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									                          Domeniile si Actiunile principale ale COST

      Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences (BMBS)
      Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST)
      Earth System Science and Environmental Management (ESSEM)
      Food and Agriculture (FA)
      Forests, their Products and Services (FPS)
      Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH)
      Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
      Materials, Physical and Nanosciences (MPNS)
      Transport and Urban Development (TUD)

Urmatoarea colectare a propunerilor de proiecte va incepe cu 26 martie 2010.

Mai multe detalii le puteti accesa la 8th collection data: http://w3.cost.esf.org/index.php?id=1733
                                LISTA ACŢIUNILOR COST


 COD                           Denumirea acţiunii                                    Termeni
B28       Array Technologies for BSL3 and BSL4 Pathogens                       (End date: May 2010)
B30      Neural Regeneration and Plasticity: NEREPLAS                          (End date: July 2010)
B35      Lipid Peroxidation Associated Disorders: LPO                          (End date: June 2010)
BM0601   Advanced Methods for the Estimation of Human Brain Activity and       (End date: May 2011)
         Connectivity (NEUROMATH)
BM0602   Adipose Tissue: A Key Target for Prevention of the Metabolic          (End date: June 2011)
BM0603   Inflammation in Brain Disease (NEURINFNET)                            (End date: June 2011)
BM0604   Myelin Ophan Diseases in Health (MYELINET)                            (End date: June 2011)
BM0605   Consciousness: A Transdisciplinary, Integrated Approach               (End date: September
BM0606   Collaborative Association Studies in Breast Cancer                    (End date: September
BM0607   Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRNT)                                  (End date: October
BM0701   Antibiotic Transport and Efflux: New Strategies to combat bacterial   (End date: May 2012)
         resistance (ATENS)
BM0702   Urine and Kidney Proteomics                                           (End date: May 2012)
BM0703   Cancer and Control of Genomic Integrity (CANGENIN)                    (End date: May 2012)
BM0704   Emerging EMF Technologies and Health Risk Management                  (End date: May 2012)
BM0801   Translating Genomic and Epigenetic Studies of MDS and AML             (End date: November
         (EuGESMA)                                                             2012)
BM0802   Life or Death of Protozoan Parasites                                  (End date: November
BM0803   A European Network of the HLA Diversity for Histocompatibility,       (End date: January
         Clinical Transplantation, Epidemiology and Population Genetics        2013)
BM0804   European Network on Fish Biomedical Models (EuFishBioMed) - a         (End date: June 2013)
         community resource to enable effective zebrafish partnering in
         projects targeting human diseases
BM0805   HOX and TALE transcription factors in Development and Disease         (End date: April 2013)
BM0806   Recent advances in histamine receptor H4R research                    (End date: April 2013)
BM0901   European systems genetics network for the study of complex            (End date: May 2013)
         genetic human diseases using mouse genetic reference populations
BM0902   Network of experts in the diagnosis of myeloproliferative disorders   (End date: May 2013)
BM0903   Skin Barrier and Atopic Diseases (SKINBAD)                            (End date: May 2013)
BM0904   HDL - From Biological Understanding to Clinical Exploitation
BM0905   European Network for the Study of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
BM0906   Regulatory RNAs in Bacterial Pathogenicity: New Targets for
         Alternative Therapies
BM0907   European Network for Transnational Immunology Research and
         Education (ENTIRE): From Immunomonitoring to Personalized
TD0901   Hypoxia Sensing, Signalling and Adaptation                            (End date: May 2013)
 COD                         Denumirea acţiunii                                        Termeni
CM0601    Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography (ECCL)                  (End date: May 2011)
CM0602    Inhibitors of Angiogenesis: Design, Synthesis and Biological     (End date: June 2011)
         Exploitation (ANGIOKEM)
CM0603    Free Radicals in Chemical Biology (CHEMBIORADICAL)               (End date: June 2011)
CM0701   Cascade Chemoenzymatic Processes – New Synergies Between          (End date: April 2012)
         Chemistry and Biochemistry
CM0702   Chemistry with Ultrashort Pulses and Free-Electron Lasers:        (End date: April 2012)
         Looking for Control Strategies Through “Exact” Computations
CM0703    Systems Chemistry                                                (End date: April 2012)
CM0801   New Drugs for Neglected Diseases                                  (End date: June 2012)
CM0802    European Phosphorus Sciences Network (PhoSciNet)                 (End date: June 2012)
CM0803   Functional peptidomimetic foldamers: from unnatural amino         (End date: November 2012)
         acids to self-assembling nanomaterials
CM0804   Chemical Biology with Natural Products                            (End date: November 2012)
CM0805   The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in                   (End date: November 2012)
         Astronomical Environments
CM0901   Detailed Chemical Kinetic Models for Cleaner Combustion           (End date: May 2013)
CM0902   Molecular Machineries for Ion Translocation Across                (End date: May 2013)
CM0903   Utilisation of Biomass for Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals          (End date: May 2013)
CM0904   Network for Intermetallic Compounds as Catalysts for Steam
         Reforming of Methanol (IMC-SRM)
CM0905    Organocatalysis - ORCA
D34       Molecular Targeting and Drug Design in Neurological and          (End date: June 2010)
         Bacterial Diseases
D35       From Molecules to Molecular Devices: Control of Electronic,      (End date: January 2011)
         Photonic, Magnetic and Spintronic Behaviour
D36      Molecular structure-performance relationships at the surface of   (End date: February 2011)
         functional materials

