Minutes of Selectboard Meeting

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					                             Minutes of Selectboard Meeting
                               Monday – March 12, 2007

Board Present:        Robert Vasseur, Edward Read
Guests:               Fred Gilbert, Michael Trahan, Erin Post

Meeting called to order 6:30 p.m.

1.      Jared made a motion to approve minutes of February 28, 2007. Ed seconded. No
further discussion, all in favor, minutes approved.

2.     Interviews for PC or DRB members took places as follows;

       Fred Gilbert - lives on Center Fayston Road and is interested in either the PC or

       Michael Trahan – lives on Barton Road and is interested in either the PC or DRB.

 3.    Matt Pearshall came in with a liquor license application for Spice of Life
Catering. Asked if the $100.00 fee could be waived as he has paid it twice before without
being able to actually obtain the license. He was told that discussion had to be held with
the Town Clerk, Virginia Vasseur.

4.      Kinny Perot came in on behalf of the Friends of the Mad River. She noted two
larger projects that are happening at this time. One is the physical assessment of the Mad
River which will result in river corridor protection. The second is a Better Back Roads
Grant which will allow for a workshop (hopefully instructed by Hank Lambert) to be held
on April 12th or 26th for local road crews. Kinny then mentioned a third project which is
looking at drinking water and ground water issues and the mapping of ground water.
Kinny asked the Selectboard to consider supporting the Friends of the Mad River in the
form of an endorsement of two forums they are having, partnering with Vt. Rural
Water…….., the first on April 2nd at the Waitsfield School. The Selectboard does
support these events. Jared Cadwell also suggested that the Friends of the Mad River look
at the Fayston river setback regulations to see if they are adequate.

5.     Town Officials were re-appointed. See attached list.

6.      Selectboard considered the Revolt and Repeal Resolution prepared by Jim Parker.
It was decided to ask Jim Parker to attend the next Selectboard meeting to discuss.

7.      7:55 pm – Jared made a motion to go into Executive Session, Ed, seconded, no
further discussion, motion approved.
        8:16 - Jared made a motion to close Executive Session, Ed seconded, no further
discussion, motion carried.
Decision was made to update the employee handbook to reflect six sick days for full time
employees and three for part time (24 hours or less per week) per year which shall not
accumulate to another year. Also vacation time for full time employees will have
language added that unused time shall not accumulate into the next year. Selectboard will
review at the next Selectboard Meeting.

8.       Selectboard agreed to Mike Quenneville’s request to install a second blinking
light at the Fayston School on the Hiddenwood side.

9.      Selectboard reviewed and approved a response to the letter from Jeffrey Rice.
See attached.

10.    Selectboard read mail and signed orders dated 3/5/07 and 3/12/07.

8:30 pm – Ed made a motion to adjourn meeting, Jared, seconded, all in favor, meeting

The next Selectboard meeting will be Monday, March 26, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Fayston Municipal Building.

Respectfully Submitted:
Patti Lewis

                      Approved: __________________       Date: ________
                                   Robert Vasseur, Chair

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