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					                                    Policy Council Meeting Minutes

Members Attending: Ginger Wells, Marquita Dressel, Charity Knopp, Linda Cann, Mike Cann, Kwazi
Kawamoto, Nancy Rupe, Misty Strickland, Crystal Chriswell, Cassie Stover, Monica Cook, Christina Erling,
Whittney Kent, Mirna Solis, Tara Rueda, David Guthrie, Chavawn Guthrie.

Staff/Guests Attending: Mary Marshall, Charyl Jester, Lynette Brackenbury, Brad Eslinger, Abby
Greenfield, Amber Grooms.

Ginger called the meeting to order. A quorum was not present. The meeting was subsequently moved
to an executive session.

Christina made a motion to accept minutes from September. Marquita seconded, minutes were

Elections were tabled until the next Policy Council Meeting when a full quorum is present.

Director’s Report: The City of Twin Falls has asked for a right of way on Falls Avenue to widen the road
in front of the Twin Falls Center. The City of Twin Falls purchased the land from Head Start for $22,000.
The program has discussed using this money towards payment on the Hansen building with the Regional
Office and received approval. Christina made a motion for the $22,000 from the right of way on Falls
Avenue to go towards the new Hansen Building. Marquita seconded, motion passed. The program
received word that the expansion grant we submitted was wonderful, but due to lack of space for
additional children, the grant was not fully funded. The program was awarded an additional 17 slots at
the new Hansen Center. The current Hansen center is being relocated due to a construction project to
widen the intersection where the current building stands. A new building is being constructed through a
collaboration grant with The City of Hansen, Regional IV Development, and the College of Southern
Idaho. Bids have gone out and the bid opening was held Thursday, October 22 at 2:00 pm. Several bids
came in close to the projected amount. The bid will be selected once all the bids are thoroughly
reviewed. Ground breaking should be held within 30 days.

Monitoring/ Reporting
Budget Report: ARRA money will be tracked and reported separate from the main operating grant.
ARRA money has been awarded from July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010 and will not be ongoing.
        Policy Council Budget – September balance was $1892.19 COLA and ARRA COLA amounts
           were added to the Policy Council budget for a total of $325.99
        Acct. 22 (Main Operating Budget) - $1,339,418.19
        Acct 20 (Training Budget)- $19,607.26
        ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) - $261,965.82

Christina made a motion to accept September’s budget reports. Marquita seconded, motion passed.

The program is requesting to move money from salaries and fringe category in the main operating
budget into other categories. The program budgeted for an increase in health insurance premiums this
year, but were lucky that the increase did not happen. Policy Council approval is needed to move money
from the salaries and fringe into another category. Marquita made a motion to reallocate the money
from fringe benefits into operating expenses. Christina seconded that motion and the motion passed.
Enrollment: The program is currently fully enrolled and working on enrollment for the 17 expansion
slots in Hansen. Attendance was at 88% for September. That percentage is expected to drop due to
increased illness this month. The program is tracking all absences and documenting the reasons when
children are absent. Policies for school closures due to illness are being developed by the Health
Advisory Committee. Currently the program will close a Head Start Center when the local public school

Center reports were handed in.

New Business/ Planning
Personnel Report:
Hires-three Community Resource Coordinators, Classroom Assistant at Twin Falls. Rehires- Classroom
Assistant at Power, Temporary Hires- two Classroom Assistants at Power. Christina made a motion to
accept the personnel hires and changes. Marquita seconded, motion passed.

PIR (Program Information Report): The Program Information Report is a summary of information about
our Head Start program that is compiled each year. Last year the program served 645 children through
out the course of the year. This included families that might have moved and only had their child in the
program for a short time. There was almost a 50/50 ratio for Hispanic and non Hispanic ethnicities
within the program. Last year the program served a majority of 4 year olds. A few 3 year olds were
served in communities that could not fill all of their slots with 4 year olds. 97% of children were
immunized and 91% received dental exams. Over 10% of the children served had a diagnosed disability.
There was a big increase in families that had an established medical home by the end of the program
year. There was also an increase in referrals for mental health services. Since the program served more
four years olds than usual, several children transitioned into kindergarten. All children were screened
except those that were in the program less than 45 days.

Child Abuse Policy: Some wording was changed in the Child Abuse Policy approved last month. The
wording was rewritten to be more specific and direct. Christina made a motion to table this policy,
Marquita seconded the motion. The child abuse policy was tabled until the next Policy Council

Christina made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Marquita seconded, meeting adjourned.

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