D37      Grid Computing in Chemistry: GRIDCHEM                             (End date: July 2010)
D38      Metal-Based Systems for Molecular Imaging Applications            (End date: August 2011)

D39      Metallo-Drug Design and Action                                    (End date: July 2011)

D40      Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities             (End date: November 2011)

D41      Inorganic Oxides: Surfaces and Interfaces                         (End date: September 2010)

D42      Chemical Interactions between Cultural Artefacts and Indoor       (End date: October 2010)
         Environment (EnviArt)
D43      Colloid and Interface Chemistry for Nanotechnology                (End date: November 2011)

TD0802   Dendrimers in Biomedical Applications                             (End date: November 2012)

TD0903   Understanding and Manipulating Enzymatic and Proteomic            (End date: May 2013)
         Processes in Biomineralization
TD0905   EPIGENETICS: Bench to Bedside
 COD                    Denumirea acţiunii                                          Termeni
637      Metals and Related Substances in Drinking Water                  (End date: November 2010)
638      Investigating and Managing the Impacts of Marine Sand and        (End date: October 2010)
         Gravel Extraction and Use
639      Greenhouse gas budget of soils under changing climate and land   (End date: December 2010)
         use (BurnOut)
731       Propagation of Uncertainty in Advanced Meteo-Hydrological       (End date: June 2010)
         Forecast Systems
733      Harmonisation and Applications of Weather Types                  (End date: September 2010)
         Classifications for European Regions
734      Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on European            (End date: November 2010)
         Agriculture: CLIVAGRI
735      Tools for Assessing Global Air–Sea Fluxes of Climate and Air     (End date: October 2011)
         Pollution Relevant Gases
ES0601   Advances in Homogenisation Methods of Climate Series: an         (End date: May 2011)
         Integrated Approach (HOME)
ES0602   Towards a European Network on Chemical Weather Forecasting       (End date: April 2011)
         and Information Systems (ENCWF)
ES0603   Assessment of Production, Release, Distribution and Health       (End date: September 2011)
         Impact of Allergenic Pollen in Europe (EUPOL)
ES0604   Atmospheric Water Vapour in the Climate System (WaVaCS)          (End date: October 2011)
ES0701   Improved Constraints on Models of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment   (End Date: April 2012)
ES0702   European Ground-Based Observations of Essential Variables for    (End date: November 2012)
         Climate and Operational Meteorology (EG-CLIMET)
ES0801   The Ocean Chemistry of Bioactive Trace Elements and              (End date: June 2012)
         Paleoclimate Proxies
ES0802   Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Atmospheric Research            (End date: June 2012)
ES0803   Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe         (End date: June 2012)
ES0804   Advancing the Integrated Monitoring of Trace Gas Exchange        (End date: June 2012)
         between Biosphere and Atmosphere
ES0805   The Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System                    (End date: June 2013)
ES0806   Stable Isotopes in Biosphere-Atmosphere-Earth System             (End date: November 2012)
         Research (SIBAE)
ES0901   European Procedures for Flood Frequency Estimation               (End date: May 2013)
ES0902   Permafrost and Gas Hydrate Related Methane Release in the        (End date: May 2013)
         Arctic and Impact on Climate Change - European Cooperation
         for Long-term Monitoring (PERGAMON)
ES0903   Spectral Sampling Tools for Vegetation Biophysical Parameters    (End date: May 2013)
         and Flux Measurements in Europe
ES0904   EGO - European Gliding Observatories Network
ES0905    Basic Concepts for Convection Parameterization in Weather
         Forecast and Climate Models
ES0906   Seagrass Productivity: From Genes to Ecosystem Management
ES0907   INTIMATE: INTegrating Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial
         records (60 000 to 8 000 years ago)
TD0803   Detecting evolutionary hot spots of antibiotic resistances in    (End date: November 2012)
         Europe (DARE)

