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									                                    Minutes of the
                           Bangor University Students’ Union
                            Sabbatical/Staff (Executive) (6)

Date & Location:
15.30 Friday 5th December 2008, Advice Centre, Students’ Union
Spencer George, Rhion Glyn, Ann Parry, Ceri Brown
John P Jackson, Tom Hecht, Rob Samuel
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
SG explained that he was Chair in the absence of JJ and that this would be a relatively
short meeting due to the lack of Sabbatical officers present.

Matters of business:
     47/Exec – Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes were accepted as an accurate record of the last meeting.
     48/Exec – Matters arising from previous minutes
           o 44/Exec – UMCB AGM
RG reported on his meeting with Mervyn and was very pleased with how it went. RG
presented the proposal that had been passed at the UMCB AGM and explained how the
students were feeling. Mervyn listened to what was said and told RH that he had
organised a meeting with MG to view the halls and that he would get back to RG after
Christmas when he knows more. RG felt this was fair and will report back when he hears
back from him.
           o 34/Exec – D of E Transport
AP spoke to PH regarding the incident. The driver had spoken to PH and said that he
didn’t want to go out on the refresher with PH because he had lost confidence. PH told
him to come back after Christmas and see how he felt then. AP has spoken to TH and
apparently the driver has since dropped out of DofE anyway.
           o 39/Exec – Carnage Return
The issue was taken to Senate to get their opinion on whether Trading should host
Carnage again. Senate agreed that they would be happy to have Carnage in Time again.
This issue will be voted on at the next sabbatical meeting when everyone is present.
           o 46c/Exec – Broken Heater
AP reported that the heater had been fixed, as had the fire door.
     49/Exec – Any Other Business
           o 49a/Exec –Trading Van
It was asked whether a decision had been made on the Trading Van – AP reported that
at the decision of the Board the van had gone back to the Trading Company today.
           o 49b/Exec – Galeri in Caernarfon
SG had received correspondence from Galeri in Caernarfon, asking for us to send
students their way in the future. Possibility of using it for GIAG or for UMCB was
SG and RG to reply and register our interest.
     Date of next meeting
Friday 12th December, 15.00

         On Monday I was again part of an audit panel established by the University’s QA
Task Group; the victim on this occasion was the School of Modern Languages, who
incidentally performed very well, and so I spent the whole day interviewing students,
academic staff and administrative support staff in the New Arts building.
         Unfortunately this meant that I had to miss the Pastoral Support Task Group, the
World AIDS Day service in the Cathedral, a Communications Committee meeting, and
the High Sheriff’s Award presentation for student volunteers – a diary conflict and a
         However I was able to attend University Senate straight after the audit, where I
noted a correction with the previous minutes; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor had given a
firm assurance that sufficient alternative accommodation and facilities would be
provided for the SU during the period of rebuild which was not in the minutes – the
correction was made. In addition on Monday I attended the Storm FM GM with the SEO
& AU President.
         I prepared for and attended SU Senate on Tuesday, and spent most of
Wednesday getting up to speed with administrative paperwork – although that was
briefly interrupted by the recording of a Sabb rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas in
the Storm studio, and a Fundraising & Alumni Task Group meeting.
         On Thursday, I attended a QA Task Group meeting and spent the rest of the day
sorting out University and Education Committee meetings.
         The University’s Student Forum (which now feeds into the SU’s University
Committee) was on Friday morning which I attended with the other Sabbs, and the
newly appointed members of the committee. I took Friday afternoon as annual leave.


This week has been a mixture of admin work, meetings and the start of preparations for
next semester.

World Aids Day Service was well attended (over 50 people) and one person commented
that the service was “Understated, yet powerful and emotive.” Monday also saw the
fourth meeting of the Communications Committee. Unfortunately I missed University
Senate due to Illness.

I was away Tuesday morning due to illness but attended Student Union Senate on the
Wednesday was spent mostly catching up on minutes from my various committee
meetings which I am slowly working my way through. In the morning I sang the ‘Five
Sabbs of Christmas’ which is to appear on the website in the near future.

On Thursday I finished off writing the report on the redevelopment of the Ffridd site.

Friday I attended the Student Forum and questioned Estates over the Ffridd site re-
development and accommodation provision for international students with families
after St Marys is emptied. I also used the opportunity to question the university about
the possibility of providing a multi-faith prayer room and also bought to the attention of
those present, the problems regarding spam emails.

In the afternoon I attended the Queer Guide review session and set further dates for
Semester two and looked at ways of improving their marketing. I finished the day off by
chairing the Sabbatical meeting in Johns absence.


This week has been a pretty busy week. Monday was very hectic as I had a couple of
meetings but also had lots of fixtures admin to sort out for the Wednesday BUCS
matches due to Glyn still being ill. Fortunately he was back on Tuesday which relieved
the pressure a bit.

The meeting with Plas Menai was quite productive. I am now going to arrange a meeting
between Plas Menai and the Sailing Club so that they can speak directly with each other
to gauge what can be offered to both parties. The AU Committee meeting was also
productive. The main items discussed where intramural activity. The 5 a side football
tournament details where finalised for Sunday.

I have also had a Sports Strategy meeting this week, and have another today. Some
issues where raised with regard to potential structures for sport in Bangor from myself.
This was regarding where the AU President sits within the structure. On the whole
everything seems to be going very well.

Finally I have managed to start typing up some of the AU Committee minutes. I have
two more sets to do; hopefully I will be able to set some time aside next week to get
these done. Apart from typing up minutes I have answered copious amounts of emails
and worked through a lot of paperwork.

As well as all of the above AU Night was last night which was good. We had just under
120 people through the door, and all the clubs seemed to have a good time which was

Meetings this week have comprised of:
  1) Diary Meeting
  2) Pastoral Support Task Group
  3) University Senate
  4) Storm GM
  5) SU Senate
  6) Student Forum

The pastoral support task group discussed a number of academic related issues and
perhaps was sometimes biased to staff rather than thinking about the students.
However, I added in an agenda point for next time with a resolve to invite Ken Griffith or
possibly Fiona with a view to discussing pastoral support issues ‘outside the classroom’ –
Ffridd JCR / Ffriddoedd Site especially.

The Storm GM was useful to observe.

A lot of time has been taken planning training for clubs and societies. Although the
schedule is not running to plan, the organisation and execution when it takes off should
be solid. One successful website training session took place on Wednesday.

I was able to support a SODA production on Wednesday which was good fun, a little
rough around the edges, yet entirely well meant and not badly attended.

Serendipity 2 planning included producing the brochure for external companies and
kick-starting the process of advertising for stalls will start Monday 8 th Dec next week.


Week Report


Diary Meeting was the first thing in the morning. Then I went to see Merfyn Jones about
concerns with moving JMJ. After this I attended the Communications’ Committee which
I was invited to by SU Senate. Then to finish the day off I attended University Senate.

I did some office work in the morning. Then organised a meeting with Ken Griffiths and
went straight up to see him in his office in Oswalds. Then SU Senate in the evening.


Paid in the money for ‘Gloddest’. I took some posters up to JMJ for the U.M.C.B night.
And also try to publicise the Give it a Go welsh taster session.


Sort out U.M.C.B football for their game on Sunday. Me and Ceri had to cancel the
Welsh taster session because we only heard from two people which were interested.
U.M.C.B night in ‘Y Glob’ went well with a band playing there. (Moniars)


I’m in the middle of writing a few thing for the next addition of ‘Y Ddraenen’. Hopefully I
will be sending the copy to the printers by the end of the day.

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