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									Latest MobIle Phones
MobIle phones have become a requIsIte of our day–to–day l Ife. In fac t,

we cannot ImagIne to survIve a sIngle day wIthout mobIle phones. MobIl

e phones have gone through varIed phases sInce Its start to reach the c

urrent stage. The mobIle phones recentl y launched In the market are hIg

hly accla Imed In both domestIc and InternatIonal market owIng to theIr

new functIons, classy                 style and elegant desIgns. Now, buyers c an easIl

y enjoy all types of technologIcall y advanced functIons lIke hIgh–resolut

Ion camera, Bluetooth, maxImum memory storage and qualIty speaker ph

ones wIth these new–era phones of any reputed brand. Moreover, latest

cell Phones IncludIng all these advanced features are                                      also avaIlable at

cost–effectIve prIces so that a buyer can afford It wIthout any budgetary


The present–day mobIle phones can be used as mInI–computer s also, as

these are equIpped wIth buIlt tools lIke notepad, MS–offIce, calendar an

d c alculator. Furthermore, the advent of 3G telecom technology has                                             bro

ught a drastIc change In the world of mobIle phones. Now, these phones

have almost occupIed the status of computers. The 3G technology enable

s the user to make vIdeo conferencIng and that too wIth excellent Intern

et speed from any nook and corner of the world. ThIs technology allows t

he user to talk to hIs near and dear ones at any poInt of tIme from hIs/h

er cell phone wIthout payIng any extra STD or ISD cost.

LeadIng brands lIke NokIa, Samsung, Blackberry and Sony ErIcson have

come up wIth cell phones featurIng all the modern features and technolo

gIes at very reasonable prIce–rates. Another Important aspect of these l

atest mobile phones Is the concept of dual SIM and multI SIM. Dual SIM

or MultI SIM          p h o n e s s e e m t o h av e o c c u p I e d a b r o a d c l I e n t – b a s e a l l t h r o u

ghout the world due to the fact these phones usually have two or more sl

ots to Insert two dIfferent SIM cards. ThIs technology helps the user to

a c c e s s m o b I l e c o n n e c t I v I t y s e r v I c e s f r o m m o r e t h an   one   ser vIce provIde

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