HS Tournament Schedule 2008

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					POOL A                                    POOL B                                POOL C
1. FORCE                                  1. Pacifica Boys & Girls Club         1. HUSKIES
2. INDIANS                                2. LADY COBRA                         2. FAIRFIELD
3. RAMS                                   3. LADY STARS                         3. CAL STARS GOLD
4. IRVINGTON                              4. CARDINALS                          4. PINEWOOD

        SATURDAY . JULY 19, 2008
TIME        GYM 1                               GYM 2
9:00AM       B1 vs B3                           B2 vs B4
10:10AM      C3 vs C4                           C2 vs C1
11:20AM      B4 vs B1                           A2 vs A1
12:30PM      C4 vs C2                           B3 vs B2                        Tournament Director
1:40PM       A1 vs A3                           C3 vs C1                        Kareem Summerville
2:50PM       A4 vs A2                           B2 vs B1                        650-288-8249
4:00PM       B4 vs B3                           C1 vs C4
5:10PM       A1 vs A4                           A2 vs A3
6:20PM       C2 vs C3                             ----                          Sequoia High School
7:30PM       A4 vs A3                             ----                          1201 Brewster Ave
                                                                                Redwood City CA 94062

Parking will not be next to the gym due
to Construction this weekend, you
must park on Brewster Ave, make right onto Brewster going south on El Camino,
and left turn on Brewster Ave going north on El Camino
Walk to the front of the school to the gym.
                             SINGLE ELIMINATION BRACKETS
                             SUNDAY . JULY 20, 2008

                             1ST PLACE POOL A
          2ND PLACE POOL B   GYM-1
          SUN-9:00AM                                         Tournament Director
          GYM-1                                              Kareem Summerville
          2ND PLACE POOL C                      SUN-1:40PM   650-288-8249
GOLD                                            GYM-1
BRACKET                                                      Sequoia High School
          1ST PLACE POOL B                                   1201 Brewster Ave
          SUN-9:00AM                                         Redwood City CA 94062
          2ND PLACE POOL A   SUN-11:20AM
                             1ST PLACE POOL C

                             3RD PLACE POOL C
          3RD PLACE POOL A   GYM-2
          4TH PLACE POOL B                      SUN-2:50PM
SILVER                                          GYM-1
          4TH PLACE POOL A
          4TH PLACE POOL C   SUN-12:30PM
                             3RD PLACE POOL B
                         NP FORCE TOURNAMENT RULES

High School Rules Apply
1.   2-16 minute STOP TIME Halves, 1min Halves
2.   Ball size. Girls - 28.5
3.   No shot clock. 10 second back court violation.
4    1 and 1 on the 7th team foul, Double bonus on the 10th team foul
5.   On all free throws, players shall not enter lane until ball contacts rim.
6.   Technical fouls results in (2) shots and the ball.
7.   Team may start game with 4 players.
8.   Time outs per game are 2 full (1 minute) and One 30 seconds.
9. Tie breaker determined by, #1 Head to Head, #2 points (max. 13 points per game) #3 total points #4 points allowed.
10.   Mercy Rule (If there is a 20 point lead in the last 8 minutes of the second half
the clock will run, resume stop clock at 10 point
11. Overtime Rules. 1st overtime will be 2 minutes Stop. 2nd overtime is 1 minutes Stop. 3rd overtime will be sudden

                      HOME & VISITOR
The top team in the game brackets, or first team listed in pool pairings
will be the home team and shall wear white or light-colored uniforms. The bottom team, or second team listed in pool
pairings, will be the visiting team and shall wear dark uniforms. The home team shall sit to the official scorer’s
left and take the opposite basket for pre-game warm-up and first half play.

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