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					                              Dayton School Board
                            609 South Second Street
                    Regular Monthly Board Meeting – 6:30 p.m.
                               September 7, 2011

I. Call to Order
       Board Vice Chair Bailey called the regular board meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
       Board members present were Steve Martin, David Bailey, Marchand Hovrud,
       Tamara Fritze and Joe Huether.

II.    Flag Salute- Colleen Delp led the flag salute.
III.   Recognition of Representatives- AJ Walker, Cheer Coach

IV.    Additions or Changes to the Agenda-
        Accept resignation from Des Jones as concessions director
        Add topics to Superintendent’s Report- Collective Bargaining Agreements
        Add Policy 2024 regarding On Line Learning to Policy Review
        Add Policy 6891 regarding School Facilities to Policy Review
        List Cassandra Thompson as M/S Volleyball Asst Coach on the consent
         agenda items.
        Add Policies 2152, 2255 and 1400 to Action Items for approval of first reading

V.     Public Comment- AJ Walker presented information in regards to cheerleader
       activities and the use of uniforms. He discussed the fund raising efforts that have
       taken place. Jana Eaton added details in regards to the scope of the
       fundraising. Information was provided that show there is legal argument
       supporting that school boards could adopt policies that allow for the practice of
       cheerleaders being able to keep their uniforms. Discussion ensued in regards to
       the policy as it is currently written and the possible changes that would help to
       clarify the current practice. Board member Hovrud indicated that she felt the
       squad was very competitive, and that we should be proud of what they are
       accomplishing. Coach Walker stated that he was also very proud of the girls and
       the work they have done.

VI.    Consent Agenda
       Board member Fritze moved to approve the consent agenda items with the
       exception of the approval of co-coaches for softball. The item will be moved to
       the action items. Items approved were: Minutes of August 17, 2011 board
       meeting: Approve warrants #105472 for $4,496.35 from General Fund; Approve
       Brian Rust as MS football volunteer; Approve Mary Ann Ward and Katie
       Wooldridge as HS volleyball volunteers; Approve donation of $750 from Dayton
       Youth Soccer/DJ Frame for the soccer program for transportation costs; Approve
       hire of Jason Mings as Asst HS Boys Basketball Coach; Approve Nathan Krekula
       as volunteer HS Cross Country; Approve hire of Cassandra Thompson as M/S
       Asst. Volleyball Coach. Motion carried.
VII. Reports-
     ASB Report: Colleen Delp reported on current ASB discussions including JV
     cheer squads and a friendly competition between Dayton and Waitsburg to raise
     funds to support cancer research. Garrett Turner is in charge of the fundraiser
     and more details will follow.
     Administrative Reports-
     Elementary Principal Katie Leid- Mrs. Leid was unable to attend due to an
     HS Principal Andy Maheras- Mr. Maheras was unable to attend, but submitted
     his report to the board prior to the meeting. Topics included the activities of the
     first couple of weeks of school. There were some scheduling challenges that are
     being resolved. He noted that there will be an academic assembly in the coming
     weeks to honor students who have maintained high GPA’s and the board will be
     invited to attend.
     Superintendent’s Report
     AED- Dayton Lions Club- Superintendent Johnson met with Glen Mendel in
     regards to the AED that the Lions Club raised funds to purchase. They will also
     provide a storage box for the defibrillator. The current AED is portable and is
     generally available for sporting events. Mike McGhan is willing to do the training
     that will help to make staff comfortable with the machine. Superintendent
     Johnson will follow up with the Lions to thank them for their generous donation. .
     End of Course Math Exams- Superintendent Johnson shared the results on the
     2010-2011 end of course math scores which replaced the HSPE tests.
     Superintendent Johnson reviewed the procedure for end of course exams and
     what students need to do to be able to graduate. Board member Fritze asked
     about the credit process for classes that may need to be taken a second time.
     Discussion ensued on the viability of the credit system and the possibility of the
     need for a weighted GPA system to ensure better equality in the process. Board
     member Fritze expressed frustration on the state’s education focus that relies on
     the success being measured solely from the passing of the exam.
     Skills Center- Superintendent Johnson gave the board an update on the Skills
     Enrollment- Superintendent Johnson shared the information from the enrollment
     report that was submitted to OSPI today. The 2011-2012 current enrollment is at
     437, with the potential for some revisions that may need to be made. The 2011-
     2012 budgeted number was 452.
     Collective Bargaining Agreements- Superintendent Johnson indicated that the
     three agreements have progressed and that the majority of the work has been
     done towards getting to signed agreements. Board member Huether noted that
     the tone of the negotiations with the CCEA group was positive and that he was
     impressed with the group as a whole. Superintendent Johnson indicated that
     once the agreement is ratified, it will be made more readily available by posting it
     on-line for all employees.
     Procedure 2024- On Line Learning- Superintendent Johnson discussed the on-
     line learning procedures. He indicated that the policy is a work in progress and he
     wanted to let the board know that it will be forthcoming.
     Athletic Directors Report-
     A/D Jack Smiley was attending sporting events and was not able to attend the
       meeting. The fall sports numbers will be forthcoming.

VIII. Policy Review:
      Policy 2152 Cheerleader Travel & Uniforms- The issue was discussed in
      regards to cheerleaders being able to be awarded their uniforms.
      Policy 1400 Meeting Conduct- Superintendent Johnson pointed out that the
      policy needs to be revised to reflect current meeting times and exceptions to the
      normal schedule.
      Policy 2255 Alternative Learning Experience- Superintendent Johnson
      presented a potential ALE policy. The policy is still in the developmental stage.
      Policy 6891- School Facilities- Superintendent Johnson discussed the current
      policy and the fee structure. Generally, the fee structure has not been
      implemented. Superintendent Johnson wanted the board to consider whether or
      not the rates should be enforced or if the policy should be changed.
      Superintendent Johnson will look into it further and compare to other districts.

IX. Action Items –
        Board member Hovrud moved to accept the first reading of policies 2152
        Cheerleader Travel and Uniforms, Policy 1400 Meeting Conduct and Policy 2255
        Alternative Learning Experience. Motion carried.
        Board member Bailey moved to accept the director district boundaries with no
        changes. Motion carried.
        Board member Huether moved to approve the additional accelerated math class
        noting that further negotiated details need to be worked out. Motion carried.
        Board member Martin moved to approve the Classified Bargaining Agreement
        and the Bargaining Agreement for the Dayton Support Staff. Motion carried.
        Board member Bailey moved to approve the CCEA bargaining agreement
        pending the CCEA ratification. Motion carried.
        The board opted to table the issue regarding the softball coaches.

 IX.   Public Comment- N/A
 X.    Executive Session- The executive session was postponed due to time
 XI.   Adjournment-
       The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m. The next regularly scheduled board
       meeting will be held on September 21, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the board room.

        Respectfully submitted,

        Douglas Johnson, Secretary to the Board of Directors

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