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					                                Northside Elementary PAC
                                        Meeting Minutes
                                Monday, January 12, 2009

Co-Chairpersons:       Gail O’Shea         
                       Donna Palmerino     
Treasurer:             Sue Grecco          
Secretary:             Laura Genthner      

ELMO Digital Presentation System: Mrs. Peachey gave a presentation to the PAC and it was very
impressive. The system will provide better use of technology in the classroom. There are more
advantages for this system versus disadvantages. Voting approved for four new projectors for the
North, as requested by Mr. Ferriero. Once we secure funding for the ELMO systems, they will be
used in conjunction with these new projectors.

1) Treasurer’s Report - As of 1/5/2009:
                                          Cash            Budget           Adjusted
                                         Balance         Allocations        Cash

       North Intermediate School        $ 6,768.86        $ (1,663.60)      $ 5,105.26
       Woburn Street School             $12,648.78        $ (5,830.89)      $ 6,817.89
       TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE            $19,417.64        $ (7,494.49)      $11,923.15

2) Principals Report:
       Bob Arsenault – WS rarsenault@WILMINGTON.K12.MA.US

       Woburn St. News:
      Winter concert was a huge success along w/ the bake sales.
       Thanks you to all who helped out and baked.
      Jan. 19th no school – Martin Luther King Day. Jan 21st: 6:00pm STUDY ISLAND:
       presentation for 3rd grade parents at Woburn St and Shawsheen.
      Jan. 19th no school – Martin Luther King Day.
      Jan 21st: 6:00pm STUDY ISLAND: presentation for 3rd grade parents at Woburn St and
      Bus evacuation and safety which took place in December went well.
      The Elks have provided the 3rd graders with new dictionaries.
      Target grant received in the amount of $700 and these funds are going towards a field trip for
       the 3rd graders to the Middlesex Canal Museum. This field trip is free due to this grant.
      Enrichment programs for Woburn Street students are as follows –1st grade – bugs, 2nd grade –
       fossils, 3rd grade – bees. Still trying to secure dates.

   Other News: Mrs. King / Wilmington Education Foundation received a grant to provide an after
school book club for Woburn Street students. A great opportunity to get together with friends and
read outside of school time. This program will offer discussions about the book and groups will be
broken down by grade and reading level. There will be twenty-four students per grade (eight students
per reading level), and students will be selected for this program. There will also be a survey offered
for students to take, prior to starting the program and at the end of the program. Parents will be
notified if their child has been selected to take part in this program.

3) Principal’s Report:
       Frank Ferriero – NIS FFerriero@WILMINGTON.K12.MA.US
       North Int. News:
      Thank you all who decorated the foyer – Mr. Ferriero very appreciative. Many people
       commented on how festive it looked.
      Dec. 22nd holiday concert – great success –unbelievable performance by students.
      Dec. 23rd – Johnny the K. performed
      Ski Club started on Tuesday, Jan. 7th for six weeks.
      Student presidential election program on-line took place.
      Student banking – good participation – kids can still join.
      Jan. 14th Curriculum Improvement Day – early release at 11:25 – lunches served.
      Monday, January 19th – no school – Martin Luther King Day
      Mr. Kitchen comes next week to do a lesson on simple machines w/ 5th graders & will return in
       the Spring for 4th graders.
      Feb 4th: Internet Safety speaker coming for presentation to North students.
      Boys Night Out scheduled for Friday, February 6th 6:30 – 9:00. This is being held at the North
       for 4th and 5th grade boys (must be accompanied by an adult). Boys Night Out has not been
       run for a few years. This will hopefully turn into an annual event. One of the night’s activities
       will include a magician.
      Valentine’s Dance (traditionally known as the Snowball Dance) scheduled for Friday, February
       13th 6:30 – 9:00. This event is for 4th and 5th grade girls (Must be accompanied by adult).
      Pull-tabs: Please pull the tabs off your soda cans and drop into Poland Springs water bottle in
       the lobby of the North. The pull-tabs are being donated to Shriner’s.

 4) Voting:

     Voting approved for Reading Incentive Program & visiting author for Woburn St.
      Cost should be approx $2,314.00, for one and half days. Additional cost for books to be
      purchased. Voting on book cost will take place at a future meeting.

     Voting approved for 4 new projectors for the North. Cost is $2,400.00

   5) Fundraising:
        a. Box Tops & Gift Card programs continue to be successful fundraisers at each school.
        b. CoCo Key is scheduled for March 1st. Bev Eckstrom will be the Lead Coordinator for
           this fundraiser. Flyers have gone home to save the date; more info will follow. Siblings
           are welcome. Fundraiser to benefit the North Intermediate.
        c. Math-a-thon packets will be distributed for February vacation.
           Stephanie Nelson will be our Lead Coordinator for the Math-A-Thon at the North
           and Kat Moore / Diana Cappiello are the Lead Coordinators for Woburn Street.
           If you are interested in helping to correct packets, please contact
           Stephanie at
           Kat Moore at
          or Diana Cappiello at

6) Teacher appreciation luncheons are planned for early May.
Lead Coordinators for Woburn St School are Gillian Lucot and Michelle Malfa.

Still in need for Lead Coordinator to run this luncheon at North Int.

These luncheons need many volunteers in order to run.
Please consider helping out with the luncheons.
Contact any PAC member if you are willing to chair or co-chair this event.

7) Family Fun Night: Chairpersons needed for Family Fun Night scheduled for June.

   Please continue to check the school websites regularly for updates.
                        Thank you all very much for coming
                      and we look forward to seeing you again
                       at our next PAC meeting scheduled for
               Wednesday – Feb. 4th at 6:00 p.m. at Woburn Street School

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