April 19th Program SRCP Day 2012 by tQ7Cr31i


									HONOR STUDENTS PRESENTATIONS                                 11am - 2pm TED RUSSELL HALL 150

“Detecting Interactions between GPA1 and GPA 2,              Bradley Clarke           11:00am
the G-Alpha Subunits Involved in GPCR Signal
Transduction in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae”

“The Individual Colon Cancer Patient: A Qualitative Study    Cara Hedges              11:20am
of Food Preferences, Craving and “Feel Better Foods”

“Effects of Sugars on Constitutive Activity with the STE2P   Russell Shults           11:40am
Pathway of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae”

“Peirce’s Tychism and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty: A Search     Schuyler Matteson        12noon
for Common Conceptual Origins”

“The Effects of Pheromone Pathway Gene Deletion on           Travis Pace              12:20pm
GPRlP levels in S. Saccharomyce Cerevisiae”

“It Came from the West and East: A Postmodern Experiment     Ah-Reum Han              12:40pm
in Postcolonial Religiosity in The Gambia, West Africa”

"Designing Refuge for the Abused and Neglected in the        Jody Barker              1:pm
Islands of Lake Nicaragua"

BONNER STUDENTS PRESENTATIONS                                11am – 2pm TED RUSSELL HALL 151

“ACTIVATE Summer Program”                                    Jerilyn Jones            11am

“ACTIVATE Summer Program”                                    Sarah Creek              11:20am

“Carson-Newman Day of Service”                               Cloi Craig               11:40am

“Creating a Culture Where College is Accessible For All”     Joel Brimer              12noon

“The Health Habits of Jefferson County High School           Brittany Ward            12:20pm
Students: A Qualitative Study”
“Economic Development as a Means of Empowerment              Brandi Jordan            12:40pm
Among Marginalized People”

“Dental Health Education for Low-Income Youth”               Anna Davis               1:00pm

“Bonner Senior Capstone C-N Service Corp”                    Katie Ferguson           1:20pm

“Clothes Closet”                                             John Venters             1:40pm

“Worship Through the Arts”                                   Adam Tarver              2:00pm

“Bringing Social Justice to the Students of B.O.O.S.T.”      John-Mark Brown          2:20pm
       “Religion in Film”, Jade Hurst, Keith Baker, Brack Ballard                       TRH 205

       “The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: Hannah Marshman and Her                        TRH 206
        Role in the Life of the Serampore Mission”, Kayla Beth Moore

       “Dietetics from Tanzania to Takoma”, Logan Peters                                BP 110

       “Drama and Plays Influenced by Greco-Roman Mythology”                            BP 111
              Hannah Vincent, Sylvia Redman, Rose Broyles

      “Computer Virtualization: Benefits for Business” , Kenneth Hunter, Cory Strange   TRH 207

      “Controversy and Publishing: Editing the Life of Poe” Nolan Harrison              BP 110

        “From Queen of the Heavens to Wet-nurse: The Transformation of Madonna          BP 110
        From Medieval Through the Reformation” Amanda Sexton

       “Terrorism and Privacy Rights” Krystal Kerley                                    BP 110

       “Camreta v. Greene: Childhood Sexual Abuse Investigations and the                BP110
        Fourth Amendment”       Jennifer Watson

      “Broca’s Aphasia: The Classic Study in Psychology”                                TRH 205
              Kelly Kwon, Lindsey Yang

       “Clinical Neuropsychology: Drug Addiction”                                       TRH 205
                Joel Uudnik, Nathan Robinson, Heather Dodd

       “Clinical Neuropsychology: OCD”, Hannah Mexcur, Paris Kolar                      TRH 205

       “Modern Poetry and Irish Poetry Influenced by Greco-Roman Mythology”             TRH 206
             Rachel Sexton, Jake Depew, Hayley Griffith

       “Pop Culture and Mythology”                                                      BP 111
              Stacey Kramer, Kate Barber, Neil Whitehead, Macey Gentry
        Senior Art Presentation                                                              TRH 207
                Laura Tucker Matteson, Hannah Williams

      “Casting Pictures into Words: From Photographer E.J. Bellocq to                        BP 110
       Poet Natasha Trethewey”
             Abi Parker, Sylvia Redman, Caitlin Spicer, Josh Bivens (respondent)

        “The 19th Century and Greco-Roman Mythology”                                         TRH 206
               Austin Olive, Brandi Furches, Megan Slomski

