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					TEAC 331 Co-Teaching Schedule/Topics: Fall 2012

9.10 Topic: Plessy V. Ferguson and Brown V. Board of Education: Historical Impacts and Modern

Daisy Friesell, Lily Kennett, Kayla Haas   (Special Ed/Hearing Impaired)

9.17 Topic: Eleanor Roosevelt/Good Citizenship: The Purpose of Education and the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

Mayme Conroy, Zachary Kaup, Jessica Mead and Tristan Sharp (Elementary Ed/ Health/Child, Youth, and Family

9.24 Topic: Education for All Handicapped Children Act/Comparative Perspectives on Inclusion—Past
and Present Realities

Brittany Wotipka, Jeana Miller, Mary Lenz (Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-6/Inclusive Early Childhood Ed)

10.01 Topic: The Bilingual Education Act/Immigration Impacts on ELL Teaching

Melissa Alvizar, Melissa Guilkey, Mackenzie MacDonald Gallagher (Spanish Ed)

10.08 Topic: Comparative Education Models (Austria/India)

Hayley Anderson, Amber Summers, Seth Meharg (Math Ed)

10.22 Topic: Jane Elliot’s “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Experiment”

Meaghan Bertog, Angela Burkey, Ann Chavez (Elementary Ed)

10.29 Topic: Gender Issues

Jacalin De La Rosa, Jessica Harig, Lucas Kendle (English and Social Science Ed)

11.05 Topic: Key Leadership Roles and Impacts of a Speech-Language Pathologist in School Settings
(Emphasis on Early Intervention with Speech Therapy)

Charlesee Wright, Meaghan Sherwood, Anna Petersen, and Claire Miner (Speech-Language Pathology)

11.12 Topic: Environmental Consciousness OR What Constitutes Progress in School and Society (both
topics would work given what we’re reading that evening—your group can decide which angle you wish to take)

Veranda Johnson, Kayla Schroeder, Thomas Sughroue, Jeremy Dickes (Science Ed)

11.19: Topic: The GI Bill and Supporting Our Troops in Current School and Society

Rachel Harris, Elizabeth Lollman, Erika McNiel (Early Care/Inclusive Early Childhood Ed)

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