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									                                Stephanie Grant
          Acupuncture & Traditional East Asian Medicine

Basic Congee for Healthy Digestion
Congee has long been the traditional breakfast for most Chinese families. It is simple to make,
easy to digest, and full of nutrients that will keep you fueled throughout your morning. Congee
is traditionally rather bland to be gentle on the stomach, but we have added spices to the
following recipe to make it more suitable for the Western palate. Traditional East Asian
medicines have a long history of using dietary therapy as the first mode of intervention to
address health concerns. The following recipe provides basic congee instructions; talk to your
provider about adaptations to suit your specific health needs. And don’t forget to experiment
with local, seasonal ingredients - cooking should be fun!

1c brown rice                                         1/4t ground nutmeg
5-8c water (5c thicker, 8c thinner)                   1 1/2T fresh ginger, diced
1T ground cinnamon                                    3T honey or other natural sweetener
1/2t ground clove                                     Serves 6-8

Overnight Crock Pot Directions:
Combine brown rice, water, spices and ginger in crock pot. Cook on low setting overnight,
approximately 8 hours. Stir in natural sweetener in the morning. The water will be fully
absorbed by the rice, making a thick, oatmeal-like consistency. Top with nuts, seeds, fresh or
dried fruits for texture.

Stove-top Directions:
Bring the water to a rolling boil. Add rice and turn down to a simmer, add the spices and ginger.
Simmer rice for 1.5-2hours, stirring occasionally. Add the natural sweetener when your congee
has reached the desired thickness. Top with nuts, seeds, fresh or dried fruits for texture.

Leftover congee can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to 5 days.

Topping suggestions:
Almonds - nourishes the lungs, helps breathing
Walnuts - promotes vitality, mental clarity, and sexual function
Black sesame seeds - promotes vitality, prevents hair loss and graying
Coconut shavings or milk - high in healthy cholesterol, HDL, for strong cells
Blueberries - high in antioxidants, nourishes the eyes
Raisins - high in fiber and antioxidants
Goji Berries - high in antioxidants, builds blood and nourishes the eyes
Bananas - detoxifies the body, nourishes the muscles and eases tension
Peaches - nourishes the skin
Pears - moistens the lungs for dry cough
Strawberries - high in vitamin C, cleanses the blood

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