Madras > Calcutta          brave every          Arriving back to
                                                                        danger".             peace
                                                                        There is no          employment
                                                                        record of his        prospects were
                                                                        lettes from this     scarce.
1775 Captain Suckling became           Uncle Captain Suckling had                            To get on in the
Comptroller of navy.                   been put in charge of the navy                        navy as an
                                       (comptroller). He could                               officer you
                                       suggest appointments to the                           needed interest
                                       First Lord of the Admiralty .                         that is someone
                                Nelson appointed acting                            highly placed to
                                lieutenant to the Worcester on                     help you on..
                                recommendation of his uncle.
                                He enjoyed a good
                                relationship with the captain
                                getting to do all kinds of
                                things not expected for
                                someone of his rank.
1777 Nelson took his lieutenant The exam was taken by 3          Locker would      Those who
exams which he needed to move captains-a kind of interview.      say:              passed exams
further on.                     One of the panel was his uncle   "Lay a            had to wait for a
                                and of course he passed          Frenchman close   commission to a
Commissioned to a frigate       although it is not known         and you will      ship. Many
Lowestoffe .                    whether favouritism was          beat him".        never got one.
                                shown or not.
                                The captain of the Lowestoffe
                                was William Locker who was
                                to be a life lone friend of
1778 Britain declared war on    In this campaign he showed                         Wars meant full
France. Nelson sailed for       his bravery, boarding a French                     employment for
Jamaica in the Lowestoffe.      vessel to capture in a heavy                       seamen.
                                Nelson moved over to Sir                           Peter Parker
Joined Rear Admiral Sir Peter   Peter Parker the Rear                              took over as
Parker's ship.                  Admiral's ship the Bristol as                      Nelson's patron
                                third lieutenant and became                        after death of his
                                first lieutenant.                                  uncle.
                                after the loss of several
December 1778                   English officers Nelson was                            When a British
                                promoted to master and                                 shop took a
He was 20                       commander (not quite captain)                          French or other
                                of the Badger, a brig.                                 "enemy" ship it
                                                                                       became a prize,
                                                                                       the value of the
                                                                                       ship and its
                                                                                       goods being
                                                                                       divided between
                                                                                       the captain and
1879 Nelson gained a death      Early promotion to post             On gaining his
vacancy and became a proper     captain ensured that Nelson         post captaincy "
captain (post captain) of the   could become an admiral             We all rise by
Hinchinbrook                    early. His first great victory at   deaths. I got my
                                the Nile couldn't have              rank by a shot
                                happened without this early         killing a post
                                success.                            captain and I
English colonies in the West                                        most sincerely
Indies under threat from the                                        hope I shall,
French including Jamaica.                                           when I go, go
                                                                    out of the world
                                                                    the same way..."
                                                                    A prophetic
1780 Nelson served in an        Nelson disobeyed orders by          On being sent
operation in Nicaragua to cut   going up river on the               home after
the Spanish colonies in south   expedition . Disobeying             having had to
America through the middle.     orders became one of his            abandon hope of
                                   characteristics. The operation    becoming master
                                   was a disaster with many          of the Janus:-
                                   soldiers catching dysentery
                                   and yellow fever. Nelson was      Nelson will yet
                                   called back as he had been        be an admiral. It
                                   appointed captain of the          is the climate
                                   Janus by Admiral Parker.          that has
                                   Dalling who led the               destroyed my
                                   expedition to capture the         health and
                                   Castle of the Immaculate          crushed my
                                   conception claimed success        spirit"
                                   but in reality nothing came of
                                   the operation.
                                   Nelson was sent home too ill
                                   to take up his command.

