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									                        Tealing Community Council
                        Tealing Small Hall, Inveraldie
                    Wednesday 20th January 2010 @ 7.30pm

Present:           Graeme Reoch (Chair)
                   Nicki Donaldson (Minute Taker)
                   Kay Dennis
                   John Kirkland
                   Bob Taylor
                   Alex Henderson
                   Nancy Wilkie
                   Councillor John Whyte
                   Councillor Jean Lee

In Attendance:     Kerry Kirkland
                   Gordon Clark
                   Kathleen Clark
                   Lindsay Hay
                   Rosie Lindsay
                   Niki Lamond
                   Sandra Burke
                   Steven Burke

        Apologies were received from Mary Cavin and PC Louden.

2       MINUTES OF 2 DECEMBER 2009
        Agreed following minor amendments to attendee details.


3.1     Road Subsidence, Newbigging
        Councillor Whyte to visit Mr Scott re drainage issues and will    Cllr Whyte
        involve Roads Department.

3.2     Bus Service
        Councillor Whyte advised that the information he had received     Cllr Whyte
        from locals regarding the buses failing to stop had been
        passed to the Transport Dept and he will also liaise with
        Strathtay Buses. Let him know of any further instances. L
        Hay advised of 2 further instances in the last week - Thursday
        14th January and Monday 18th January.

3.3     Core Path Plan
        A Henderson advised that he had received correspondence           A
        advising that an enquiry date had been set for 24th February at   Henderson
        the Millennium Hall, Birkhill at 10am. All objectors had been
        invited, himself included. Any further objections must be
        directed to Mr Scott McKenzie, Specialised Case Officer,
        Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeal, 4 The
      Courtyard, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk, FK1 1XR. The
      traffic speeds at the school were discussed – school would
      have to access a 60 mile an hour road to get onto Core Paths.
      N Donaldson confirmed that the Ministry of Defence owned a
      number of access tracks at Balnuith. Queries were raised
      about the ownership of the roads at Kirkton Of Tealing, Home
      Farm and New Mains Road.
      A Henderson to meet with Councillor Whyte. G Reoch               A
      advised that the Community Council was not consulted in          Henderson
      2008 as stated by Angus City Council. N Donaldson                Cllr Whyte
      suggested that copies of the correspondence allegedly sent to
      the Community Council be requested. Councillor Whyte to          Cllr Whyte
      check with Rachel Green.
      Councillor Lee advised that nationally road speed were being
      discussed for country roads.

      Forms had been completed for changing our Administration
      Account from the Nationwide Bank to the Royal Bank Of
      Scotland (RBS). The Nationwide Account does not have a
      cheque book which causes difficulties when payments are
      required to be made. The new account with RBS will provide
      a cheque book and will also allow Direct Debits to be set up.
      A Direct Debit will be set up for the monthly fee for the
      Website. Bank Account healthy with approximately £2000.
      Our Project Account will remain with Nationwide which has
      approximately £3000 in the account.
      Note books are available from K Dennis for Community
      Councillors for claiming travelling expenses. It was confirmed
      that 40p per mile travelling expenses can be claimed for
      attending meetings or representing Tealing Community
      Council at events also for other expenses e.g. stationary etc.
      Any claims should be forwarded to K Dennis.
      S Burke suggested that consideration be given to opening a
      PayPal account. It was agreed to look into this. S Burke
      advised that the Website has capacity for a full commercial
      facility. The security benefits and other benefits were
      discussed. It was also agreed to sell books and videos on the


5.1   Core Paths
      As above.

5.2   Newbigging Road
      Gypsy Travelling Person’s Site-road subsidence at entrance,      Cllr Whyte
      Councillor Whyte to check.
5.3   Frawny Wind Farms
      No further information had been received to date. Planning
      application had been submitted for a wind monitoring pole at
      the Piggery Site at the old Tealing airfield – it was noted that
      the application had stated “no neighbours identified” although
      this was clearly an error as a number of neighbours were
      highlighted. Councillor Whyte to check that neighbours been         Cllr Whyte
      identified. It was confirmed that the monitoring pole was to
      test wind speed and direction to check viability.

5.4   Snow Clearing
      K Dennis advised that the head teacher at the school was
      clearing snow around the entrance on Tuesday pm prior to the
      school going back on Wednesday. She had apparently
      phoned Angus Council requesting help but nothing was done.
      School buses did not get through therefore the children had to
      be walked up to the school. It was also advised that
      eventually 4 janitors arrived to clear the snow. Councillor         Cllr Whyte
      Whyte to take up this issue.

5.5   Green Bin Collection
      G Reoch advised that the green bins had not been emptied in
      Inveraldie. There had been no notification given to advise
      when uplifts would happen although an advert had been
      placed in the Angus Magazine. No notes of collection left in
      bins advising of alterations. Councillor Lee to look into this. It Cllr Lee
      was advised that Tealing residents did not have green bins
      and only had 1 refuse bin. Councillor Lee advised that this is
      being revised but date unknown at present.

