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					                 BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                 DECEMBER 8, 2009 / 3:00 PM MILLENIUM HOTEL

President:     Jill Schaefer       X              DIRECTORS:
Pres-Elect:   Christine Blidy      X                       Class of 2010:            Class of 2011:
Secretary:    Jennifer Dunn        X                       Mark Cye              X   Todd Fragale
Treasurer:    Rachel Davis         X                       Judy Conti            X   Loralee           X
                 COMMITTEES:                                                         Voelker
                                                           John Galley               Sue Brown         X
Membership:               Mary Mahaney             X       Linda Hall            X   Kristin
                          Kristen Chapman          X                                 Anderson
Patient Financial         Sue Brown                X
                          Kathy Tomasulo           X
                          John Galley
Reimbursement:            Paul Sweet               X
                          Russell Previte
Patient Access:           David Anderson
                          Danette Szafranski
Davis Chapter Mgt.:       Kristin Anderson
Activities:               Michael Sammarco
                          Mary Ann Miccichi        X
Founders:                 Susan Dybas              X
Sponsorship:              Larry Nowak              X
                          Peggy McDonough          X
Educational               Daria Shanchuk           X
                          Christine Blidy          X
Chargemaster:             Robin Walters
Newsletter:               Loralee Voelker          X
                          Bruce Liebel             X
Certification:            Bruce Liebel             X
Yerger:                   Bruce Liebel             X
                          Jill Schaefer            X

The minutes from the last meeting on 11/17/09 were approved. Motion to accept made by Susan
Brown and seconded by Mary Mahaney.


Jill Schaefer reported that Kiran Bethaja from the Metro NY Chapter is our new Regional Executive Elect

Jill Schaefer also reported that the new WNY HFMA website is operational. The past three years of
board minutes and newsletter will be available on the website. The remaining years will be stored at
WNYHCA in hard copy format, based on our document retention policies. The list serv for the
members email blast needs to be utilized via the webmaster. Jill Schaefer is currently the webmaster.
Board and Chair email groups have been set up with the following email addresses:

The APC webinar held on December 3rd was successful. WNY had 29 attendees.

A regional conference call was held. WNY’s concerns regarding the revised point structure of the
CBSC was discussed and noted.

This year’s chargemaster session will be held on January 26 and 27. The location still needs to be
decided. Mike Kovar will be presenting again and will only charge the chapter for travel costs.


Christine Blidy reported that sessions for April are being planned which will include a HANYS update,
Health Care reform update and a medical home session.

The Fall Presidents meeting will be held on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in August 2010. The
region extensively researched all options and found this option to be the most economical. The chapter
cost will be $354 per person for the cruise.


October financial statements were presented. Activity for October included:


$4            Interest Income
$2000         Sponsorship-UNYTS
$1101         Golf Sponsorship-Freed Maxick
$1595         Education Session-APR DRG’s


$200          Deposit Holiday Party
$688          Cost Report session
$1053         Region II
$3884         Golf Tournament
$765          Membership Directory
$100          Donation-Bertrand Chaffee Foundation

Year to date Net Loss is $11,012

Our current Cash balance is $52,894


We had one member transfer out this past month. Our current membership count is 172. 185 members
are needed to meet our CBSC goal. The new member reception at the Wine Thief on Elmwood
Avenue was very successful. 18 people attended, including 6 new members and 1 non member.

A free membership drawing will also be held. The submissions will be based on non member
attendees at future education sessions, through March 30th. Kathy Tomasula made a motion to
approve and Loralee Voelker seconded the motion which will provide chapter payment for the
membership fee. Included in this motion is approval for a second membership, if more than 10 new
members enter. In addition a drawing will occur for any chapter member who sponsors a new
member. Jennifer Dunn made a motion to approve and Mary Mahaney seconded the motion which
will provide for a $100 gift card as a prize.


The next meeting will be held on December 19th. Kelva Borden from Cuba Memorial has agreed to co
chair the committee.


The current sponsorship list was reviewed. Board and committee members were assigned vendors to
follow up with. $7000 has been collected to date.

Davis Chapter Management:

All activity is current with National.


Articles for the next issue are due to Loralee Voelker by January 15, 2010.

Patient Financial Services:

A meeting will be held on December 11th. A HANYS webinar is also planned for that day.


A committee meeting was held December 4th and was well attended.


Two members recently passed the certification test. 4-5 members are scheduled for upcoming exams.
Larry Nowak continues to serve as proctor.

Social Committee:

The holiday social has been scheduled for December 8th from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Millennium. A
Sabres game outing was also discussed for the future months. 40 tickets will be purchased. The
banquet is set for May 7th, 2010 at the Wanica Country Club.

Potential submission includes the revised website and the newsletter revamping. Contact Bruce
Liebel with any Yerger ideas. Yerger submissions are due to National by April 1, 2010.


Susan Dybas reminded members that any speaking engagements qualify a member for Founders
points. Please contact Susan and she will report the engagement to National.

Patient Access:

The first meeting was held on November 3, 2009. Ten people attended. Future meetings will be held
on a bi-monthly basis. Forward potential member information to Dave Anderson.


The Jerry Bridge session scheduled for December 9th has been cancelled due to travel related weather
issues. It will be rescheduled for a later date. The committee is investigation a potential session with
Mike Hammer from Mc Kesson. The Northeast New York Chapter has engaged Mike in the past. The
Spring Institute/Compliance Update session is scheduled for March 1, 2010. A cost report session and
a HANYS Healthcare Reform session are both planned for April. A future Ethics session is still being

Other Matters:

It was announced with great sadness that Debra Stall, a former chapter member has passed away. The
chapter will send a sympathy card to her family. A donation of $100 was sent last month to her
family to defer medical expenses.

Kristin Chapman and Susan Brown will co chair the vendor fair for the Spring Institute.

Board of Director and Officer nominations notices were sent out. Nominations are due be December
17, 2009.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

The next meeting will be held on January 12 th at 7:30 am at the WNYHCA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Dunn,
2009-2010 Chapter Secretary

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