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					                             CREATE USER DOCUMENTATION
                                             Task Sheet 2

Using the website -, answer the
following questions:

    1. List two reasons for producing user guides?

    2. Why is it important to do an audience analysis?

    3. What is the best way to determine the tasks and procedures that people perform?

    4. Go to the link and read
       the original document and then the modified document.
        List the improvements made (text- wise and style-wise) to the documentation.

    5. What is the difference between a ‘user guide’ and a ‘reference guide’?

    6. Go to the link :

            i.    What are the three basic things that users with little experience need from
           ii.    Why is a ‘getting started guide’ useful documentation?
          iii.    What type of user are reference manuals intended for?

    7. Go to the link :

            i.    List the different type of users there are.
           ii.    List the type of documentation recommended for each type of user.

Go to the link and make a copy of this
information for future reference. You may find this useful when creating your own user documentation.

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