                                   Dalling, an incompetent
                                   general, but with big ideas
                                   was to encourage Nelson to do
                                   similarly big things himself in
1781 Nelson recovers from his      Rigaud finished the first                             To get enough
ills at Bath.                      proper portrait of Nelson,                            seamen
                                   begun 3 years earlier. He                             sometimes it
                                   added the Castle of the                               was necessary to
                                   Immaculate conception in the                          "press" people
                                   background and gave Nelson                            into service
Earl Sandwich, first lord of the   a post captain's uniform.                             against their
admiralty gave Nelson                                                                    will.
command of the Albermarle.         After a collision in the
(Woolwich)                        harbour he went to Canada
                                  escorting a convey and there
                                  enjoyed very good health, fell
                                  in love and met another
                                  important patron a friend of
                                  his dead uncle Suckling,
                                  Admiral Hood. He also met
                                  the Prince of Wales which he
                                  thought fortunate but did him
                                  actually little good.
June 1783 -1784 unemployed        Nelson used this period to go       Officers were
                                  to France (St Omer) to try to       laid off on half
                                  learn French. Stayed with an        pay awaiting
                                  English family the Andrews          being allocated
                                  where he enjoyed the                another ship.
                                  company of the daughters.
                                  At this time his sister died of a
                                  chill in Bath and his father
1784 Helped in Hood's             grief stricken. He only went
campaign to become an MP for      home two months later so did
the Tories.                       not attend the funeral
                                  At this time he wrote ot his
                                  uncle Suckling to ask for
                                  money to meet the
Was allocated another ship, the   expectations of the family of
Boreas to take to the Leeward     the girl he wished to marry.
Islands in the West Indies.       He did not marry her and we
                                  do not know why or whether
                                  he got the money.
                              Sailed for West Indies loaded    Coleman
                              with dignitaries who wanted      "Nelson showed
                              to travel out and his brother    himself then and
                              William.                         remained
                              After end of the American        throughout his
                              Revolution American ships        career, a fanatic
                              were not supposed to bring in    for duty. If he
                              their goods-Nelson policed       failed in his duty
                              this very strictly against the   he hoped to fall
                              wishes of just about everyone.   unpitied."
                              He even wrote to the
                              Admiralty in England to make
                              his point something he did
                              frequently throughout his
1784- whilst upholding the    Nelson spent much time           " It is not to be
Navigation acts meets Fanny   courting various women           dissembled (that
Nisbet, widow with a child.   throughout his life.             Nelson) though
                                                               by no means
                                                               ever an
                                                               seducer of the
                                                               wives and
                                                               daughters of his
                                                               friends was
                                                               always well
                                                               know to
                                                               entertain rather
                                                               more partiality
                                                               for the fair sex
                                                                 than is quite
                                                                 consistent with
                                                                 the highest
                                                                 degree of
                                                                 Christian purity"
December 1786 met up with       Nelson's connection with         "He (William)
Prince William again now a      William resulted in endless      told me this
lieutenant                      partying and problems due to     morning that
                                the Prince's unhelpful way of    since he has been
                                dealing with matters. Nelson     under my
                                couldn't stop himself being      command he has
                                dragged under the influence of   been happy and
                                William whose needs              have been given
                                determined the date of           to understand
                                Nelson's marriage                that there is no
11th March 1787 Nelson                                           doubt whenever
married to Fanny attended by                                     he may be placed
the Prince of Wales             They returned to England tho     in a high
                                Nelson was ill again and not     situation that I
                                looking like making it home.     will find him
                                                                 sincere in
July 1787 Nelson arrives back   Nelson in trouble over                               Punishment of
at Portsmouth                   William and exceeding his                            sailors was strict
                                authority with him. The King                         and violent. The
                                had tried to keep his son out                        cat o nine tails
                                of the way and out of debt for                       was a kind of
                                as long as possible. Nelson                          whip and no
                                hadn't helped. Also he was in                        more than 12
                                 trouble with his crew for        strokes could be
                                 overdoing punishment. The        given without a
                                 admiralty also refused to        court martial.
                                 confirm promotions he had
                                 made.                            1100 men
                                 He was in limbo and used for     received one
                                 mundane tasks such as as         night (men
                                 holding ship for pressed men.    between 18-25)
                                 He continued flogging his
                                 men for bad behavior.
                                 Managed to flog 66 of his 144    Difficult to get a
                                 seamen and marines.              ship in peace
Nelson finally gave up the       Finally went to see his father   time 55 post
Boreas and returned to Burnham in Norfolk but without Fanny       ships in
Thorpe where he stayed for 3     whom he left in Bath. When       commission
years. He was five years         Fanny and Edmund Nelson          with 427 post
without a ship.                  did meet they got in very        captains after a
                                 well-this was to become an       position.
1789- Storming of the Bastille   enduring friendship.
and the start of years of unrest
and eventually war between       He spent these years writing
England and France.              with incredible arrogance to
                                 the admiralty and his contacts
                                 requesting a ship at the same
                                 time trying to avoid being
                                 sued for having damaged the
                                 livelihoods of the West Indian
                                 Island merchants whose
                                 livelihoods he had
                                 "protected". His supporting
                                     of the prince had damaged his
                                     likelihood of ever getting a
                                     ship again.
January 1793 war became              Nelson took his step son          On going aboard
inevitable. Nelson was given         Josiah on board the               a Spanish ship
the smallest ship of the line, the   Agamemon as midshipman.           "The dons mayh
Agamemnon.                                                             make fine ships-
                                     He was pleased with the ship      they cannot
                                     which was due to sail to the      however make
                                     Mediterranean with Hood.          men".

