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					                          “Next To Blow!”
                                 PARTICIPANT APPLICATION
Thank you for applying to be a part of a new promotional competition titled “Next To
Blow”. To be considered for this competition, you must be at least 18 years of age and be
a resident of the State of Mississippi. In addition, you must also submit one complete song
for artist/group, one track for a producer, a photo with this completed application. Note:
Producers should provide a photo inside of their studio. All materials submitted will not be
returned. If selected for auditions, you must be able to present a State ID proving
that you're a resident of the State. Failure to do so may result in your elimination from the
competition, as well as the forfeiture of any prizes or other things you may or would have
been awarded. Each solo artist/producer who receives and acceptance letter must pay a
one-time fee of $100 (one hundred dollars) to audition. Groups consisting of three
members must pay $250 (two hundred and fifty dollars) to audition and $50 (fifty dollars)
for any additional members thereafter. If you’re a Solo R&B Singer or Solo Rapper and
have a song writer(s)/ghost writer(s), you and each song writer(s)/ghost writer(s) will be
considered as a group.
This competition will consist of four different rounds to demonstrate how each artist /
group and producer skills are in creating a hit record. Artist(s) will be paired with the top
producers who entered in the State of Mississippi and will be given a deadline to create a
hit song and stage show that will be judged by the hottest DJ’s in their State. The Artist
who is the winner of this competition will be promoted as the winner of the “Next To Blow”
Competition in the State and receive other types of exposure and a music video. The top
producer will receive exposure and win a Mac Computer. Each artist/producer will retain
all rights and credits to the newly recorded composition and the top 25-15 finalist may be
featured on the “Next To Blow” Mixed CD and DVD. So if you think you got what is takes,
take the challenge of becoming the “Next To Blow” Competition Winner. Submit
application, music, photo and a non-refundable money order in the amount of $20 (twenty
dollars) to process your application. You could download your application for this
competition at www.myspace.com/whonext2007 or email who_next2007@yahoo.com for a
copy of the application. If you have any questions, contact (972)504-2680. Application
deadline is July 30, 2007.

Submit application package to:
Next To Blow!
P.O. Box 871595
New Orleans LA. 70187-1595

            *Make all money orders payable to DMT Entertainment*
“Next To Blow!”
                                                             Office use only:
Contestant Information:
1. Name:_________________________ Group
Home Phone: _______________________________
Cell Phone: _________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
My Space Page: ______________________________
Website: ___________________________________
2. Are you a (artist/producer) signed to an Independent Label or Management
Company? Yes / No (Circle One)
3. Does your Independent Label or Management Company need to be contact
only? Yes/No (Circle One)
If yes, please provide that contact information for your representative.
Company’s Name: __________________________________
Contact person: ____________________________________
Title: _____________________________________________
Work Phone: ________________________________
Cell Phone:__________________________________
My Space Page:_______________________________
4. Are you at least 18 years of age? Yes / No (Circle One)
5. Genre: (Check One)
Solo Rapper _____ Solo R&B Singer____
Rap Group ______ R&B Group ________Producer ________
R&B Singer with Song Writer(s) _____Rapper with Ghost Writer(s) ______
Other: ___________________________________
6. Do you have a booking agent? Yes / No
7. Will you be available to perform for showcases/gigs/tours? Yes / No.
8. Are you willing to sign a waiver to be filmed? Yes / No
9. If accepted for competition, notify me by, (mail / e-mail / phone) Circle One.
Prefer to audition at (8am-11am / 12noon-3pm / 4pm-7pm / any time)
10. Who is the hottest DJ in your area?____________________

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