parent mtg template by tQ7Cr31i


									                                       Parent’s Meeting Agenda

Parent’s meetings are essential if a youth ministry intends to develop a partnership between parents
and youth leaders. Parent’s meetings should a regular occurrence (once quarterly or two times per year
is ideal.) At each parent meeting plan for the meeting to start on time and end on time. Provide
refreshments, a reward or drawing of some sort ($50 off the next youth retreat/trip, or an IPOD or a gift
certificate to a popular youth clothing store.)

I’ve included below a potential agenda. The “topical” section should be something that is general unless
you are bringing in an expert. I would suggest that if you’re bringing in a parent’s ministry speaker, that
you do that separate from your regularly scheduled parent meeting.

                                  Parent’s Meeting Sample Agenda

Provide Information
    Schedule for Bible studies for the season (6 months, one year, etc)
            o Include content of studies
            o Include frequency of studies
    Calendar
    Costs for participation (trips, retreats, etc.)
    Transportation needs/expectations (recruit drivers)

Create Dialogue over a specific topic
    Parenting tips
    Cultural issues with teenagers (facebook, myspace, video games, etc)
    Adolescent behavioral issues
    Parent/child relationship

Allow time for Prayer and Care
     Allow for sharing of challenging situations
     Allow time for prayer
     Pray specifically for one parent/child if there is a major issue that is shared

Provide Information for next parent’s meeting
    Give date for next meeting
    Provide topic for next meeting’s topical discussion
    Celebrate one ministry victory (visually and audibly)

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