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									Anterior Vaginal Wall Cyst
                     Presented by
         Dr. Narayan M. Patel
                                   M.D.,D.G.O. FICS
  Emeritus Professor Muni. Medical college- Ahnedabad.
                    Postal address--
     Mahalaxmi Institute of medical teaching,
       3, Shantiniketan park, Naranpura,
            Nr.Sardar Patel Colony,
     AHMEDABAD- 380 014 (Gujarat) INDIA
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     This was the case of anterior
1    vaginal wall cyst. In picture no-1
      this is seen as a bluish discoloration
     projection, shown by an arrow.
     Cervix is not seen in this picture.

                  Ant. vaginal wall cyst
    On lifting up the cyst, you see in
    this 2nd picture the cervix, as
    shown by an instrument and also
    by arrow. Speculum is in position.
2   This slide clearly shows that cyst
    is in anterior vaginal wall.

         Ant. vaginal wall cyst
    The cyst is grasped by elisis
    forceps and pulled on left side
3   of the patient to defined its base.
    Speculum is in position.

     An incision is put on the wall
     of cyst, the deep enough to reach
     up to the vaginal wall. A similar
4    incision was put on the other
     side, pulling the cyst on rt. side
     of the patient
The cyst is being dissected on the
left side of the patient remaining in
the cleavage.

  The cyst is lifted up and dissected
  posteriorly from cervix, trying
  to remain in cleavage.

Dissection is further continued
A retractor is used to stretch
the tissue to find out the lower
 limit of the cyst


    Last cut and cyst will be free

   Cyst in surgeon’s hand
   Cyst just removed

Excess of vaginal wall was excised
and sutures on opposite side
Cyst photographed after removal
Thank you

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