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									Jeremy Ingle
120 Marquette Dr.
Cary, NC 27513
(919)-271 5289.


To continue work in graphic design, website implementation and project management among a team of
design / marketing professionals. My ideal position would provide me the opportunity to exercise my skills
in website and product development as well as project management and open doors to new knowledge and


    Web Development                   Design Software                    Extras
    HTML / CSS                        Adobe Photoshop                    HTML5 / CSS3
    jQuery                            Adobe Dreamweaver                  Mobile Frameworks
    PHP                               Adobe Illustrator                  - JQtouch
    Mysql                             Adobe Flash                        - IUI
    SEO                               Wordpress                          Cross Browser Compatibility
    Product Photography               Drupal                             Client / Project Management
    Shopping Cart Implementation                                         - BaseCampHQ

     9 Years experience as a graphic illustrator and front end web designer.
     Excellent at multi-tasking and self-motivation, working from home based office
      for over 6 yrs while tele-commuting with the web development teams.
     Experience in training co-workers on latest trends and web implementation techniques.



Current Employment
Internet Direct Response, 2007 – Present
Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Affiliate Manager, Go To Guy.

At IDR, I was tasked with maintenance of my past employers original sites (Merazon Health Products) plus
the creation of new sites, e-commerce cart implementations, project management and affiliate program
management. I excelled at managing clients and product workload, as well as training other developers in
newer techniques of web design and implementation. I am the go to guy for getting things done or finding
why something is not working properly.
Past Employer
Merazon Health Products, 2004 - 2007
Sole Graphic Designer & Web Developer
As an employee of Merazon Health Products I was tasked with the creation and maintenance of ALL
company website, from the initial designs created in Photoshop, to the coding of HTML / CSS in
Dreamweaver. My transition from Merazon to Internet Direct Response was due to the need for help
running Merazon's online advertising campaigns. Since IDR is a full web package company they decided to
hire me onto their team.

Past Employer
8 Squared Inc., 2002 - 2004
Website Developer, Graphic Designer

My first job in web design and development. I was trained by two excellent people, Gregory Paro and David
Gervase (Owners of Revenue Surge). 8 Squared had many of their own products, several of which I was
tasked with branding and label creation. We also created sites for outside clients who had their own products.
Towards the end of 2004, the company sold all of its assets to Merazon Health Products and I was hired
there to continue site creation and maintenance.

North Carolina State University
BA, Technology Education, Concentration: Graphic Communication, 2002
President of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 2001-2002

Camping, hiking, fishing, discgolf, snowboarding etc. (anything outdoors really!)

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