                                     Nelson became acquainted
                                     with Spanish ships when
                                     Spain was an ally. Learnt a
                                     lot about their vulnerability.

                                     French fleet was in Toulon
                                     harbour. English leadership
                                     dubious about how faithful the
                                     navy would be as most of the
                                     captains would have been
                                     behind the king rather than the

                                     Hood offered to protect the
                                     people of the south of France
                                     if they came out for the king.
                                     Needed soldiers however so
                                     sent with a request for forces
                                     from Italy.
                               Nelson was sent to make this
                               request because his ship was
                               the fastest. He was received
                               by King Ferdinand of Naples
                               himself and met the
                               ambassador William Hamilton
                               for the first time.
                               Nelson dined with the king
                               and the troops were promised.
                               On his return the French navy
                               had fallen to Hood with white
                               flags everywhere. This did
                               not last long however as 40
                               000 French troops arrived led
                               by Captain Buonoparte
                               (Napoleon). The English
                               took off many royalists but
                               many were massacred. They
                               also took 13 ships leaving 18.
1794 Nelson and navy sought    English army and navy            On losing sight
another base in Med. Corsica   leaders rowed as to the best     in one eye at
chosen.                        way to take over Corsica.        Calvi in Corsica
                               Nelson wished to see a           " Yet I most
                               glorious victory over land. He   fortunately
                               enjoyed a land campaign          escaped by only
                               despite being a sailor. His      having my right
                               men lugged cannons over the      eye nearly
                               mountains to get them in         deprived of its
                               position behind the town.        sight...However
                               After the fall of Corsica        the blemish is
                                   Nelson was sent to take                               nothing not to be
                                   diplomatic papers to Genoa a                          perceived unless
                                   port that was a city state.                           told."
                                   Nelson met the doge (the ruler
                                   of Genoa). He had begun to
                                   acquire the taste of being
                                   received by kings and lords.
1795 Nelson's first fleet action   The French navy came out of                           Nelson showed       French sailors
against the enemy                  Toulon to attempt to recapture                        his ambitions at    were relatively
                                   Corsica.                                              this time. He       untrained which
                                   The English navy now under                            went to Hotham      meant that they
                                   Hotham.                                               to "propose to      were fairly easy
                                   Nelson's ship Agamennon                               him pursue    prey to the
                                   attacked the much bigger Ca                           the enemy, but      professional
                                   Ira with broadsides and left                          he is much          English sailors
                                   her in tatters. This is                               cooler than         who could fire 3
                                   Nelson's version although                             myself and said     times more
                                   Hotham's version says that the                        "We must be         rapidly.
                                   Inconstant did the most                               contented. We
                                   damage and that Nelson just                           have done very
                                   finished it off.                                      well".
1796 The French                    Sir John Jervis took over as      When Nelson         Much more
revolutionaries made big gains     commander-in-chief in the         threatened a        confident about
in Italy.                          Med. Nelson was anxious to        Genoese town        his future
                                   go home for a rest and to         with attack         saying he would
                                   repair his ship. He was finally   Jervis said of      have an issue of
                                   upgraded to the Captain made      Nelson" I am        London Gazette
                                   a commodore and thanks to         very glad that      to himself "I am
                                   the ships he had taken much       you have a little   known in Italy,
                                   better off than before.          dampened the        not a kingdom or