COD                            Denumirea acţiunii                                         Termeni
862      Bacterial Toxins for Insect Control                                     (End date: February 2010)
863      Euroberry Research: from Genomics to Sustainable Production, Quality    (End date: April 2010)
         & Health
864      Combining Traditional and Advanced Strategies for Plant Protection in   (End date: January 2011)
         Pome Fruit Growing
865      Bioencapsulation Multiscale Interaction Analysis                        (End date: January 2010)
866      Green Care in Agriculture                                               (End date: August 2010)
867      Welfare of Fish in European Aquaculture                                 (End date: March 2011)
868      Biotechnical Functionalisation of Renewable Polymeric Materials         (End date: September 2010)
869      Mitigation Options for Nutrient Reduction in Surface Water and          (End date: November 2011)
870      From Production to Application of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in       (End date: February 2011)
         Agricultural Systems: A Multidisciplinary Approach
871      Cryopreservation of Crop Species in Europe                              (End date: December 2010)
872      Exploiting Genomics to Understand Plant–nematode Interactions           (End date: December 2010)
873      Bacterial Diseases of Stone Fruits and Nuts                             (End date: December 2011)
928      Control and Exploitation of Enzymes for Added-value Food Products       (End date: January 2010)
929      A European Network for Environmental and Food Virology                  (End date: November 2010)
FA0601   Fish Reproduction and Fisheries                                         (End date: June 2011)
FA0602   Bioactive Food Components, Mitochondrial Function and Health            (End date: May 2011)
FA0603   Plant Proteomics in Europe (EUPP)                                       (End date: March 2011)
FA0604   Triticeace Genomics for the Advancement of Essential European Crops     (End date: May 2011)
FA0605   Signaling Control of Stress Tolerance and Production of Stress          (End date: December 2011)
         Protective Compounds in Plants
FA0701   Arthropod Symbiosis: From Fundamental Studies to Pest and Disease       (End date: March 2012)
FA0702   Maternal Interaction with Gametes and Embryos                           (End date: February 2012)
FA0801   Critical Success Factors for Fish Larval Production in European         (End date: June 2012)
         Aquaculture: a Multidisciplinary Network (LARVANET)
FA0802   Feed for Health                                                         (End date: June 2012)
FA0803   Prevention of Honeybee Colony Losses (COLOSS)                           (End date: June 2012)
FA0804   Molecular Farming: Plants as a Production Platform for High Value       (End date: June 2012)
FA0805   Goat-parasite interactions: from knowledge to control (CAPARA)          (End date: November 2012)
FA0806   Plant virus control employing RNA-based vaccines: A novel non-          (End date: November 2012)
         transgenic strategy
FA0807   Integrated Management of Phytoplasma Epidemics in Different Crop        (End date: November 2012)
FA0901   Putting Halophytes to Work - From Genes to Ecosystems                   (End date: May 2013)
FA0902   Understanding and Combating Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory        (End date: May 2013)
         Syndrome in Europe
FA0903    Harnessing Plant Reproduction for Crop Improvement                     (End date: May 2013)
FA0904   Eco-sustainable Food Packaging Based on Polymer Nanomaterials
FA0905   Mineral-improved Crop Production for Healthy Food and Feed
FA0906   UV-B radiation: A Specific Regulator of Plant Growth and Food
         Quality in a Changing Climate (UV4growth)
FA0907   Yeast flavour production - New Biocatalysts and Novel Molecular
         Mechanisms Acronym: BIOFLAVOUR
TD0801   Statistical challenges on the 1000€ genome sequences in plants          (End date: November 2012)

