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					                                St. Anne Sausage Festival Silent Auction

                 The Silent Auction Committee is now accepting your donations at school.
                         Make sure your items are clearly marked “Silent Auction”.

The St. Anne Sausage Festival is right around the corner. The Silent Auction committee needs your help
with donations of items that can be included in “Theme Baskets” for bidding at the Silent Auction. This is a
great opportunity for all our students and families to participate in the success of our Auction.

The following are the themes and suggestions for each grade. Please remember that all items need to be
new and unused. Please feel free to be creative.

The “Theme Baskets” have been a fun part of this very successful fundraiser. We need your help to make
this fundraiser a big success.

We will be accepting donations until Wednesday, September 14, 2011. All donations
                      can be dropped off at the school office.
         Grade            Theme                                               Suggestions
PK                   Beach Fun           Pails, shovels, rafts, pirate toys, flip flops
                     Baby Dolls          Dolls, clothes, accessories
Kindergarten         Polly Pockets       Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, & Disney type items and accessories
                     Cars/Trucks         Hot Wheels, Match Box, Tonka Trucks and accessories
1 Grade              Barbie              Dolls, clothing, accessories, children dress up clothes
                     Transformers        Transformers, Lego’s, Dinosaurs accessories
2        Grade       Books               Reading books age 6 – 10, work books, word search, accessories
                     Arts & Crafts       Crafts, jewelry, gift cards, painting, etc
3 Grade              Camping/hiking      Tents, sleeping bag, backpacks, camp chairs, coolers
                     T-shirts            Fun saying, cool pictures, wild color t-shirts – any size (adult or child)
4 Grade              Movies              DVD, tickets to movie theater, DVD player, accessories
                     Coffee              Gift cards, different types of coffee, accessories
5 Grade              Computers           Games, software, hardware, accessories
                     Nerf Items          Nerf rapid shooters, Nerf footballs, basketballs, accessories
6 Grade              Sports              Skateboard, golf, basketball, football, tennis, bowling, soccer, etc
                     Music               CDs, Itunes, gift cards, concert tickets, etc
7 Grade              Gardening           Garden tools: shovels, gloves, books, bulbs, seeds, etc.
                     Restaurants         Gift cards, coupons, parties, etc
8 Grade              The Letter B        Things that begin with the letter “B” (bags, bean bag chair, books, etc)
                     Clothing            Gift cards, sweatshirts, hats, socks, dress scarves, etc

Wish List: (items needed to round off baskets already in the making):
Cooler, 6 pack beer, wine glasses, coffee travel mugs, roller skates or in line skates, Red Wings hockey
jersey, large floor oriental rug, Jay Unger or Molly Mason CD’s, iTunes gift cards, golf clubs or golf bag.

Thank you in advance for your support and contributions.

The Silent Auction Committee

Amy McGlynn                     586-268-0056 or
Cindy Lauchlan                  586-876-8900 or

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