PSR Letter to GirlsInc 0904 by 5d8rBO


									Dear Girls (and Women of Girls Inc.?),

25 years ago, 2 girls at Purdue University were studying to become engineers and tired of being
alone with all the guys in their classes without a support group of other girls. They had heard
enough of others not understanding why they liked math, science, and engineering and decided
to create their own organization for girls who had the same interests and goals. It was not long
before the group of 2 became 10 and on September 24th, 1984 the Phi Sigma Rho Sorority for
Women in Engineering & Engineering Technology was founded. Because these 10 girls became
leaders, there are now over 2,300 sisters of Phi Sigma Rho celebrating our silver anniversary this
year! Our theme is “Celebrating Silver… Going for Gold!” and we want to share some of our
plans with you.

Over the last 25 years, Phi Sigma Rho has become a sisterhood that provides leadership
opportunities and development to the sisters. We have opportunities to network, set up
mentoring relationships, and help each other develop throughout our careers.

The sisters of Phi Sigma Rho were once in your shoes. We have been told that math is for boys
and it is not cool to like science, but we decided not to listen. We have been told that we cannot
do things because we are girls, but we decided to prove everyone wrong. It has not always been
easy, but we have overcome the challenges that blocked our way. We have become leaders in all
fields of engineering (including aerospace, computer, nuclear, chemical, mechanical, and many
more!) and continued on from engineering to become lawyers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs,
and much more!

We want to tell you that math, science, and engineering are cool and definitely for girls!
Engineering is a great opportunity to be creative, solve challenging problems, and come up with
cutting edge ideas to improve life for everyone!

Phi Sigma Rho is a sisterhood that allows girls to remind each other what great things we can
accomplish when we take on the world, so we are here to remind you of what you can do too!
Our sisters would like to share some of their experiences and thoughts with you. We hope that
someday, as you realize your potential, some of you will become engineers, mathematicians, and
scientists that will become our sisters and peers.

We hope to talk to you more soon and want to encourage you to keep telling and showing the
world what wonderful things girls can do!

The Girls of Phi Sigma Rho Sorority

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