                                                                    ardour of Nelson    state where my
                                                                    respecting the      name will be
                                                                    republic of         forgot".
                                                                    Genoa. He is an
                                                                    partisan. He is
                                                                    an excellent
                                                                    partisan but does
                                                                    not sufficiently
1796 ? The English quit Corsica    It was no longer possible to
as the Spanish joined the French   maintain a base in Corsica as
                                   with the Spanish on one side
                                   and the French on the other
                                   sides they would have been
                                   easy meat.
1797 the English fleet the         The English fleet went           Rear Admiral        "Take a Spanish     Ships' crews
Spanish fleet off Cape St          through the Spanish fleet and    Parker              first rate and an   were starting to
Vincent                            gained a surpising victory       complained          80 gun ship and     becoming
                                   against a bigger enemy.          about Nelson's      after well          discontented at
                                   Nelson's account differed        account of the      battering and       conditions and
                                   from that of Jervis making his   battle:-            basting them for    pay which was
                                   own contribution seem the        "Believe me,        an hour keep        at the same level
                                   more important. He wrote a       neither they (the   throwing in your    as more than
                                   swashbuckling account which      officers and        force balls and     100 years
                                   he sent to the Duke of           company of the      be sure to let      before. Rations
                                   Clarence. Nelson wrote a so      Prince George)      these be well       were poor and
                                 called recipe for cooking           or myself           seasoned..then       sailors were not
                                 Spaniards. This appeared in         expected to meet    skip into her        allowed ashore
                                 the Times and The Sun.              an account so       quarter gallery      incase they
                                 At this point he was beginning      different to the    window, sword        deserted. Half
                                 to hope for high honours            real statement of   in hand and let      of them after all
                                 bringing with them money.           that action".       the rest of your     had been
                                 Nelson received the Order of                            boarders follow      pressed into
                                 the Bath and Jervis was made                            as they can...       service.
                                 Earl St Vincent. Nelson
                                 became a rear admiral along
                                 with 8 other captains of the
                                 line at the same time.
1797 The fleet blockades Cadiz   Nelson's letters back to his                            To his wife "I
                                 wife talked of cottages and                             shall come one
                                 tranquillity and the fact that he                       day or other
                                 had managed to get her some                             laughing back
                                 Josiah made into a lieutenant.                          when we will
                                                                                         retire from the
                                 Nelson attacked Santa Cruz                              busy scenes of
                                 on Tenerife with a landing                              life".
                                 party in a disastrous night
                                 which resulted in the loss of
                                 hundreds of English marines.
                                 Nelson suffered his second                              He made light of
                                 great wound the loss of his                             his wounds again
                                 right arm high up. This was                             in a letter " Rear
                                 negligent as he should not                              admiral Nelson,
                                 have been involved in the                               his arm shot off"
                                 action as a rear admiral.
                                It was now that Nelson started
                                to become a legend.
1797 returned to Portsmouth .   After 4 1/2 years to have his    Coleman:
                                arm looked after. He went to     "The king
                                court twice. The wound took      observed that
                                five months to heal. He was      Nelson had lost
                                given he freedom of the city     his right arm but
                                of London but was a bit put      that his country
                                out as Duncan had had an         still had claim
                                important victory against the    for a bit more of
                                Dutch.                           him."