 COD                         Denumirea acţiunii                            Termeni
E45      European Forest Externalities (EUROFOREX)                  (End date: July 2010)
E51      Integrating Innovation and Development Policies for the    (End date: March 2010)
         Forest Sector
E52      Evaluation of Beech Genetic Resources for Sustainable      (End date: March 2010)
E53      Quality Control for Wood and Wood Products                 (End date: March 2010)
E54      Characterisation of the Fine Structure and Properties of   (End date: December
         Papermaking Fibres Using New Technologies                  2010)
E55      Modelling of the Performance of Timber Structures          (End Date: December
FP0601 Forest Management and the Water Cycle (FORMAN)               (End date: May 2011)
FP0602 Biotechnology for Lignocellulose Biorefineries (BIOBIO)      (End date: June 2011)
FP0603 Forest Models for Research and Decision Support in           (End date: June 2011)
       Sustainable Forest Management
FP0701 Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe               (End date: May 2012)
FP0702 Net-Acoustics for Timber based Lightweight Buildings and     (End date: November
       Elements                                                     2011)
FP0703 Expected Climate Change and Options for European             (End date: May 2012)
       Silviculture (ECHOES)
FP0801 Established and Emerging Phytophthora: Increasing Threats    (End date: June 2012)
       to Woodland and Forest Ecosystems in Europe
FP0802 Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterisation        (End date: June 2012)
       Techniques in Wood Mechanics
FP0803 Belowground carbon turnover in European forests              (End date: November
FP0804 Forest Management Decision Support Systems (FORSYS)          (End date: November
FP0901 Analytical Techniques for Biorefineries                      (End date: May 2013)
FP0902 Development and Harmonisation of New Operational             (End date: May 2013)
       Research and Assessment Procedures for Sustainable Forest
       Biomass Supply
FP0903 Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a     (End date: May 2013)
       Polluted Environment
FP0904 Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and
FP0905 Biosafety of Forest Transgenic Trees: Improving the
       Scientific Basis for Safe Tree Development and
       Implementation of EU Policy Directives