        “Video Game Music: From Laboratory to Orchestra                                      TRH 207
               Matthew Mifflin

        “A Comparative Study in Piano Literature: The Character Pieces of Schumann and Brahms”
              Sarah Kim, Sarah Pridemore, Carissa Wassenaar                                  Tarr Music Building

     “Clinical Neuropsychology: Eating Disorders”                                            BP 111
             Cody Denison, Andrea Beck

        “Clinical Neuropsychology: Schizophrenia”                                            BP 111
                Kylie Elliot, Hannah Whitaker

        “Clinical Neuropsychology: Mood Disorders”                                           BP 111
                Paige Nappier, Taylor Naleppa, Zeke Andrews

      “Social Psychology”      TBD                                                           TRH 209

        “Social Psychology”    TBD                                                           TRH 209

        “Prejudice: The Classic Study in Psychology”                                         TRH 216
                Andrea Beck, Paige Nappier, Latasha Reavely

        “Prepare to be Shocked: Milgram’s Obedience Experiment”                              TRH 216
               Caleb Chrisman, Kristen Fike, Jessica Harris
       “Home Sweet Home or I’d Rather Live Alone”                                       TRH 216
             Jessica Harris, Caleb Chrisman

      “Gender Issues in P-12 Schools”                                                   TRH 209
            Justin Barton

       “Six Branches of Diversity in Schools”                                           TRH 216
               Sammi Dorsey, Stephen Vivrett

       “School Uniforms: Pros/Cons”                                                     TRH 216
               Alisa Tulloss

       “Mossy Creek Health Expo: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Promote Health and    TRH 216
       Wellness Among a Christian Liberal Arts Undergraduate College Population”
              Morgan Chafin, Krista Hillenbrand

       “Diabetic Implication and Baking Application of Three Stevia Sugar-Replacement   TRH 216
        Products in a Shortened Cake Formula”
               Courtney McKinney, Samantha Taylor

       “Medieval Literature and the Greco-Roman Underworld”                             TRH 209
              Nolan Harrison, Amanda Sexton

      “The Effects of Maternal Smoking on Growth and Development”                       TRH 209
              Kayla Brown, Mendy Killion, Hannarae Lee, Heather Webb

       “Effectiveness of Manual CPR vs. Autopulse”                                      TRH 216
                Nicolas Jimenez, Julia Lynn, Jessica Tarbet

      “Does Flow Rate Affect the Amount of Tar Absorbed?”                               TRH 209
              Sarah McFalls, Sarah Parks

       “Half or Whole?”                                                                 TRH 209
               Justin Lopez, Marcus Underwood

       “Optimization of a New Structural Biology Method – Labeling                      TRH 216
        Electrospray Deposition (LESD) Mass Spectrometry”
               Megan Golia, Tyler Hall, John Heckart, Samuel Wood

      “Uncovering 4th Graders’ Understandings of How Mirrors Work”                      TRH 216
             Kaitlan Purkey, Alison Winstead

       “Uncovering Students’ Understandings of Population                               TRH 209
       Responses to Dramatic Changes”
              Zachary Lawson, Glory Ledbetter, Jonathan Mann
       “Vitamin C and the Common Cold”                                                            TRH 216
              Jennifer Oliver, Melanie Manis

       “Fluoride and the Immune System”                                                           TRH 209
               Megan Golia, Megan Watkin

       “An Inventory of Insects at Panther Creek State Park With                                  TRH 209
        Insights Into a Potential Insect Pest Populations”
                Nick Hooie

       “Identification of Coliform Bacteria in Cherokee Lake”                                     TRH 209
                Kevin Quinby

      “Child Abuse and Its Impact”                                                         Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Megan Large

       “Gender Stereotype Perception”                                                      Tarr Music Building Lobby
             Zeke Andrews, Megan Large, Linda Saroka, Neil Whithead

       “Do Women Value Marriage More Than Men?”                                            Tarr Music Building Lobby
             Briana Brooks, Rebekah Gosneil, Lakely Patterson, Kristen Simpson

       “Good Samaritan: The Classic Study in Psychology”                                   Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Mason Boring, Adam Tarver

       “Brain Hemispheres and The Classic Studies in Psychology”                           Tarr Music Building Lobby
       Robby Ignagni, David Morton, Taylor Napeppa

NURSING                                                                                    Tarr Music Building Lobby
      “Disabilities in a Lifetime: The 1990’s”
               Ashley Long, Charlie Ridgely”