      S Burke gave an update as follows:
      Development so far - Up to 50 pages on
      www.tealingvillage.org which is changing daily at present and
      is taking shape with a few photographs and a short video clip.
      Advertising going very well with £315 received. Home page
      ads had been purchased from Rembrand and The Speckled
      Hen – it was agreed that a thank you letter to both companies
      would be send by the Chair.                                         G Reoch
      Website Planning and Ideas Group set up – training
      undertaken today (Sandra, Steve, Kerry and Katie).
      Promoting Website Domain – get as many people to know
      address and encourage use. Word of mouth critical, suggest
      everyone present tell 10 people, email all their family and
      friends with the domain name. Also take the time to show the
      site to older residents, family and friends who do not have their
      own computers.
      Put the link on a social networking site you have a page on
      e.g. Facebook.
      Show people what is on – this is details about Tealings history.
Question asked about using an email address-look at this in
the longer term.
Question – flyer to mail drop by community councillor or local
press (Sandra to speak to press when we are ready)
For promoting the idea of temporary weather proof banner
along the side of hall with website address was discussed.
S Burke has sought the necessary permission from the Hall
Committee and they are happy to do this. Cost of banner
between £80 and £100. S Burke will order and help from hall     S Burke
to erect to be visible on the main road. Community Councillors
agreed to the banner.
Tealing knowledge quiz for children – get answers from
website, children would search for answers and would receive
a prize. Head Teacher happy to issue to the pupils.
Photography competition in the summer for under 16s, over 16
category – get people to vote online with winners to be
published on the website.
Citizen of the Year annual award for community service.
Nominate people with reasons of why they should be
Search Engine – 198 visitors so far. 327 hits with visitors
staying an average of 8.5 minutes browsing an average of 8
pages. Tealing village – 3rd entry on website will continue to
climb as it is used.
Sections Under Construction
- Kids Zone (Katie), to get kids involved with site.
- History (Kerry), almost all on line Early history.
- History School Days/20th Century/Millennium To Present Day
- Tealing Primary School, Angus Council and the school have
a website under construction, which we will link to)
-Business Directory/Property Directory (Steve), Self employed
local people - encourage them to take an entry on business
Further Development
- Photo of Community Councillors – individual and group photo
(group photo to be taken at end of meeting).
- Did You Know Video Clips from a good mix of residents.
Front of book-20 little clips/facts.to put on Utube. Volunteers
Steven Burke advised that had started arranging copies of
photos from the hall – to be scanned but it will take time to
remove and re site therefore he asked for helpers. The
question was raised over who owns the copyright – put on
website on photobox. Photos can also be sold online which
will generate some income. G Reoch advised that the photos
belong to Tealing Community Council.
- Prominent people – could we update – put something in
about Frank Ellis. Sandra to check with his wife. Linda Cross,
British Ambassador to Ecuador came from Tealing.
- Friends Of Tealing – list of supporters and champions.
      -My Tealing - encourage local people of all ages to send in
      stories, pictures about Tealing.
      - Longer term - discussion groups. Survey Monkey, photo
      - Tealing Newsletter or regular emails – agreed we should
      have both and also agreed to publish back copies.
      -Other ideas - suggestions to Sandra or email website.

      Overall making very good progress. Interest in the site is
      building and particularly good support from local businesses.
      We all need to promote by sending in information for All
      publication on the website. Great way to share news affecting
      the village with others. We should also encourage people to
      input their email addresses by registering on website.

7.1   Angus Council Infrastructure Services
      Bus Timetable 23, 23C, 24, 114 and 117.

7.2   Angus Council Chief Executive Department
      Final Draft of the Revised Scheme of Establishment of
      Community Councils.

7.3   Angus Council Infrastructure Services
      Bus Timetable Revisions, Christmas and New Year service.

      The Strategic Development Planning Authority for Dundee,
      Perth, Angus and North Fife. The strategy for development
      over the next 12 years and the direction of growth for the next
      8 years up to 2020.

7.5   Servite Housing
      Tenant Participation and Consultation.

7.6   Tayside Fire and Rescue
      Consultation documentation to be completed.

7.7   Health Improvement Team Newsletter

7.8   Angus Life Winter Edition

7.9   Email dated 15th January – Scottish Government Mind
      Mapping Exercise Colin McLean Tuesday 2nd February
      Contact Lynn Halley-for Community Councillors.

8.1   No one was able to attend the Planning Session.
8.2   Police Report (paper copy received from PC Louden)
      Theft – only item of note Theft of Motor Cycles from Inveraldie.
      Police enquiries ongoing into this matter.

      Operation Linchpin – tackling domestic abuse, additional
      training given to officers to help them deal with not only the
      victims of abuse but also the perpetrators. Continues
      throughout January 2010, and at the end of this intensive
      period the data obtained will be analysed and a detailed profile
      of domestic abuse within the Tayside area will be produced
      and used by all of the community partners who are working to
      address this issue.
      Break-ins to Sheds and Garages – be vigilant about the
      security of sheds, garages and other outbuildings following a
      number of break-ins and attempted break-ins in recent weeks.
      During January there were a number of house break-ins in
      Glenclova Terrace.
      Security measures include – make sure shed can be seen
      from the house, consider sensor operated lighting, make it
      difficult for criminals to simply unscrew locks or hinges of shed
      doors by fitting carriage bolts, if shed has windows consider
      fitting a curtain or similar, security mark all equipment, intruder
      Festive Road Safety Campaign Results - 44 persons arrested
      in Tayside and 12 of these were in Angus for drink and drug
      related driving offences. 105 drivers reported for speeding, 64
      reported for not wearing a seat belt, 49 drivers for using mobile
      phones whilst driving, 74 vehicles were seized as a result of
      being driven without insurance.

8.3   Notice Board at school has a date of the Community Council
      meetings and also on website along with agenda and minutes.

8.4   Large lorries were driving into Inveraldie and trying to get into
      scheme and having to reverse back – no through road sign for
      Inveraldie – Council Whyte to look into.                              Cllr Whyte

      24th March 2010 @ 7.30pm.

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