COD                             Denumirea acţiunii                                          Termeni
A31      Stability and Adaptation of Classification Systems in a Cross-cultural    (End date: March 2010)
A32      Open Scholarly Communities on the Web                                     (End date: December 2010)
A33      Cross-linguistically Robust Stages of Children’s Linguistic Performance   (End date: January 2010)
         G9 | Modelling Real Property Transactions
IS0601   Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector                 (End Date: March 2011)
         Organization (CRIPO)
IS0602   International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)                               (End date: May 2011)
IS0603   Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe       (End date: May 2011)
IS0604   Science and Technology Research In a Knowledge-based Economy              (End Date: October 2011)
IS0605   A Telecommunications Economics COST Network (Econ@Tel)                    (End date: October 2011)
IS0701   Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data: Industry Dynamics, Firm          (End date: February 2012)
         Performance, and Worker Outcomes
IS0702   The Role of the EU in UN Human Rights Reform                              (End date: February 2013)
IS0703   The European Research Network on Learning to Write Effectively            (End date: May 2012)
IS0704   An Interoperable Supranational Infrastructure for Digital Editions        (End date: April 2012)
IS0801   Cyberbullying: Coping with Negative and Enhancing Positive Uses of        (End date: October 2012)
         New Technologies, in Relationships in Educational Settings
IS0802   The Transformation of Global Environmental Governance: Risks and          (End date: October 2012)
         Opportunities (TGEG)
IS0803   Remaking Eastern Borders in Europe: a Network Exploring Social,           (End date: January 2013)
         Moral and Material Relocations of Europe's Eastern Peripheries
IS0804   Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and    (End date: June 2013)
         the Road to Assessment
IS0805   New Challenges of Peacekeeping and the European Union’s Role in           (End date: March 2013)
         Multilateral Crisis Management
IS0806   The True European Voter: A Strategy For Analysing the Prospects of        (End date: 4 May 2013)
         European Electoral Democracy That Includes the West, the South and
         the East of the Continent
IS0807   Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS)                                   (End date: April 2013)
IS0901   Women Writers in History - Toward a New Understanding of European         (End date: May 2013)
         Literary Culture
IS0902   Systemic Risks, Financial Crises and Credit - The Roots, Dynamics and     (End date: January 2014)
         Consequences of the Subprime Crisis
IS0903   Enhancing the Role of Medicine in the Management of European Health       (End date: November 2013)
         Systems - Implications for Control, Innovation and User Voice
IS0904   European Architecture beyond Europe: Sharing Research and
         Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material
         Legacy (19th-20th centuries)
IS0905   The Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe
IS0906   Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies
IS0907   Childbirth Cultures, Concerns, and Consequences: Creating a Dynamic
         EU Framework for Optimal Maternity Care
TD0902   Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental       (End date: May 2013)
TD0904   Time In MEntaL activitY: theoretical, behavioral, bioimaging and          (TIMELY)
         clinical perspectives
(ICT) http://www.cost.esf.org./domains_actions/ict/Actions
 COD                       Denumirea acţiunii                               Termeni
2100     Pervasive Mobile & Ambient Wireless Communications          (End date: December
2101     Biometrics for Identity Documents and Smart Cards           (End date: December
2102     Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal               (End date: November
         Communication                                               2010)
2103     Advanced Voice Function Assessment                          (End date: December
299      Optical Fibres for New Challenges Facing the Information    (End date: January
         Society                                                     2010)
IC0601   Sonic Interaction Design (SID)                              (End date: April 2011)
IC0602   Algorithmic Decision Theory                                 (End date: May 2011)
IC0603   Antenna Systems & Sensors for Information Society           (End date: May 2011)
         Technologies (ASSIST)
IC0604   Anatomic Telepathology Network (EURO-TELEPATH)              (End date: November
IC0701   Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software             (End Date: March 2012)
IC0702   Combining Soft Computing Techniques and Statistical         (End date: March 2012)
         Methods to Improve Data Analysis Solutions
IC0703   Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: Theory, Techniques,   (End date: March 2012)
         Tools and Applications for the Future Networks
IC0801   Agreement Technologies                                      (End date: October
IC0802   Propagation Tools and Data for Integrated                   (End date: October
         Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation         2012)
IC0803   RF/Microwave Communication Subsystems for Emerging          (End date: October
         Wireless Technologies (RFCSET)                              2012)
IC0804   Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems        (End date: May 2013)
IC0805   Open European Network for High Performance Computing        (End date: May 2013)
         on Complex Environments
IC0806   Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical    (End date: May 2013)
IC0901   Rich-Model Toolkit - An Infrastructure for Reliable         (End date: October
         Computer Systems                                            2013)
IC0902   Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative              (End date: December
         Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks              2013)
IC0903   Knowledge Discovery from Moving Objects (MOVE)              (End date: October
IC0904   Towards the Integration of Transectorial IT Design and      (End date: November
         Evaluation                                                  2013)
IC0905   TERRA - Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for
         Radio Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software
         Defined Radio
IC0906   WiNeMO - Wireless Networking for Moving Objects