       “Cyber-Bullying and Adolescent Depression”                                          Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Guy Frazier, Jessika Lilly, Charla Russell, Tabitha Walker

       “Hand Hygiene and its Effect on Nosocomial Infections”                              Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Francisca Felipe, Amber Larrieu, Danielle Wright

       “The Role of Exhausted Medical Professionals: How Does if Effect Patient Safety?”   Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Leslie Crye, Sarah Jones

FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES                                                               Tarr Music Building Lobby
       “Renaissance Wear”
              Jennifer Boyce, Zoriah Williams

       “Personality Development in Children”                                               Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Von Jessee
       “Don’t Lose Your Head Over 18th Century Fashion”                                    Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Lauren Hall, Emily Ownby

       “A Helping Hand on 60’s Fashion”                                                    Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Jillian Trentham, Andrea Kite

      “Exercise Program for Adults with Special Needs”                                     Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Kate Walker

      “Structural Studies of Dynorphin – A Comparison of Methods in Structural Biology”    Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Jeddidiah Griffin, Cody Christian, Michael Redmond, Samuel Wood,
              Megan Golia, John Heckart, Tyler Hall

       “Filtered vs. Non-filtered: Which is Better?”                                       Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Lindsay Mayes, Katie Pratt

       “Healthier: Lite vs. Regular”
               Callie Cothern, Ariel Fisher, Alexandra Kaufman                             Tarr Music Building Lobby

      “Logo Therapy”                                                                              TRH 209
             Shaleia Whitehead

       “Jack the Ripper”                                                                          TRH 216
               Tyler Johnson, Mariah Wooldridge

       “Cross Cultural Definitions of Gender”                                                     TRH 209
               Timothy Clabo, James Scott, Cassie Bates, Nikki Green

       “Health Habits in and out of Relationships”                                                TRH 216
               Anna Davis, Brian Harville, Courtney Hock, Nathan Robinson, Hillary Smith

       “Asche and Conformity: The Classic Study”                                                  TRH 216
              Tyler Johnson, Brandon Williams, Rachel Stone

       “Disabilities in a Lifetime: The 2000’s”                                                   TRH 209
                Heather Vaughn, Olivia Wallace, Laura Cawrse

       “Disabilities in a Lifetime: The 1980’s”                                                   TRH 216
                Hannah Norman, Amanda Pickett

       “Counseling and Mathematics”                                                               TRH 209
              Laura Edmunds, Josh Denny, Rachel Logemann, Amy McLaughlin,
               David Morton, Todd Caywood

       “Care, Self Esteem, and the Homeless”                                                      TRH 216
               Lindsay Reynolds, Katie Myers, Lauren Lowrey, Brittany West
       “Diversity in Education”                                                                     TRH 209
               Kelli Douglass, Katherine French

      “Public Welfare versus Protecting a Species”                                                  TRH 209
              Jennifer Watson, Maria Hanes, Kayla Williams, Savana Snow,
               Katie Clift, Lora McCulloch

       “Prairie Dogs and the Grasslands of Southern Arizona”                                        TRH 209
                Ashley Reed, Megan Reed, Holly Lusk, Rachel Ramsey,
                Rebecca McClain, Camille Hooper

       “Uncovering 5th Graders’ Understandings of Mixing Warm and Cool Water”                       TRH 216
              Crystal Maples, Mary Beth Ballinger, Jane Burnham

       “Uncovering Students’ Understandings of the Meaning of ‘Biological Evolution’”               TRH 216
              Thomas Jennings, Garrett Horner, Hillary Smith

       “Evaluation of Crude Glycerin on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Goat Meat”       TRH 209
               Adam Goodson

       “Vaccines and Autism”                                                                        TRH 209
              Alley Rundles, Kate Walker

       “The Effects of Breathing Exercises on the Human Body”                                       TRH 216
               Luke Hall, Jack Justice, Dakota Presnell, Allen Williams

       “The Soda Crave: The Effects of Caffeine and Sugar on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate          TRH 216
              Peter Epps, Laura Sheppard, Jayna Smith

       “Indonesia’s Palm Oil Dilemma”                                                        Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Jessica Whitmill, Elli Edwards, Amanda Gibson, Jessie Lakins, Hillary Morris

        “Uncovering Students’ Understandings of Natural Selection”                           Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Bradley Clark, Emile Rebeiz, Megan Rockefeller