                                The story of the night he lost   Of his jealousy
                                his arm at Santa Cruz also       at the Duncan
                                been to grow and be              victory:" Had
                                embroidered upon.                our battle been
                                                                 in the channel it
                                Pictures of Nelson grew in       would have been
                                popularity. He met the grand     so much better
                                and the good of society and      for us".
                                thoroughly enjoyed his

                                Nelson and Fanny bought a
                                house near Ipswich but shortly
                                he was offered another ship,
                                the Vanguard.
1797 Napoleon was conquering    Fears of invasion were rife in
all and now into Austria.       Britain. Nelson was sent out
                                  to reconnoitre the Med and off
                                  Toulon he found out that
                                  Napoleon had sent off 12000
                                  Nelson was put in charge of
                                  the forces in the Med. to the
                                  annoyance of other leaders.
                                  He was in charge of an
                                  illustrious group. His job
                                  was to seek and pursue the
                                  French fleet and army and
                                  destroy it. He was allowed to
                                  get provisions from whereever
                                  he liked. And at this point he
                                  was still the fourth most junior
                                  admiral out of 94 in the navy.
1798 Nelson scours the Med for    Nelson's fleet covered 1,800   The Herald          On seeing the       The Navy relied
the French finally catching the   miles in search of the French  started to lose     French fleet at     on outlying
fleet in Aboukir bay              and was short of frigates for  patience:-          Aboukir Nelson      frigates to try to
                                  information gathering. The     "It may be too      was finally able    get information
                                  papers back at home were full  much for us to      to eat and said     on the
                                  of rumours and people were     say that (Nelson)   " Before this       whereabouts of
                                  losing patience with Nelson.   has not the         time tomorrow, I    other ships,
                                                                 quality which       shall have gained   forces. There
                                  In fact Buonoparte had arrived Buonoparte          a peerage or        was no radar or
                                  on the same day as Nelson      seems to have,      Westminster         radio for
                                  departed from Alexandria.      vulgarly called     Abbey".             information
                                  Had he still been there the    long-                                   gathering
                                  decisive battle would have     headedness. It is                       purposes.
                                  taken place 7 years sooner.    clear however
                          There were 13 ships moored       that he is now
                          in the bay protected by the      unfortunate..
                          battery at Aboukir.              perhaps it may
                                                           not be amiss to
                                                           employ the
                                                           gallantry of
                                                           Admiral Nelson
                                                           under the good
                                                           fortunes of
                                                           others, until his
                                                           turn comes
1798 Battle of the Nile   The French were unprepared                           Nelson of the       The speed of
(Aboukir Bay)             for a battle and Nelson                              victory:-           news arriving
                          capitalised by going straight                        "Victory is not a   was very slow.
                          into the attack despite the                          strong enough       It took 2 months
                          English not knowing the depth                        name for such a     for the news of
                          of the bay and where they                            scene as I have     the victory to get
                          might founder. Five ships                            passed".            through to
                          went between the French                                                  London. All
                          ships and the land and the                           Of the role of      kind of rumours
                          others the sea side. Foley's                         God-to Sir          preceded it via
                          decision to go inside made the                       William             France.
                          attack the more devastating.                         Hamilton.
                          Nelson does not refer to this!                       "Almighty God       Great victories
                          The battle was a fairly                              had made me the     generally led to
                          stationary one. The two                              happy instrument    a peerage for the
                          admirals were both injured,                          in destroying the   author of the
                          Bruey's the French admiral cut                       enemy's fleet;      victory.
                          in two and Nelson wounded                            which I hope
                                by shrapnel on the head. The    will be a blessing   A great naval
                                English picked off the ships    to Europe. You       victory
                                one by one and those at the     will have the        encouraged
                                back could not move forward     goodness to          prints to be
                                to help the front which had     communicate          produced and
                                been attacked. The victory      this happy event     sold as well as
                                was a complete one. L'Orient    to all the courts    songs to be
                                the flagship blew up with       in Italy".           written and
                                incredible force sending                             distributed and
                                cannons 50 metres. The news                          new dances
                                was taken to London but                              devised such as
                                arrived only 2 months later.                         Lady Nelson's
                                Nelson now spoke about the                           fancy.
                                hand of God helping him.
                                The captain of the Swiftsure                         Nelson finally
                                had a coffin made up for                             made only a
                                Nelson made from a piece of                          Baron as he was
                                the L'Orient which landed on                         such a junior
                                his ship.                                            Admiral.

