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					                  GIS Alliance Constitution
Mission Statement:
             The purpose of the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Alliance is to promote
             GIS student education on and off campus. To establish a connection with the
             local GIS community. To promote group activities and field trips to increase
             knowledge of GIS careers. To contact other colleges with GIS programs.

             1.    Provides the satisfaction of getting more involved with GIS.
             2.    Allows a student to get to know others with different insight and experience.
             3.    Gain access to a network of GIS professionals.
             4.    Provide social functions and promote new friendships.

             Any person who expresses an interest in membership may become a member of
             the club. Any current or former student at Green River Community College may
             vote on club business. Former students, administrators, faculty or staff may hold
             non-voting membership. Voluntary withdrawal shall terminate student

             No dues shall be collected. Money may be collected for travel expenses or
             special events.

             All GIS Alliance monies shall be handled in accordance with the rules set forth in
             the ASGRCC financial codes. The elected Treasurer shall handle all club monies.

             Meetings will run approximately 45 minutes in length. Meetings will end with a
             motion and a second to motion. During meetings, members will decide upon:
             1. Upcoming events
             2. Topics of interest
             3. Networking opportunities
             4. The next meeting’s time and date

             Other areas of interest may be open for discussion during meetings with the
             general approval of the membership in attendance. Brainstorming and new ideas
             are always welcome and will be addressed time permitting. An officer may call
             special meetings for GIS Alliance related topics. Membership will be notified of
             special meetings.

                                                                      Green River Community College
                                                                                      Auburn, WA
                                                                    GIS Alliance Constitution

Club Year:
         GIS Alliance year is September (Fall Quarter) through June (Spring Quarter) of
         the following year. All elected officers will serve the full academic year unless
         they choose to voluntarily separate. An officer may also be removed as a result of
         abuse. This procedure will require a club meeting and a 51% vote by the active

         At the beginning of each academic year the membership shall decide on the
    1.   Election of officers.
    2.   Issues regarding funding. The collection of dues.
    3.   Address any needs or concerns regarding the structure of the GIS Alliance.
    4.   Meet with faculty advisor to organize, plan, and promote GIS Alliance events.

Amendments and Bylaws:
         This constitution can be amended by 66% of the active members.
         Bylaws may be adopted by 51% of active members.
         No bylaw or amendment of this constitution shall take effect prior to the
         ratification by the GRCC Judicial Board.

         GIS Alliance members shall follow all GRCC rules and policies during events.
         Members represent GRCC and will act professionally at club events both on and
         off campus.

         If a special event requires additional funds, each member participating in the
         event shall be responsible to cover their individual costs.
         Voting status may be reinstated on a monthly basis if attendance obligations are

         This GIS Alliance shall strictly adhere to GRCC’s non-discrimination policies.

         The listed GIS Alliance officers and their duties are as follows:

         1. To advise the organization on technical matters pertaining to the safe conduct
            of this body.
         2. To perform any other function that the organization shall deem fit.

         1. To call and preside at all meetings.
         2. To recruit new members as is required of all club members.
         3. To act as a member of all committees.

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                                                                    GIS Alliance Constitution

         4. To serve as representative of the body at public functions.
         5. To serve as a liaison between the body and the advisor(s).
         6. To keep sponsors and/or advisors informed of all major plans and activities of
            the body.
         7. To serve as overall coordinator of the organization.
         8. To perform any other duties designated to him/her by the body.

Vice President:
         1.   To serve in absence of the president.
         2.   To assist the president.
         3.   To be concerned with the publicity and public relations of the body.
         4.   To represent the GIS Alliance at Student Government meetings.
         5.   To perform any other duties designated to him/her by the body.

         1. To take down the minutes of the meetings.
         2. To notify members and advisors of all meetings.
         3. To perform any other duties designated to him/her by the body.

         1.   To collect and disperse all monies.
         2.   To keep records of all GIS Alliance monies.
         3.   To inform advisors and officers of the financial status of the GIS Alliance.
         4.   To perform any other duties designated to him/her by the body.

Election Procedure:
         Officers shall be elected during the 2nd meeting of the academic year.
         Nominations shall come from the floor. If no nominations are given members
         may volunteer for the positions. If only one person is nominated they may
         assume the position without any elections being held.
         The office of Vice President may remain open if no member expresses an interest
         in holding it. In that case, the duties of the Vice President may be assigned to
         other officers by the President. The office of either Secretary or Treasurer must
         be filled. If no member is nominated or volunteers for one of these offices, the
         member holding the other office will take on the responsibilities of the vacant
         The two qualifications for a person to hold office are the desire to do so and
         enrollment in Green River Community College at the time of the election.
         The term of office shall be from election thru the last meeting of spring quarter
         the following year.
         Officers assume duties immediately following the voting.
         If a vacancy occurs among the club officers, a new vote will be called at the next
         GIS Alliance meeting.

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