Wachovia serves as custodian for Friends Fiduciary: by 285p3Vw


									            Friends House Retirement Community

                 Charitable Gift Annuity
               Stock Transfer Instructions

Make a charitable stock transfer into a charitable gift
annuity with Friends Fiduciary
Instructions for wire transfer from donor’s broker

The shares of stock should be delivered via DTC wire (#2163) to Wachovia Asset
Management for deposit into Account # 09790-00-J, Friends Fiduciary
Corporation, Consolidated Fund Income and Deposit Account.

Your stock broker may contact

Wachovia serves as custodian for Friends Fiduciary: If necessary, your stock
broker may contact:

             Carol Hopewell
             Wachovia Bank
             Institutional Custody Group, PA4945
             123 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19109
             (t) 215-670-4528 (f) 215-670-4736

To contact Friends Fiduciary

             Friends Fiduciary Corporation
             Friends Center
             1515 Cherry Street
             Philadelphia, PA 19102
             215-241-7272 (t)     215-241-7871 (f)

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