I F I’ M D REAMING , P LEASE D ON ’ T W AKE M E !                                          S TART L IVING Y O UR D REAM …
   Once upon a time, an ambitious woman entered a successful store with a        Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do;
reputation for beautiful, fine quality merchandise. She walked right up to the   have a job but are looking to supplement your income, or are just
  owner and said, “I am very impressed with your establishment. I’d like to      looking to have a little fun (and wear fabulous jewelry!), this is the
  come on board and build a career here. I can promise you that I will work      opportunity you've been looking for!
     hard and I will do a great job. However, in return all I ask is for the
                                                                                 With lia sophia you can have it ALL!
   1. First, I’d like 30% profit on everything I sell, and to be paid weekly.
   2. If I meet special goals, I’d like to earn free merchandise.                Advisors enjoy:
   3. I’d also like the opportunity to purchase the merchandise we sell at a     *FULL-TIME PAY FOR PART-TIME HOURS
      70% discount.                                                              *EARN $150-$250 PER NIGHT!!
   4. If I bring in and train four new sales people, I think I deserve a 10%     *30% commissions paid weekly
      raise and 10 % profit on everything they sell.                             *Earn $600 in free jewelry in your first 15 wks
   5. When I do well, I expect praise, bonuses, and recognition, not to
                                                                                 *Generous personal discounts 70% off or more!
      mention dream vacations to exotic locations.
                                                                                 *Very attainable prizes and dream vacations
By the way, I’m afraid I am not into the 9 to 5 scene and my family always       *Incredible Hostess Program and Customer Save Plan
comes first, so I will want to make my own schedule and work when it suits       *Lifetime Guarantee on all products
                                   me best.                                      *You make your own hours
           Ok, I think that about covers it. So when can I start?”
                                                                                 *Each new advisor pays only $149 (+ shipping & tax) for their starter
  After the owner of the store recovered from shock, he roared with              kit, a low price for a fabulous opportunity! Kit contains 23 pieces of
  laughter. “Lady, you can’t be serious! You are living in a dream
                                                                                 jewelry valued at $1,000+, and all the supplies you need to hold your
        world.You can’t find an opportunity like that anywhere!”
                                                                                 first 6 shows. You can earn up to $600 in FREE jewelry during your
                                                                                 first 15 weeks AND get paid!!
                           HE   W A S W R ON G !
That woman could have been me. I found that opportunity and more as a lia
sophia Jewelry Advisor. You can too. Contact me and I’ll tell you how you                              What do you have to lose?!
                         can get started today!
                                                                                 At the end of the 15 weeks you will own at least $1,000 in jewelry and
                                                                                     have earned $1,350 (when you reach our Excellent Beginnings
                           Nikki Anterni                                            Program) be well on your way to growing your own business!!!
                508-842-2754 ~ nanterni@aol.com
       Check out my website at: www.liasophia.com/checkitout

                         Click “our opportunity”                                                            Nikki Anterni
                                                                                                 508-842-2754 ~ nanterni@aol.com
           Don’t ever wonder “what if?”…go for it!                                      Check out my website at: www.liasophia.com/checkitout

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