Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services by tQ7Cr31i


“Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services” meeting 14 July 2010 7pm-9pm

Trinity Centre, Beechwood Road, Dalston, Hackney                          Chair; Brian Debus, Minutes; Glyn Harries

Attendance c.50 inc - Brian Debus (Unison/SP), David King, Glenn Kelly (Unison/SP), Mick Gosling (NUJ), Simin Azimi
(Refugee Women's Group), Patrick Atkinson (Unite/ SP), Carl Taylor (HSN), Denis Lenihan (GMB HU), Rebecca Galbraith (
UCU HCC), David Broder (The Commune), Tom Dale (CWU), Marco, Matt Waterfall (Unison LBH), Tony Brown (GMB LBH),
Jane Holgate ( HTUC/UCU Ldn Met), Sevgi Tas (Day Mer Youth), Oktay Shabaz (Day Mer), Ali Aksoy (Refugee Forum),
Ibrahim Avcil (RWCA), Eylem Ozdenir (RWCA), Firat Karaboyun (RWCA), Israfi Irbil (Alevi Centre), Zaynel Pohat (Hundred
Flowers), Andy Ridley (Unison Barts), Eamann Devlin (Unison SP), Julie Waterson ( SWP), Gareth Jenkins (STW SWP), Arti
Dillon (SP), Naina Kent (UCU SWP), Despina Karayianni (STW/SWP), Pete Gillard ( Unite/SWP), Alan Gibson (NUJ/SWP),
Emma Hughes (GP), Alex Wood (GP), Jordan Rivera (Unison Health KONP), Diana Swingler (KONP/SWP), Jane Basset
(NUT/SWP), Ricky Jones (TSSA), Glyn Harries (Unison/HSN), Tom Rubens (LRC), Mick Cotter (Unite Craft/SP), Alex Gounelas
(USDAW SP), Gary Dunion (No Shock Doctrine), Huseyin Duzgun (Educators Forum), Mehmet Ta (Educators Forum)

Apologies received; Lorna Solomon (Unison Health/SWP), Sacha Simic (USADW/SWP), Annette Lynch (NUT), Nick Bailey
(KONP), Bronwen Handyside (KONP), Rory McQueen (GMB LRC), Janine Booth ( RMT AWL), Imelda Messenger, Gill George
(Unite), John Page (HU), Nic Beuret (FHN), Camille Barbagallo (FHN)

Introductions, and brief discussion and agreement on agenda

1) Who we are??
 Glyn and Brian gave an intro/background - Unison Local Gov motion to establish ‘an alliance’ to oppose public spending cuts
passed and taken to and passed at HTUC meeting, then first meeting June 30 … Groups/meetings now in Camden, Haringey,
Lewisham, Lambeth, Southwark etc etc (Glyn spoke at Camden Trades Council meeting 12/07)
 Brian summed up as “ do we keep it loose or create formal alliance that seeks affiliations”
 After discussion where all spoke in favour, but with some questions re constitution and officers, BD stated “ there seems to be
a consensus we want a formal organisation” and the meeting voted unanimously in favour of creating a formal

Meeting then discussed a name and then voted; 16 for Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services, 14 for Hackney Alliance
Against the Cuts, 6 for Hackney Stop the Cuts Coalition and 2 for Hackney Alliance for Public Services. Glyn suggested we
could always add in “Against the Cuts” on any material.

Meeting then after short discussion voted overwhelmingly (1 abstention) to adopt constitution that was circulated (based in
Whittington Hospital Coalition) with amendment that there was instant recall of officers by the open meetings.

Meeting then discussed Officers and while there was support for creating a more formal committee in the future, and while there
was some uncertainity about having elected positions at this stage, and as meeting felt we needed to have some sort of
democratic accountability, meeting overwhelmingly agreed to 3 ‘functionary’ positions for now, a joint chair, joint secretary and
joint treasurer. Meeting consensus was these positions were merely bureaucratic and explicitly not having the right to make
political decisions, to be reviewed after 3 months or before, and (see above) with instant recall,

Meeting voted overwhelmingly for Brian Debus and Julie Waterson for Joint Chair, Glyn Harries and Ibrahim Avcil for Joint
Secretary, and Rebecca Galbraith and Mick Gosling as Joint Treasurer.

A collection was carried out and £93?? collected.

3) Reports from Sub Groups
  - Health / KONP Diana Swingler gave a report; that KONP operate already and that they will discuss how they can contribute
to the Alliance. Meeting Thursday 15 July @ the MOTH
 - P&P – Bulletin introduced a draft bulletin he and others had produced and a document to justify it’s function. Chair and
meeting congratulated Tom and team. Some suggestion could be jazzier for future but meeting overwhelmingly happy with it for
now. Ibrahim Avcil to translate into Turkish. Agreed Tom to produce and bring to next meeting for people to take away. Got
orders for 6000+ at meeting. Consensus that it needs to be put into every workplace and public sector building and also
door2door and used to speak to people. Also agreed that Academies should be regarded as part of campaign and that we
should collate dates for bulletin. Agreed swearing to be removed from any articles. Agreed to go get someone to ‘professional’
logo/masthead. Any graphic artists/cartoonists should contact P&P group
- P&P - Website Meeting agreed in principle to website but concern over money
- Community – various reports; HCVS has a blog which is reporting cuts; Supplementary schools facing 80% cut;
- Trade Unions – Glyn reported and re-stated Jane Holgate’s (HTUC Secretary) appeal that all Hackney Trade Unions need to
affiliate to HTUC. He is carrying out mapping and will recirculate that
- Investigation – Glenn Kelly has been trawling reports of cuts and planned cuts in LBH - not much yet but will continue to do so.
Matthew Waterfall noted he had been informed that LBH will cut £80 by 2014. Alex? noted we should be aware of asset sales
as well as cuts e.g. Ocean. New ‘Petition’ to councils has been agreed nationally and could be useful.
Next Meeting Agreed Trinity Centre Wednesday 28 7.30 to 9.30 ( note change of time due to after school class)

 (due to overrunning agenda we were not able to discuss; a statement of who we are, a letter announcing our creation,
affiliations and rates etc, further actions etc etc so these will be discussed at the next meeting, which now most of the
bureaucracy is out of the way will be action/organising orientated. Julie Waterson circulated a affiliation sheet)

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