Welcome to Beginning Band by EhZMOG


									                   Welcome to Beginning Band!
      Congratulations on choosing to learn to play a musical instrument. It’s a lot of
hard work, but more importantly it’s FUN! Below you will find essential information to
get you started in the class.
      I look forward to teaching you in class this year. Please let me know if I can help
you with anything as you transition into the middle school.

Frequently Asked Questions
*How much will it cost?
      Rental on a brand new instrument will be $30-$40 per month, depending on which
instrument you choose. The company we use provides a rent-to-own plan. You may
return the instrument and close the account at any time. Other costs include $10 for a
band book and $10 for a folding music stand for home.
Instrument Rental Night is scheduled for August 21st from 5:30-7:30 in the band room.

*How much after school time is involved?
      At the middle school level, band requires very little after school time. It will,
however, require that you practice at least 25 minutes 4 times per week at your own
convenience. We will perform at least 2 concerts, one in December and another in May.
Performance at concerts and practice time at home counts for part of your grade in

*Will I be in band all year?
       Yes, band is a year long class.

*What if I don’t like band class?
      Just let me know how you’re feeling and we will have your schedule changed at
the end of the 9 weeks grading period. You simply return your instrument to the
instrument company and your parents will not have to make another payment. The
account will be closed.

*What instrument will I play?
       There is no hurry in making this decision. The first two weeks of beginning band
class will be spent exploring and experimenting with all the instruments. I will make
suggestions based on some physical characteristics of the child. Students who wish to
play percussion instruments will be required to take a simple rhythm performance quiz.
The number of percussionists taken will be limited to 6-8 per class.

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