      “Comparing Name Brand Filters”                                                                TRH 209
            Armando Canepa, William Alderman

       “Front or Back, They’re Both Bad”                                                            TRH 216
               Caitlyn Sheckles, Vincente Jordan

      “Coral Reefs and Lobster Dinner”                                                              TRH 209
              Lance Rorex, Chelsey Hodges, Madison Wright, Chantey Massengale

       “The Artic and the Future of a Global Commons”                                        Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Luba Bulay, Brack Ballard, Logan Hester, Adam Tilson, Nathaneal Mosher
       “Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Gold”                                              TRH 216
              Katie Broyles, Glory Ledbetter

       “Uncovering Students’ Understandings of ‘Survival of the Fittest’”                  Tarr Music Building Lobby
              Sierra Corvin, Kaylyn Guthrie, Kacie Hoyle

       “Effects of Different Methods of Breathing on Heart Rate During Aerobic Exercise”   Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Audrey Jones, Jazmine Kennedy, Baker Smidt

       “Georgia vs. Oregon: The Insanity Defense”                                                 TRH 209
              Mariah Wooldridge, Megan France

       “The Halo Effect: The Classic Study in Psychology”                                         TRH 216
              Pamela Gray, Megan Hurst

      “Disabilities in a Lifetime: The 1960’s”                                                    TRH 209
               Amanda Gibson, Brandie Gilliam

       “Diversity in Schools”                                                                     TRH 216
               Sammi Dorsey, Stephen Vivrett

       “Disabilities in a Lifetime: the 1970’s”                                                   TRH 216
                Daniel Higgins, Whitney Johns

       “Disabilities in a Lifetime: The 1990’s”                                            Tarr Music Building Lobby
                Ashley Long

       “Fashions of 221B Baker Street”                                                            TRH 209
              Stephanie May

       “Reasons for Divorce”                                                                      TRH 216
              Jenna Pemberton

      “The Effect of Exercise on Depression in Women”                                             TRH 216
              Lynn Carter, Melissa Slater, Keely Hampton

       “Medication and/or Psychotherapy in Children with ADHD?”                                   TRH 209
              Tiffany Smith, Sarah Dalton, Ashley McKinney

       “Exercise and Postpartum Depression                                                 Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Lynn Carter, Melissa Slater, Keely Hampton

      “Can the UN Millennium Development Goals Enable a Demographic Transition?”                  TRH 209
             Brent Metcalf, Abigail Walker, Michelle Shackelford,
              Jamie Fitzgerald, Megan Hurst, Brook Roberts

       “The Future of Salmon Fisheries”                                                           TRH 209
              Nate Inman, Thomas Turnbull, Brandon Lawson,
                Max Salyer, Nick Hooie, Jared Belcher

       “Uncovering Students’ Understandings of Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle”               TRH 216
              Zachary Lawson, Jamie Plont, Megan Watkin, Jennifer Oliver

       “Uncovering 3rd Graders’ Understanding of Why Things Float”                               TRH 216
              Laura Cantrell, Megan Hunter, James Laney

       “Vitamin C and the Common Cold: A Double-Blind Trial”                                     TRH 216
              Chad Adams, Adam Goodson, Joshua Denny

       “Adventures in an Urban Forest”                                                           TRH 209
              Thomas Turnbull

       “Interactions Between Two GPCR-Mediated Pathways in S. Cerevisiae”                        TRH 216
               Travis Pace, Bradley Clarke, Rusty Shults

      “Analysis of Metallic Ions in Bullets Through Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)”            TRH 209
              Rachel Logemann, Cory Ison, Allison Denny

       “Analysis of Copper Amounts Throughout Select Vegetables”                                 TRH 216
               Brandon Jessie, Megan McCarter, Zach Duck, Zachary Brubaker

       “Counting and Temperature Characteristics of a Cloud Chamber”                             TRH 209
              Dr. Hosmer, Samuel Wood

      “Let’s Face It: Facial Features Preferred by Men and Women”                                TRH 209

       “A Comparison of Mental Health Services in Kenya and the US                        Tarr Music Building Lobby
             Mallory Eubanks, Courtney Hoke

       “Criminally Charged” Luke Fekete, Adam Tarver                                      Tarr Music Building Lobby

       “The Insanity Defense - - Georgia Versus Texas”                                    Tarr Music Building Lobby
               Brandon Williams, Joey Davidson, Andrew Newberry

