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									           Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of Havant Neighbourhood Watch
                   held on Wednesday 20 June 2012 at 7.30 pm in Emsworth

Present:         Mrs Jayne Emery        (Chairman)
                 Mrs Naomi Hetherington
                 Mr Michael Valentine
                 Mr Dennis Ansell
                 Mrs Susan Fodeh
                 Cllr David Gillett

Minutes taken by Sally Beard

1.   Welcome and apologies

     Mrs Emery opened the meeting welcoming those present. Apologies were received from Mr
     Turnbull, Mrs Christine Taylor and Mr Roger Carpenter. It was agreed Mrs Beard will write
     to Mr Turnbull regarding his well-being and also ascertain his new telephone number.
     Action: Mrs Beard

2.   Minutes of the previous meeting held on 16 May 2012 (received)

     The minutes were agreed as a correct record, proposed by Mrs Hetherington; seconded Mr

3.   Outcome of actions as detailed in previous minutes and any other matters arising not on
     the agenda.

     3.1    Minute 2: Mrs Beard confirmed the AGM minutes had been emailed to Havant
            Community Safety on 8 May 2012 but had not been posted. She had emailed again and
            it had been confirmed that they had been overlooked but since the minutes were now on

     3.2    Minute 7: Mr Valentine and Mrs Hetherington had removed the signage.

     3.3     Minute 4: Update on forthcoming Events 2012

           a) Three Churches Fair (Wednesday 8 August 2012, 12 – 4.15 pm): Contract has
              been received. Cllr Gillett, Mrs Hetherington and Mr Valentine will attend.
           b) Rowlands Castle Village Fair (Saturday 7 July 2012): In the absence of Mrs
              Taylor there was no update. Mrs Beard to email Mrs Taylor and circulate her
              response. Mr Valentine and Cllr Gillett will attend.
              Action: Mrs Beard
           c) Bidbury Mead School Fair (Saturday 7 July 2012: Mr Ansell reported that HNW
              may share a stand with the police or be situated in the Community Group marquee.
              Mr Ansell will attend plus others depending on the outcome of the situation with
              Rowlands Castle Village Fair.
           d) Leigh Park Carnival (30 June 2012): Mr Ansell will confirm the pitch number.
              Mrs Hetherington, Cllr Gillett, Mr Ansell, Mrs Emery and Mrs Taylor will attend.
              Action: Mr Ansell
           e) Leigh Park Community Centre event (Friday 3 August 2012): Mr Ansell will
              email Mr Carpenter regarding attending this event.
              Action: Mr Ansell

     3.4    Minute 4.1: Mr Ansell reported that the Mr Austin’s event in Bedhampton was not
            going ahead due to lack of insurance.

            Members discussed literature for these events. Fridge magnets were available but they
            show the police 0845 045 4545 non emergency number which has been replaced by
            101. It was agreed the old number would be struck out by marker pen as the remaining
            information on these items was useful.

4.   Presentation by Dennis Ansell on communications, publicity & promotion

     Mr Ansell’s presentation had been circulated to members prior to the meeting. Mrs Emery
     thanked him for his hard work.

     Mr Ansell went through his recommendations which were then open for discussion. It was
     noted that technology is the way forward and that it had changed so much over the last 5
     years. Many elderly NW members were not up to date with technology, many not having
     computers and this had to be taken into consideration. Many co-ordinators rely on hard copy
     and phone call information. People who cannot afford computers for internet and emails or
     even want the equipment or have the skills for this communication should not be overlooked.

     Concern was voiced about the security with the use of Twitter and Facebook by
     Neighbourhood Watch.

     Data Protection is also an issue when using more and more new technology. People are
     promised confidentiality when they give their details to Hampshire/Havant Neighbourhood

     Regarding a website for Havant NW, setting up, maintenance and updating would need to be
     financed and possibly a dedicated person to undertake this to keep it up to date. Havant NW
     is part of the Havant Borough Council website and a stand-alone website may mean less
     exposure and would need promotion on search engines. It was agreed Cllr Gillett and Mr
     Ansell will look into website costs and report to the September committee meeting.
     Action: Cllr Gillett and Mr Ansell

     A Neighbourhood Watch email address could be created for individual members which could
     be privately lined to their personal email addresses.
     It was suggested that any ideas taken up for a website that they should be done
     professionally. Young people could be involved in a special project to take this forward but
     that this could involve people of all ages. This idea is a good base which needs to be built on
     and the right person found to take this forward.

     Regarding making a DVD, Mr Ansell explained this could promote the Neighbourhood
     Watch set up in a short programme for new members but also it would impart information to
     partner agencies. He had attended BBC training at Park Community School and following
     this had got together with a group of other trainees called Park Media Group to produce
     DVDs and giving talks to pupils. Park Community School pupils had since produced themed
     DVDs for Havant Community Safety. Park Media Group is now run by young people. It was
     proposed that Mr Ansell find out the cost of producing a short (5 minute) DVD and look into
     inviting a representative of Park Media Group to the committee meeting in October.
     Proposed Cllr Gillett; seconded Mrs Fodeh.
     Action: Mr Ansell

     Members will look at literature currently in use and review what is needed in the future.
     Action All

5.   Correspondence

     5.1   Mr Ron Scott has resigned from the Havant NW ring-round for personal reasons. He
           has run ring-round for many years. It was agreed Mrs Emery will get a card for all to
           sign at the next meeting and also a small gift.
           Action: Mrs Emery

6.   Treasurer’s Report

     Post meeting report:
     Balance at bank: £6743.26
     Petty Cash: £88.75

7.   New schemes

     Post meeting update for May 2012. No new schemes. One revamp.

8.   AOB

     8.1   Cllr had recently attended the Hampshire NW County meeting which had been
           interesting but nothing to report about this area.

     8.2   Cllr Gillett reported there would be a new Police Commissioner for Hampshire
           appointed in November. He/she will take over the current role of the Hampshire Police
           Authority. He wanted to look into how the new commissioner will engage with the
           public/communities and look at how Neighbourhood Watch engages with the new
           commissioner. He will ask Mrs Margaret Filley, Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch
           Action: Cllr Gillett

9.   Dates of future meetings:

           Wednesday 18 July 2012
           Wednesday 19 September 2012
           Wednesday 17 October 2012

Meeting closed at 9.40 pm

Actions for next meeting:

Minute 1: Mrs Beard to write to Mr Turnbull
Minute 3.3b: Mrs Beard to email Mrs Taylor regarding Rowlands Castle Village Fair
Minute 3.3d: Mr Ansell to find out pitch number for Leigh Park Carnival
Minute 3.3e: Mr Ansell to email Mr Carpenter re Leigh Park Community Centre event
Minute 4: Cllr Gillett and Mr Ansell to look into cost of setting up a website
             Mr Ansell to look into cost of producing a DVD by Park Media Group
             All committee members to review current literature.
Minute 5.1: Mrs Emery to purchase a card and small gift.
Minute 8.2: Cllr Gillett to contact Hampshire NWA

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