1798 Nelson goes to Naples      Nelson's head injury and
where he will spend 2 years     reoccurence of malaria meant
disastrous to his reputation.   a miserable journey to Naples
                                where he was to get the
                                Vanguard repaired. His
                                reception in Naples by the
                                King and Queen and the
                                Hamiltons was unparalleled.
                                At a ball a special song had
                           been written and ribbons and
                           buttons had Nelson's name on

late 1798                  On Hamilton and Nelson's
                           advice the Ferdinand King of
                           Naples marched with 30000
                           ill trained soldiers on a
                           mission to occupy Rome.
                           This succeeded temporarily
                           but they were soon ousted by
                           the French. The French then
                           followed through and marched
                           to Naples. This rebounded
                           badly on Nelson who now had
                           to protect the royal family of
                           Naples. The court was to
                           move to its other base at
                           Palermo in Sardinia. The
                           Vanguard was loaded up with
                           the king's treasure and after a
                           horrendous storm they sailed
                           for Sardinia.
1799 A very bad year for   Fanny's son Josiah despite his
Nelson                     rapid promotion was doing
                           very badly taking to drink.
                           His health was bad. Naples
                           was in chaos with revolution
                           breaking out in the form and
                                looting and death. Slowly the
                                tide turned with a Russian
                                detachment bringing some
                                discipline to the situation.
                                Nelson left Sardinia and went
                                to Naples to command
                                The resolving of the situation
                                in Naples depending on
                                complex negotiations and
                                Nelson did himself little credit
                                showing little mercy to the
                                Republicans or to the
                                Neopolitan sea captain
                                Caracciolo whom he hanged.
                                The rebels who were stopped
                                from going back to Toulon in
                                France were hanged.
                                Nelson's treatment of
                                Caracciolo is seen as
                                distasteful and his treatment
                                of the rebels politically inept
                                and inhuman.
                                Nelson received the dukedom
                                of Bronte for his efforts from
                                a grateful king.
1799 Nelson disloyal to new C   Nelson's forces continued          Spencer wrote to   Minto (Jervis)
in C Keith                      helping reduce the rebel           Nelson saying      wrote of Nelson
                                influence in Naples, refusing      that having        "I hope he will
                                to send forces to Keith whom       helped sort out    not [go home]
he was patronising towards       Naples he would      for his own sake
for having lost the              be "set at liberty   and he will at
French/Spanish fleet as he       to attend to some    least I hope take
himself had done.                other points         Malta first. He
He was made acting Cin C in      where the            does not seem at
Keith's absence.                 assistance of the    all conscious of
                                 fleet will           the sort of
During this period Nelson was    probably be very     discredit he has
becoming besotted with Lady      essential to the     fallen into..But it
Hamilton, sharing a house        cause of his         is hard to
with her and her husband         majesty and his      condemn and
William.                         allies."             used ill a hero, as
                                                      he is in his own
News of the relationship was                          element, for
spreading to England where                            being foolish
the times reported about Lady                         about a woman
Hamilton's "admiral                                   who has art
attitudes".                                           enough to make
                                                      fools of many
Wrote a short account of his                          wiser than an
life to John McArthur editor                          admiral."
of the Naval Chronicle
complaining that he had no
children by his wife.

He was now very much in
love with Emma Hamilton.

His squadron took the last two
French survivors of the Battle
                              of the Nile.
1799 Napoleon becomes First   English parliament unwilling
Consul and asked for peace    to sue for peace with a
                              republican government
                              although it was now on
                              reasonable terms with the new
                              North American one.
                              Nelson's policies in Naples
                              came in for criticism
                              indirectly. He was lucky not
                              to be named directly and that
                              the debate in parliament took
                              place at night.
                              Nelson meanwhile enjoyed a
                              period of inactivity including
                              a five week cruise of the Med.
                              with the Hamiltons. Nelson
                              remembered this for its "days
                              of ease and nights of pleasure"
                              under the nose of William
                              Hamilton. Nelson and
                              Emma's child was conceived
                              on this cruise.
1779/1800 Nelson returns      Nelson had considerably           Spencer wrote to
home with the Hamilton's      difficulty getting back to        Keith
overland                      England as he couldn't take a     "Private. I hope
                              ship out of the Med where all     it will not be
                              were needed. Keith wanted         long before Lord
                              to see the back of him.           Nelson arrives in
                        Nelson travelled back            this part of the
                        overland with the Queen in       world. His
                        tow via Vienna where Nelson      further stay in
                        was shown off by Lady            the
                        Hamilton like a keeper with a    Mediterranean
                        bear.                            cannot I am sure
                                                         contribute either
                        After being well-received        to the public
                        throughout Europe meeting        advantage or to
                        the great and the good he        his own."
                        finally took the packet to

