WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF…
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Alright folks, from the looks of this title, you’re probably think what the big
idea of the story is. Okay, so to cut down to it, here it goes. This story happens in “Warped: Final
Fantasy IX Style” and it happens when Blank and Loleile’s romantic lip-lock at the end of the series
came sooner. This time, Loleile and Eve don’t know about Eiko’s letter, and where laughing because
of something Beatrix had said. I’m also writing that Loleile didn’t sense that weird eidolon feeling in
the original episodes. And I’m also writing that Blank and Loleile’s nice romantic moment happens
that night when Steiner and Beatrix were going to kiss…or whatever they had planned. Here we go…

       Eiko walked into the room with Doctor Tot and he gave her tips on
writing a romantic love letter. It was her idea to win Zidane’s heart while
Dagger was out of the picture. It was a good thing that she didn’t hear Eve
and I fall over the railing and crack up like crazy. Beatrix had told us
something really funny about Steiner and we died! We were laughing so hard
it was unbelievable. We looked like two drunks that had one too many beers
and just heard a not-so-very-funny joke from some guy. The only thing is, I
had no idea about Eiko’s letter.

       So Tot was giving writing lessons. Eiko paid attentions and added in
exactly what she had planned. She put it that she wanted to meet her so-called
“Dream of her life” at the dock. Tot asked what time she would want to meet
her crush, and Eiko didn’t have to think too hard. She wanted this moment
with Zidane to be very romantic, so she told him when the moon was full
tonight. Doctor Tot had a small, but very romantic love letter jotted down in
a few quick moments. After Eiko thanked him and put her letter in an
envelope, she trotted off.

      The little girl ran down the halls of the Alexandria palace. She got lost
a couple of times, but somehow made it to the room with Brahne’s portrait.
That’s when she knew that she was close to exiting the palace. Right when she
began running down the hallway, Baku charged in and slammed right into
the young summoner! She went flying over the railing and was caught
dangling by her collar. Baku ran to the floor and looked up at the little girl
dangling above him.

         “AHHHHHH! Help! Help me, I said! HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” Eiko
         “Hey, are you okay?” Baku bellowed up to her.

    “I didn’t see you run out…but yer so high up, I can’t get ya down!
      “Stop laughing you poop!” Eiko then dropped her letter and it floated
down to my boss. He picked it up and she told him to give it to Zidane. Baku
walked a few feet away, when Eve and I fell infront of him! I don’t know why,
but somehow, Eve’s ankle got in between mine and we lost balance!

       “You stupid klutz! How did your ankle get between mine?!” I snapped
at my friend.
       “I think I ripped my pants…” Eve said, while staring at her pant-leg.
       “Hey, if it ain’t Loleile! Hey girl!” Baku said.
       “Hiya Boss! I see you haven’t changed much. So what brings you to
Alexandria?” I asked as I got up.
       “Took a wrong turn. Ever since you and yer Tantalus brothers left the
rest of us at Evil Forest, we were trying to get home. Road problems…or was
it directions? I forgot! Gwahahahahahaha!” Baku bellowed.

       We where about to leave when Baku accidentally dropped the letter,
and I didn’t even notice it. Eve and I followed him out to the dock and we
found that the boat wasn’t there. Just then, Steiner ran in with two of his
Knights of Pluto guys. They looked serous when they ran up, but one glance
at me and Eve and they were in a dreamy sigh. Old Rusty had to smack them
both in the head for them to get back to normal. They were trying to arrest
Baku, but Steiner let him slide.

       And just when you think that the two could’ve gotten along and got to
be friends, it comes down on you! Steiner starts accusing Baku about being
the leader of Tantalus and leading thieves. Baku tells him that he’s a big
knucklehead like last time they had crossed roads. I try breaking it up, but it
didn’t work. Not even Eve could stop their blasted arguing. Finally, the boat
came and Baku, Eve and I got on and took the boat into the town to see

       That afternoon, Zidane and a few other of the crew went to go see
Dagger. Zidane said that we should go root her on before she becomes queen
of Alexandria. We all agreed, and headed to the docks. Amarant and Freya
were about to have a battle, but Zidane and me broke it up before it could get
any worse. Then we all got on the boat and went to see Dagger. Amarant
didn’t really care too much when he saw her, and Zidane was crushed.

       After Zidane had harped about how much he liked Dagger, and that if
he had told he the things he wanted to say to her that it would be a lie. I just
don’t understand this guy! What is the matter with him? When everyone was
gone, I heard Blank reading the letter that Eiko had. He thought it was his,
and then he heard something and dropped it. I didn’t know, but I picked it up
anyways and read it. I couldn’t believe it! This letter was very romantic! Just

       “Oh my God…did Blank…write me a…love letter?” I said, and then
ran off. I would’ve been more careful, but I accidentally dropped the letter!

       So that night when Eiko was waiting at the dock for Zidane, she was
all angry that she ran and hid. Just then, Marcus came in, holding a letter. He
had found it on the floor and was looking for the person who had given it to
him. Just then, he heard something, and ran and hid with Eiko. Blank had
walked in.

        “Say, there’s that letter that fell on the floor above me. Wonder who
sent it to me…” he said. Just then, I walked in.

      “Blank?” I said in surprise.
      “Loleile? Was it you?” Blank asked.

        Just then, a breeze swept by and blew the letter out of his hand. I
caught it before it could fly away from me. Then I read it… it was the same
letter that I saw before. I looked up and stared at Blank, then we walked up
to eachother. My arm that was holding the letter dropped, and my fingers
released it. Blank’s hand came up to my cheek and my other arm slowly
wrapped around his waist.

      Eiko was a little freaked out. So was Marcus too, actually. The two
moved in a little closer to see what was going to happen next. They were
deathly quiet and even if they did make a noise, I don’t think Blank or me
could’ve heard.

        Blank’s other arm came up and wrapped around me. I hugged Blank
and he stroked his hand through my hair. I heard his heart beating, slow at
first, but then faster and faster. Then I felt my heart beating a little more
faster then ever. I looked up at Blank, and he smiled. My eyes began
reflecting the stars. And I could see their reflection across Blank’s eyes. Then
he held me closer, and then I wrapped my arms around his neck. We began to
kiss, a nice, romantic kiss. It was very comforting, and I’ll bet that Marcus
and Eiko were freaked! Just then, I heard a loud,

      “ACHOOOOO!” and Baku walked in. He took one look at us and
paused. Blank and I gently pushed each other away.

      “Nothing happened!” Blank cried.
     “Now really, if ya two wanted to be alone, all ya had to do was just let
me and the boys know…” Baku said.

      “What?” I said in confusion.
      “No way, we would never do that…” Blank protested.
      “That’s not what I saw, Bro!” Marcus said, walking out.
      “Wha? Marcus!” Blank cried.
      “Me too!” Eiko’s voice chirped and walked in.
      “Ahh! Eiko!” I cried.

       “Hey! What’s all this ruckus?” Steiner’s voice bellowed as he galloped
out into the scene with Beatrix.

      “The kids here decided to have a nice romantic moment…” Baku said,
aiming a thumb at Blank and I.

      “Yup.” Eiko said.
      “Guilty as charged…” Marcus said.

      “Hey guys! Come on!” Blank cried.
      “You were young once too, ya know!” I snapped.

      “True… just get going into town, alright…?” Beatrix asked.
      “Alright.” We all said, then got on the boat to Alexandria.

          Now no matter what anybody says, those moments with Blank…
                    Were one of the greatest moments…
                          In my entire life…

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