HOW DO I (HDI) for Military Base visits by tQ7Cr31i


									                HOW DO I (HDI) for Military Base visits

Bases in your Territory can be found at:


To get onto a military base you will need:
       - Valid driver’s license
       - Proof of Auto insurance
       - University ID card

Both Active Duty military and “Guard” bases are worth visiting.

Typically a “drop off” will not be permitted, call ahead and set up an
appointment to meet with the Education Services Officer (ESO). Have
their name and rank with you when you visit the base.

Materials to share with interested Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen:

      -   JWU Veteran’s Guide
      -   Viewbook
      -   Course catalog
      -   College Fair “flyer” with Open House dates etc..
      -   Educator visitation cards (Invite the ESO to visit the campus)

* Remember when speaking with a Veteran, they need to apply, be
accepted, file the FAFSA etc…just like any other student. The only
difference is that their tuition will be paid by the VA.

Attached is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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