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CatherineFlowersBio FINAL by tQ7Cr31i


									Catherine Beatty Flowers
Artist & Painter

New England native Catherine Beatty Flowers discovered the joy of silk painting in 1990
and has been blooming ever since. Her nature-inspired designs and themes combine
brilliant color and meticulous handicraft, earning the appreciation of audiences and
collectors from Texas to New England. Whether inspired by the flamboyance of a parrot
tulip, the sweet eyes of a tree frog or the natural whimsy of a ladybird beetle, Catherine
shares her love and admiration of nature and its seasonal cycles in all of her art.

Self-taught in the technique of silk painting, Catherine uses a unique layering process that
begins with outlining the images in gutta, waxy latex made from the rubber tree plant,
and then slowly layers dye upon dye to achieve vivid color and subtle variations in hue
and shade. She often embellishes her works with a variety of quilting techniques, fabric
accents, glass beads and sequins, which add a third dimension to her larger-than-life
designs. Her talent lies in an ability to exaggerate and amplify the essence of her subjects
with color, form, and texture.

Catherine draws inspiration during daily walks with her dogs and while spending time
hiking outdoors. “I am constantly amazed at the glory and intricacies of the natural world
surrounding us, which in the busy, modern world often go unnoticed,” she says.

Catherine began to learn silk painting in San Francisco in 1990 after graduating from
Connecticut College with a degree in English and Art. Her first creative focus was
photography. When she began hand painting her black and white photos, her adoration of
color emerged. Realizing that she could paint on silk with a dramatic use of color,
Catherine dedicated herself to the medium.

In addition to original silk paintings, Catherine produces limited edition prints of her
artwork using the giclée process, which allows for stunning accuracy. The birds,
butterflies, fish, flowers, and other living creatures in her artwork appeal not only to
adults but also to children. Her collectors range from serious art enthusiasts to parents
wanting original artwork for a child’s bedroom.

A native of Boston, Mass., Catherine now resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband and
their three well-walked dogs.


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