May 4 2011 Agenda by 285p3Vw


									                  VILLAGE OF BIG VALLEY
                  Wednesday May 4th, 2011.

1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Agenda Additions

4. Adoption of Minutes
        a. Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of April 20th, 2011.

5. Visitors and Delegations

6. Specific Items set for business arising from public hearings and
   visitors and Delegations

7. Old Business
      a. Bids on the Backhoe
      b. Emergency Management - Resources

8. New Business Including Staff Reports
   a.   Railway Avenue Parking
   b.   Curbs, Sidewalks and Paving Programs
   c.   Public Buildings – Clean up, Removal and Purchase
   d.   Summer Employment
   e.   2011 Budget
   f.   Tax Rate Bylaw
   g.   May Council Meeting
   h.   Alberta Emergency Public Warning Systems
   i.   Alberta Prairie Gift Certificates
   j.   Advertising – Accommodation Guide
   k.   Cement Blocks – 3rd Street Repair

9. Committee Board Reports

10. Financial Statements
        a. Tax account update
        b. Utility account update
        c. Bank Reconciliation
        d. Accounts payable
      e. Financial Reports
      f.   Balance Sheet
      g. Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses

11. Items of Information
    a. Beautification Meeting this Saturday at 10am
    b. Community Garage Sale
    c. Community Plant Swap
    d. Community Spring Clean Up and Compost

12. Public Comments – Limited to 5 Minutes

13. Adjournment

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