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					                             t THE NATIONAL TRUST
                         Yorkshire & The North East Region

             Nunnington Hall and Rievaulx Terrace & Temples

                                  Role Description

Job Title:                   Visitor Receptionist / Membership Recruiter

Responsible To:              The Visitor Services Manager / House Steward

Main Relationships:          The Visitor Services Manager / House Steward
                             Regional Member Promotions Manager
                             All other staff at Nunnington Hall and Rievaulx Terrace &

Function:                    To provide visitors to the Hall and Terrace with an
                             exceptional standard of welcome and care. To sell
                             admission tickets, guidebooks, retail merchandise and
                             other products, to answer visitor queries and to recruit
                             new members into the National Trust. As part of the
                             Reception / Recruitment team to meet and strive to
                             exceed all targets as given by the Visitor Services



   To provide exceptional standards of welcome and care so that the reputation of
    the Hall and Terrace and the Trust is enhanced and maintained at all times

       To maintain an attractive and tidy reception area at all times.

       To sell tickets, guidebooks, family trails, shop goods and other relevant
        materials to visitors, to check membership cards and to accurately record
        visitor numbers for the end of day returns.

       To meet individual sales targets for memberships, guidebooks and other

       To keep property leaflet racks and display areas tidy and well stocked with
        current and up to date literature and information. To undertake a daily check.
        To photocopy and prepare materials as required.
       To help ensure that any constraints on visitors, which are essential for the
        safekeeping of the property, e.g. the non wearing stiletto heels on soft
        wooden floors, be explained and applied in a sensitive and sympathetic
        manner in order that the visitor understands the request and to minimise risk
        of confrontation.

       To project a helpful and approachable image of the National Trust.

       To remain informed so as to be able to provide an up to date and
        comprehensive information service to all visitors.

       To cover staff breaks a required for reception, the Shop and the Carlisle

       To provide emergency cover in the Carlisle Collection Receptionist role if

To actively promote the benefits of National Trust membership to visitors and
promote the importance of membership support to the organisation and the property.

   To recruit new members to the National Trust, promoting the benefits of Direct
    Debit and Gift Aid.

   To work as part of a team to achieve set team and individual targets for
    recruitment reaching agreed benchmark targets for conversion rates, direct debits
    and gift aid.

   To work as part of a team to achieve set team and individual targets for gift aid on
    admission, raffle sales, Mystery Visitor and Bournemouth survey scores and retail
    including shop and guidebook sales reaching agreed benchmark targets.

       To remain up to date with current membership issues and contribute to wider
        team initiatives to both encourage membership and enhance any visitor’s
        enjoyment of the site.

       To help identify offsite recruitment opportunities for the property and, where
        applicable, contribute to offsite recruitment initiatives.

Retail (at Rievaulx Terrace)

   To assist with the retail operation at the property, selling merchandise, receiving
    and checking in all goods received and keeping all necessary documentation as

   To ensure that goods are displayed in a clean and tidy fashion in line with
    National Trust standards as directed by the shop manager
   To follow all property and retail guidelines for the service and management of the


   To complete all necessary records and documentation correctly and despatch
    promptly to appropriate locations.

Cash Handling and Security

   Carry out sales to the public, check all transactions: cash, cheque and credit card
    and follow cash handling, cashing up and reconciliation and audit procedures

   To cash up and be accountable for all monies received and the correct balancing
    of takings at the end of each working day including the completion of all
    necessary paperwork.

   To ensure that all accounting procedures daily and weekly are handled in
    accordance to the National Trust policy and that audit requirements are adhered

Personal Development

   Seek to develop a wider knowledge of the property, the organisation, other
    properties, and other regions so as to be able to deal confidently with visitors’

   Attend all team and individual meetings as required.

     To attend training courses, conferences/ meetings and workshops and
        undertake one to one training as and when required.

       To undertake an annual review and interim reviews with the Visitor Services


       To keep up to date with all policy and property issues.

       To set an excellent example to the rest of the staff and maintain excellent
        external and internal relations.
       To maintain the highest standards of personal presentation in line with
        National Trust guidelines.

       To keep all work areas, clean today and presentable at all items. To include
        daily cleaning duties at the Rievaulx Visitor Centre both internal and external.

       To provide support to the Rievaulx Guides team delivering batricar instruction
        to the public if required and tour support as required.

Health and Safety

All staff are expected to observe all Health and Safety at Work Regulations as set
out by the Trust in accordance with its statutory obligations. To include

   The reporting of all accidents.

   The reporting of any unsafe practices or broken machinery/equipment to the
    Manager or Supervisor, so that remedial action can be taken immediately.

   The use of all equipment as trained observing all safe practices, so that accidents
    are avoided.

   To be familiar with all property fire and emergency procedures and undertake any
    training which may be required in fire evacuation and the safe use of fire

   Ensuring that all chemical use is safe, as prescribed under COSHH regulations
    and procedures.

   Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of others who
    may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.

In addition, all employees are expected to work within the terms of their contract of
employment and adhere to Trust policies and the Required Ways of Working.

Other Duties

   The postholder may be required to undertake other duties which may be
    reasonably requested by the manager and which are compatible with the overall
    scope of the role. This Role Description is a guide to the nature of the work
    required by the Visitor Receptionist / Recruiter and is not wholly comprehensive.

   The Trust’s Code of Practice - Common Rules and Responsibilities / Ways of
    Working are also applicable to this post

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
      Good level of numeracy and literacy

      Skills:
      Enthusiastic
      An eye for detail, quality and presentation
      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
      Selling skills

Compiled by: Simon Lee, reviewed by Sarah Taylor

Date compiled/last reviewed: Jan 08/ Jan 09/ Dec 11

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