Uniform Policy 11 12 by 39WyJBL7


									                                 Gladys Noon Spellman ES
                                 Uniform Policy/Dress Code

                           GIRLS                                          BOYS

               White or Light Blue Blouses                    White or Light Blue Oxford or
                                                                Polo style, turtleneck Shirts
                (Oxford, Peter Pan collar, Polo
                                                               Dark Blue: Slacks, Shorts, Cargo,
                style, turtlenecks etc.)                        & Corduroy Pants
               Dark Blue: Slacks, Jumper                      Shoes/Color: None Specified
                                                                No Heelies allow
                Dresses, Skirts, Capri & Cargo
                Pants, and Shorts
               Shoes/Color: None specified
                No Heelies allowed

        Children will be required to be in uniform each school day.
        A two week grace period to obtain uniforms at the beginning of the school year and when a
         new student registers will be granted.

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