      “Bilingual Readers for Hispanic Children”                                           Tarr Music Building Lobby
      “Bilingual Readers for Hispanic Children” created collaboratively and
       presented by the following group representatives:
              Austin Olive, Anna Bauder, Casey Clark, Natalie Morgan, Robbie Hill,
              Marissa Norman, Lindsay Bible, Justin Hawkersmith, Danielle Dalton,
              Caitlin Taylor, Ben Crisp, Chelsea Passmore, Randall Nored, Taylor Price,
              Emily Lambert, Megan Large, Maria Hanes, Charles Stamper, Whitney Sipple
       “A Performer’s Perspective – Bach and the Violin”                                                                  Thomas Recital Hall: 2:00pm
               Sonsoles Llodra

       “Jesus or Jail: The Use of Church as Criminal Rehabilitation”                                                      Thomas Recital Hall 2:30pm
               Carrie Booher

                                        Carson-Newman Percussion Ensemble
                                                              April 19, 2012
                                                     4:30 pm Tarr Music Center Lobby
                                                  Conducted by Dr. Jeff Gorbski

                                                     To be selected from the following:

                    El Muchacho Cinco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ed Argenziano
                    Etude For Percussion Quartet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Juan Alamo
                                                Soloist: Philip Lenz
                     Bacchanale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alan Hovhaness
                     Lacuna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeff Calissi
                                                              Soloist: Philip Lenz

                                                            Ensemble Members
                                          Philip Lenz, senior, Music with an Outside Field
                                          Christen Williams, sophomore, Music Education
                                                    Robert Clark, junior, Music Theory
                                                   Adam Lyons, freshman, Psychology
                                              Amanda West, junior, Art – Graphic Design
                                               Andrew Scott, freshman, Exercise Science

GRADUATE STUDENTS PRESENTATIONS                                                                     4-6pm STOKELY GARDEN LEVEL

“The Impact of Using Zeros in Grading in Standard-Based                                             Andrew Bennett
Middle School Computer Literacy Classes”

“The Effectiveness of IXL Math Software                                                             Melissa Grooms
on Student Achievement”
“The Environmental Influences of High Stakes                      Andrew Jackson
Testing: A Study of the Effects Test Design and
Implementation Have Upon Student Performance”

“The Effects of Professional Learning Communities                 Hayley Jackson
on Teaching Practice and Student Academic Success”

“Music Transitions in the Classroom”                              Bethany Wells

“Crisis Prevention and De-escalation in                           Jeffrey Wright
Alternative Education Settings”

“An Exploratory Examination of Relational Aggression              Amber Hamblin, Monica Olson
Among Youth and How Comprehensive School
Counseling Programs Can Address It”

“Can Group Counseling Improve Study Skills of                     Jessica N. Ball
At Risk Middle School Students?”

“Bubble Kids: Test Prep for 3rd Graders on the Cusp of Success”   Amy Coffman

“An Evaluation of a Group Counseling Program                      Adam Meade
Designed to Address Relational Aggression Among
 Middle School Students”

“An Evaluation of School Counseling Programs                      Julia Schwepfinger
 Designed to Facilitate Transition Between
Elementary and Middle School”

“Roadmaps to Graduation and Beyond:                               Marian Leake
An Evaluation of a School Counseling Program”

“An Evaluation of a Group Counseling Program                      Mary Beth Bryant
Designed to Address Transition from High School
to College Life”

“Measuring the Impact of Post-Secondary                           Brandi M. Ricker
Planning with At-Risk Students”

“Jacob: A Case Study of the Behavioral Attributes                 Maggie R. Smith
 of a Child with Autism During Structured Play Sessions”
     Warren Art Building 11am-7pm

               Omega Gallery
           Senior Thesis Exhibition

                 Megan McSwain
                Nathanael Mosher
                 Hannah Williams

        Student Art Gallery Exhibition
        Art and Photography Students

                  Brittany Bazan
                   Tanith Caylor
                    Tasha Cole
                 Mallory Eubanks
                   Morgan Farr
                  Brandi Furches
                   Lauren Henry
                  Kelsey Jenkins
                    Katie Jones
                 Cody Leihgeber
                 Laura Matteson
                 Megan McSwain
                Nathanael Mosher
                  Maggie Pardue
                  Hannah Riffey
                  Rachael Schatz
                 Katherine Smith
                  Vanessa Smith
                   Caitlin Taylor
                    Kristen Ton
                 Amanda J. West
                 Bianca Williams

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                 April 18, 2013

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