                        The position was dubious for
                        the Hamilton's on their return
                        as he had no money and
                        Emma was 6 months
                        pregnant. Nelson had not yet
                        decided to break with his wife
                        to whom he still wrote with
                        some tenderness.

                        Nelson and the Hamiltons
                        stayed the night at Yarmouth
                        after having being pulled
                        around the town in carriages
                        by people and firework and
                        bonfire displays.
1800 A triumphant       Nelson was well received         The caricature
homecoming for Nelson   everywhere although King         had the words "
                                George who was on the verge      Pho the old
                                of madness was ambiguous         man's pipe is
                                due to all Nelson's foreign      always out , but
                                honours on his coat. The         yours burns with
                                papers all alluded to his        full vigour."
                                adultery with Emma.              Nelson replies
                                Cruikshank produced a            "Yes I'll give
                                particuarly damaging             you such a
                                caricature called Smoking        smoke I'll pour a
                                Attitudes.                       whole broadside
                                Nelson tried to sort out the     into you".
                                prize money he claimed he
                                was owed and had been
                                claimed by St Vincent.
                                Nelson was ridiculed and
                                honoured in equal measure.
                                He was in despair emotionally
                                as neither he nor Emma could
                                At this time he broke with
                                Fanny who had had enough of
                                hearing about Emma .
                                However she tried on several
                                occasions to get back together
                                with him and enjoyed the
                                support of Edmund her father
                                in law.
1801 The fleet is sent to the   The fleet was put under the
Baltic to keep its eye on the   command of Sir Hyde Parker
Russian/Scandinavian alliance   Emma gave birth to Nelson's
                                daughter Horatia who was
                                immediately put out to a wet
                                nurse. They had an elaborate
                                code for talking about the
                                child incase intercepted by
                                William and had the baby
                                christened with the name
                                Bronte backwards and
                                anagrams of their names.

                                Nelson was soon off again to
                                Torbay. He was now paying
                                generous maintenance
                                payments half his income to
                                Fanny although was attracting
                                rididule still for his
                                relationship with Emma.
1801 Nelson and the Battle of   Nelson's aim was to "strike       His father wrote     On attacking
Copenhagen.                     quick and home". Nelson was       to him after his     both powers at
                                not C in C but gave his ideas     son Maurice had      the same time
                                readily which was to hit the      died,                "The measure
                                Danes and Russians at the         chastisingly         may be thought
                                same time, boldly.                                     bold but I am of
                                Negotiations with the Danes       Step forth and       opinion the
                                having failed Nelson was          save your self       boldest measures
                                given permission to take a        today whilst it is   are the safest."
                                small squadron into the port to   still called
                                attack the Danish ships and       today.. to
                                stationary defences of            recover and
                                Copenhagen. It was a close        preserve your
run thing with the British         private and
ships taking a lot of fire.        publick good.
Parker told Nelson in a flag       Riches and
message to discontinue the         honour are in
action and Nelson chose to         one hand and
ignore it. The Danes semi-         there are
surrendered and Nelson             probable means
proposed a truce. He made          yet left to secure
out not to be in a hurry for the   in the other
truce although the British         length of days."
ships were in quite a
predicament. Wounded were
exchanged and the next day he
went to meet the crown
prince. Even here he was
mobbed by people wishing to
see him or so he claimed. An
armistice was concluded to
untangle the Danes from the
Russians. The disobeyed
order and the truce were the
main things to come out of
this engagement. Nelson's
legend was built up on this
and his putting his blind eye
to a telescope.
The truce was to help him get
his ships out but some
interpreted it as cowardice
rather than as a ruse de guerre.
                              Essentially he bought time.
                              The "victory" happened very
                              quickly but was received
                              ambiguously-Nelson was
                              made a Viscount as a result.
                              Shortly after the emperor of
                              Russia died and the danger
                              was past.
July 1801 Nelson returns to   Nelson was back enjoying his
England and the Hamiltons     celebrity whilst Napoleon was
                              starting to think of invading
                              Britain having won peace in
                              Austria and Naples. Nelson
                              was put in charge of the
                              charge and he wanted to
                              attack the most likely places
                              from which an invasion would
                              come, notably Boulogne.
                              On the 4th August he carried
                              out a bombardment of
                              Boulogne which served little
                              purpose and then an
                              unsuccessful attempt to
                              destroy gunboats in the port in
                              a kind of commando
                              There was a lot of criticism of
                              him and his big-headed choice
                              of passwords Nelson and
                              Bronte. Seamen too were
becoming very critical of the
way he played fast and lose
with their lives. He wanted to
be back on the high seas and
not in his backyard.
He was also beset with family
problems with his father at
odds with him and William
constantly begging for him to
intervene on his behalf.