 COD                       Denumirea acţiunii                           Termeni
540      Photocatalytic Technologies and Novel Nanosurfaces   (End date: January 2010)
         Materials – Critical Issues (“PHONASUM”)
541      Semi-solid Processing of Steels: Thixosteel          (End date: July 2010)
542      High Performance Energy Storages for Mobile and      (End date: July 2010)
         Stationary Applications: HPSMT
543      Research and Development of Bioethanol Processing    (End date: October 2010)
         for Fuel Cells (BIOETHANOL)
IE0601   Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage   (End date: April 2011)
MP0601   Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources)                 (End date: April 2011
MP0602   Advanced Solder Materials for High Temperature       (End date: May 2011)
         Application (HISOLD)
MP0603   Chemical Imaging by Means of CARS-microscopy         (End date: April 2011)
MP0604   Optical Micro-Manipulation by Nonlinear              (End date: May 2011)
MP0701   Composites with Novel Functional and Structural      (End date: March 2012)
         Properties by Nanoscale Materials (Nano Composite
MP0702   Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic           (End date: January 2012)
MP0801   Physics of Competition and Conflicts                 (End date: June 2012)
MP0802   Self-assembled Guanosine Structures for Molecular    (End date: June 2012)
         Electronic Devices
MP0803   Plasmonic Components and Devices                     (End date: June 2012)
MP0804   Highly Ionised Pulse Plasma Processes                (End date: 25 June 2013)
MP0805   Novel Gain Materials and Devices Based on III-V-N    (End date: November 2012)
MP0806   Particles in turbulence                              (End date: November 2012)
MP0901   Designing Novel Materials for Nanodevices - from     (End date: May 2013)
         Theory to Practice (NanoTP)
MP0902   Composites of Inorganic Nanotubes and Polymers       (End date: May 2013)
MP0903   NANOALLOY – Nanoalloys as Advanced
         Materials: From Structure to Properties and
MP0904   SIMUFER: Single- and Multiphase Ferroics and
         Multiferroics with Restricted Geometries
MP0905   Black Holes (BH) in a Violent Universe
P19      Multiscale Modeling of Materials                     (End date: February 2010)
P20      Large-Eddy Simulation for Advanced Industrial        (End date: February 2010)
         Design (“LES-AID”)
P21      Physics of Droplets                                  (End date: October 2010)
TD0906   Biological Adhesives: From Biology to Biomimetics

 COD                      Denumirea acţiunii                               Termeni
356      Towards the Definition of a Measurable                  (End date: January 2010)
         Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST)
358      Pedestrians’ Quality Needs (PQN)                        (End date: November 2010)
C24      Analysis and Design of Innovative Systems for Low-      (End date: November 2010)
         EXergy in the Built Environment: COSTeXergy
C25      Sustainability of Constructions: Integrated Approach    (End date: December 2010)
         to Life-time Structural Engineering
C26      Urban Habitat Constructions under Catastrophic          (End date: June 2010)
C27      Sustainable Development Policies for Minor              (End date: November 2010)
         Deprived Urban Communities
TD0804   Soundscape of European Cities and Landscapes            (End date: November 2012)
TU0601   Robustness of Structures                                (End date: April 2011)
TU0602   Land Management for Urban Dynamics                      (End date: May 2011)
TU0603   Buses with a High Level of Service                      (End date: October 2011)
TU0701   Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stocks       (End date: March 2012)
TU0702   Real-time Monitoring, Surveillance and Control of       (End date: March 2012)
         Road Networks under Adverse Weather Conditions
TU0801    Semantic Enrichment of 3D City Models for              (End date: June 2012)
         Sustainable Urban Development
TU0802   Next generation cost effective phase change materials   (End date: November 2012)
         for increased energy efficiency in renewable energy
         systems in buildings (NeCoE-PCM)
TU0803   Cities Regrowing Smaller – Fostering Knowledge on       (End date: September 2013)
         Regeneration Strategies in Shrinking Cities across
TU0804   Survey Harmonisation with New Technologies              (End date: November 2012
         Improvement (SHANTI))
TU0901   Integrating and Harmonizing Sound Insulation            (End date: May 2013)
         Aspects in Sustainable Urban Housing Constructions
TU0902   Integrated Assessment Technologies To Support the       (End date: May 2013)
         Sustainable Development of Urban Areas
TU0903   Methods and Tools for Supporting the Use,               (End date: May 2013)
         Calibration and Validation of Traffic Simulation
TU0904   IFER - Integrated Fire Engineering and Response
TU0905   STRUCTURAL GLASS – Novel Design Methods
         and Next Generation Products

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