Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company by tQ7Cr31i


									Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company

Robert A. Pitts, Gettysburg College [Gettysburg, PA 17325]

Bill Booth, Managing Director of Thailand’s only integrated producer of native silk, must decide
what steps to take to stem a recent decline in sales and profitability. During his 20-year tenure,
Booth has seen Jim Thompson Thai Silk (JT) become Thailand’s leading retailer of native silk,
commanding an enviable two-thirds share of the premium tourist market. In recent years,
increasing auto congestion, escalating air pollution, and soaring rates of AIDS infection have
caused travelers to avoid Bangkok as a tourist destination. In light of these developments, JT
managers are seeking ways to reduce the company’s dependence on Bangkok’s tourist market.
After some deliberation, four options for achieving this objective are under consideration.

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