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To Whom It May Concern –

I write this letter to highly recommend to you the ministry of Bruce Latshaw. Our local church
recently partnered with the other churches in our region to host Bruce and his seminar series “The
Healing Secrets of John G. Lake”. Bruce has the ability to take the truths of God’s Word on healing
and miracles, as well as the principles fleshed out in John G. Lake’s life, and present them in a way
that all can understand and all are challenged in their faith.

Our faith was truly stirred and our hearts were compelled to lay our hands on the sick in our
community, to see the Kingdom of God come “on earth as it is in heaven”. Most of all, a rich
deposit still remains in our region from the impartation of this seminar that is launching us into a
regional Healing Room ministry where people can come weekly and encounter our Healing Savior.

Since Bruce came with this seminar, we are seeing more healings and miracles than ever in the
church and on the streets. One of the ladies from our church shared how she had the opportunity to
minister to a woman with kidney disease in Barnes and Noble. Another woman testifies how a
lump disappeared from her neck. The reports continue.

I truly appreciate Bruce’s heart and his equipping gift. I know that God is raising him up in this
hour as a catalyst to see the power of God released in many regions!

For the King and His Kingdom,

Craig Nanna, Sr. Pastor
Reading DOVE Christian Ministry Center, Reading, PA

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