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					BOCCO REGISTRATION FORM                                                          Congregation Beth Or Sisterhood
Attention: Parents of College Students & Young Adults

So, it’s that time again - seems like we just did this, but it’s time to do it again! Getting ready for back to
college means updating your mailing address information for the coming school year. If you’re already
familiar with Sisterhood’s gift packages for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Pesach, then you know how much
the kids enjoy receiving them. Don’t let them be disappointed!
Sisterhood has traditionally sent holiday gift packages to our Beth Or youth during their college careers
(both undergraduate & graduate studies). Those who attend college out of town, close to home or even
those who are not in college, but are of college age, are eligible to receive holiday gifts as well. These
packages contain items and information appropriate to the holiday and other goodies that we hope will bring
a smile.
 Register your child each year: We do not assume last year’s address is correct; please return the
    coupon below to Riss Bencan or e-mail with the current mailing address.
 The deadline is 14 days before each holiday. The list will be updated whenever names are received
    so your student/young adult can receive holiday packages later in the year if missed earlier ones.

This is Free to all congregants but donations are always welcome to assist Sisterhood with expenses.
Thank you in advance for your prompt response.
Clarissa ‘Riss’ Bencan
Beth Or College & Career Outreach (BOCCO) Committee Chairperson
215-646-4992 / / 1105 E Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

    Please use the coupon below to register your children who are in college, trade school, working, living away from home or
                                    commuting from home, AND want to stay connected with Beth Or.

                   Don’t Be Left Out. Email the Info or Return This Registration Immediately!
Name of Parent(s):
Name of the Young Adult, aka your child:
Currently:  Working (high school or recent college graduate)
    Freshman          Sophomore             Junior        Senior                                         Grad Student
Name of College, Grad School,
OR Place of Work:
PACKAGE Mailing Address:

E-MAIL Address (used by Rabbis Marx & Gerber):
Dates of Winter Break, if known:
Dates of Spring Break, if known:
Study Abroad / Co-op / Address change later this year? Provide Address / Dates:

I/We would like to help with the cost of postage and goodies. (Write check to: Beth Or Sisterhood)
Please accept this gift of: $18____ $36 _____ $50 _____ Other $_____
_____ YES, I’ll help box up the goodies if available (usually an evening or Sunday activity)
My contact info: email                                                Phone:
Email:, Subject: BOCCO Please also INCLUDE Your Name and all other info as above, or scan it!
OR USPS Mail to: Beth Or Sisterhood BOCCO, c/o CLARISSA BENCAN 1105 E Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

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