Peace was declared with
France and suddenly Nelson
could relax again.
Nelson appeared in the House       William
of Lords and made some not         Huskisson said
very well received speeches.       of him:-
                                   "I was obliged to
He was living by then at           Lord Nelson for
Merton with the Hamiltons          giving me
and it was costing him a           anything that
fortune.                           could create a
                                   smile on such a
The house was full of              grave and awful
parephenalia relating to           subject ..How
Nelson's victories.                can ministers
                                   allow such a fool
Edmund Nelson died and             to speak in their
Nelson did not even go to the      defence."
funeral although he paid for it.
                                  Fanny attended the funeral
                                  and received a generous letter
                                  from Susannah Bolton
                                  (Maurice's wife) informing
                                  her that she would no more be
                                  communicating with her.
1802 Nelson and the Hamiltons
six week grand tour to the
Midlands and Wales

1803 William Hamilton died.

In summer 1803 the French
wars broke out again and
Nelson sails from Portsmouth in
the Victory.
1803 Nelson was miserable at      Nelson was missing Emma          On his injuries
sea                               and feeling ill a lot. He        Wounds received
                                  finally got the prize money      by Lord Nelson
                                  due to him that St Vincent had   His eye in
                                  claimed.                         Corsica
                                                                   His Belly off
1804 asked to come home                                            Cape St Vincent
Napoleon made himself                                              His arm at
emperor.                                                           Tenerife
                                                                   His Head in
                                                                   Tolerable for one
1805 Napoleon plans for           Nelson chased the French
decoying the English fleet were   fleet across the Atlanctic .
set in motion.                    The other half of the French
                                  fleet hadn't got out of Brest so
                                  Napoleon's plan wasn't going
                                  to work.

                                  Nelson returned home arriving
                                  on 20th August. Nelson had
                                  called up his coffin and had it
                                  engraved in anticipation of his
                                  It was then reported that the
                                  Spanish and French fleets
                                  were at Cadiz so Nelson was
                                  off to confront them.
1805 21st October Trafalgar       The British were outnumbered
                                  33 to 27 but their seamen
                                  were much more experienced.

                                  Nelson planned that the
                                  British should attack the
                                  centre and rear of the curving
                                  enemy line.

                                  Nelson as C in C was to break
                                  the line although it wasn't his
                                  job to do so.

                                  At 11.15 he hoisted the signal
                            "England expects that every
                            man will do his duty". He
                            was conspicuous in his
                            undress uniform.
                            After the initial engagement it
                            was a massacre with the ships
                            close up together.
                            There were marksmen up
                            above in the French rigging
                            and Nelson was a sitting duck.
                            The last hours of his life are
                            the most minutely described
                            of any one.
                            Nelson asked not to be thrown
                            overboard and after his death
                            was put into a 100 litre barrel
                            of brandy.
                            The battle resulted in
                            completed destruction of
                            French and Spanish sea power
                            with many undamaged ships
                            being damaged or destroyed
                            in the storms that struck the
                            next day.
6th November news of the    The state funeral of Nelson
battle arrived in London.   was the most amazing site and
                            was deliberately stage

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