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									                                        Kelly Link

Dr. William J. Burling

“I used to go see pulpy science fiction or horror movies as a way to
jumpstart stories. Sometimes good movies, too — I’ve been on a
zombie movie kick for the last three years, and in the end I wrote a lot
of zombie stories. Mostly I watch television when I’m really stuck and
can’t manage to get work done. For a long time, I listened to music
constantly as I wrote — Magnetic Fields and Gillian Welch and Hem
and Rufus Wainwright and Aimee Mann and M. Ward — but at the
moment, because I’m sitting at a table with another writer, I listen to
whatever music is on the stereo. Fortunately there’s a fair amount of
Magnetic Fields.”
                              K. Link [Newton interview; url below]

Stranger Things Happen (2001)
Magic for Beginners (2005; Locus Award)

“The Faery Handbag” (Hugo, Locus, Nebula Awards, 2005-7)
“Louise’s Ghost” (Nebula Award, 2002)
“Magic for Beginners” (Locus, Nebula Awards, 2007)
“The Specialist’s Hat” (World Fantasy Award, 1999)
“Travels with the Snow Queen” (James Tiptree Jr. Award, 1997)

Ordinary existence as opportunity for estrangement
“I don’t really believe in endings.” (Tomio interview, url below)
Interest items: loss, dead people, weird shoes, the interiors of handbags, certain rooms,
    catskin suits
“Writing is a conversation. (I’ll probably say this again at some point.) I need to be
    reading in order to be writing.” (Newton interview; url below)

LINKS (no pun intended!) [author’s personal web site]
Fantasy Book Spot Interview with Jay Tomio [lots of interesting insights]
Interview with Maud Newton [fascinating, detailed interview; stresses Link’s “process of

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