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					Please submit a documentation and security plan for gift cards purchased on the P-Card. This plan should give assurance that
safeguards and controls are in place in order to document that the cards were given out to their intended recipients.
Purchasing gift cards for subject payments on a P-Card requires divisional fiscal officer, and Accounting Services approval.

Please use the form below when executing the following process:

1. Indicate who will purchase the gift certificates on their P-Card :

2. (Custody)* Indicate who will review and document by signature the number of gift cards and amounts that were
   purchased, keep custody of the cards. This individual may check the cards out to the researchers making the payments as
   needed. A list (see the next page) is maintained to provide to # 6 below:________________________________________
      This should not be the person that purchases the cards (#1) or gives them to participants, but can be the same person as
      # 7 below if necessary. OR, this can be the same person as (#6) as long as they are not verifying (#7).

3.   How will they be safeguarded until they are given out?______________________________________________________

4.   Who will give out the cards to participants?_______________________________________________________________

5.    Indicate what information will be requested from the recipient when distributing the cards. The name, permanent mailing
     address, and amount paid and social security number is required for tax reporting:
     Suggestion: The receipt should be preprinted with the amount and item that is given out. There should be a place for the
         date, subject’s printed name, social security number, and signature. (Social Security number retention should follow
         university security policy.)

6. (Recording)* Indicate who will review & reconcile the receipts with the list provided by #2 above: ___________________
      This cannot be the person who purchases the cards (#1) or verifies (#7,) but may be the custodian (#2) as long they are
      not giving out the cards to participants (#4).

7.    (Verification)* Indicate who will check the reconciliation provided by #6 against the actual P-card charges on the financial
     statements, and document that payments were reviewed for all cards purchased in the P-card file:___________________
         This cannot be the person that purchases the cards (#1), or the person doing the recording (#6).

8.   Indicate who will be sending the name, permanent mailing address and social security number to the Accounting Services
     office at calendar year end (this cannot be sent by e-mail): ___________________________________________________

9. Document what you plan to do if there are any cards left over: ________________________________________________
      Best practice is to purchase only the number of cards necessary at one time, so that none are left over.

10. (Managerial Review)* Indicate who will be responsible for reviewing this process and making sure these controls and any
    others that might be necessary are in place and operating as planned: __________________________________________
       This person should verify that there are no cards left, and contact Accounting Services regarding any issues.

*These are segregation of duty roles outlined in policy: APM 2.25.55. Please separate roles as best you can and submit for
review if you can’t separate duties as indicated.

This plan must be approved by Accounting Services, and the Divisional Fiscal Officer.
Example of documentation form:

Type of cards purchased:______________________________ Receipt Submitted for $___________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________

Number of cards purchased: _____ Amount of Cards Purchased____________ = Total ____________________________

Cards checked out:

Name: ________________ _____ # of cards checked out: ___Amount:________ = Total _____________________________

Name: ________________ _____ # of cards checked out: ___Amount:________ = Total _____________________________

Name: ________________ _____ # of cards checked out: ___Amount:________ = Total _____________________________

Name: ________________ _____ # of cards checked out: ___Amount:________ = Total _____________________________

                               Remaining cards: ___________                  Balance:_____________________________

Custodian: (Signature): _____________________________________________

Receipts reviewed and reconciliation recorded by (Signature): ___________________________________

Verification of reconciliation with the financial statements and P-Card File (Signature): _______________________________

Managerial Review:            ____________________________________________________________________

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