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									Dear Mr/Mrs. Prospect:

Subject: Give your children or grandchildren a gift that lasts a lifetime

We all want the best for our children or grandchildren. But life happens. Illness,
lifestyle choices, even some hobbies, can affect their ability to qualify for life
insurance as adults, when they have a family of their own to protect.

Give them a head start and protect their future insurability. With Equimax
participating whole life insurance, it’s easy!

    Insuring them is easy and affordable when they’re young and healthy.
    Provides permanent adult life insurance at children’s rates. The policy can be
     paid up in as early as 20 years.
    The Flexible Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider is available for ages 0 to
     17. It guarantees their right to purchase, without evidence of insurability, up
     to $500,000 of additional insurance in the future, when life events increase
     their need for insurance: covering student debt…. getting married… buying a
     home… starting a family…. opening a business, etc.

Attached/Enclosed is a brochure showing why Equimax is an excellent way to
give your children or grandchildren a gift today that can help them protect their
family’s financial security in the future.


Advisor’s name
Contact information

P.S. I will call you in a few days to discuss how Equimax participating whole life
insurance might be the right choice for you.

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