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Dear [name of constituent]

I was recently invited by the Sport and Recreation Alliance to sign the ‘Sports Club Pledge’
to show support for grassroots clubs in my constituency. I am very pleased to tell you that I
have signed the pledge, and am writing to let you know how I intend to support sport and
recreation in [name of constituency].

Grassroots clubs like yours play a vital role in the community, but I am aware that many are
at risk due to the difficult financial climate in which they are operating. According to the 2011
Survey of Sports Clubs, the average club’s annual surplus has fallen by half since 2008 to
just over £1,000, and the average adult membership has declined by ten per cent in the
same period.

In light of the challenges facing clubs in the constituency I intend to do the following:

   1. I will support the campaign for Gift Aid on junior members’ subscriptions for
      Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). If adopted, this policy would mean
      that clubs who register with HM Revenue and Customs as a CASC would receive an
      extra 25p for every £1 paid by junior members. If you would like more information
      about the CASC scheme please contact my office or visit

   2. I will continue to engage with the local authority and the [name of County
      Sports Partnership] to ensure that clubs in the constituency receive practical
      support to help safeguard valuable local facilities and to help raise awareness of
      funding opportunities available to them.

   3. I will support the ‘Lighter Later’ campaign, which makes the case for moving the
      clocks forward an hour all year round. This will create more hours of light in the
      evening, thereby boosting participation in sport and recreation. More information can
      be found at

   4. I will support the Sport and Recreation Alliance in its negotiations with music
      licensing bodies to ensure that clubs are not charged the same level of fees as
      profit-driven venues.

I would warmly welcome your views on the challenges faced by your club and in regards to
the actions set out above. If the chance arises I would be keen to visit your club and speak
to you and your members in person, and if you would like to arrange a date to do so please
contact my office to arrange an appropriate date.

Yours sincerely,

[name of MP]

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