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					                                   Open Federal Work-Study Positions Fall 2012

      ***Please read each very carefully and make SURE you meet criteria before you attempt contact for
      interview. Pay special attention to whether or not you must be in a specific program of study to apply.
      Do NOT make haphazard attempts to contact supervisors for interviews. ***

Position        Department        Short Description           Skills Needed         Supervisor    Ph. No.      Location        Must be in
                                                                                                               (North          Program
                                                                                                               Campus will
                                                                                                               be noted; all   to Apply
                                                                                                               others are
Computer lab    Interior Design   Responsible individual to   Proficient in         Patricia      910-362-     NB-104
Monitor and                       monitor computer lab        AutoCAD and           Battershill   7048         NORTH
Resource Room                     use and assist students.    Microsoft Office                    pbatters     CAMPUS
Manager                           Will also be in charge of   Programs.                           hill@cfcc.
                                  the Resource Room           Organized; self-                    edu
                                  samples that are            starter.
                                  donated to the program
                                  and miscellaneous duties
                                  as required.
CMT             Construction      Duties include assisting    Must be a Second      Jonathan      910-7658     F-105           Second year
Management      Management        faculty with online         Year student that     Begue         jbegue@                      CMT
Dept. Faculty   Technologies      courses, material           is strong                           cfcc.edu                     students
Assistant and                     procurement, lab            academically. Must
Tutor                             exercises, and tutoring     be computer
                                  CMT students in course      literate. Must be
                                  work.                       capable of light
                                                              lifting and willing
                                                              to get dirty on a
                                                              limited basis.
Student            Humanities and   To assist faculty with         Typing, filing,        Karen Brown     910-362-   S-200-D
Assistant          Fine Arts        clerical duties, filing, and   spreadsheets                           7236
                                    updating Service                                                      kbrown
                                    Learning spreadsheet.                                                 @cfcc.ed

Laboratory         Chemical         Prepare solutions as           Preparing chemical     Kim             910-362-   A-307     Must be
Technician         Technology       needed, clean and stock        solutions, use of      Bufkin/Tracy    7288                 enrolled in
                                    the lab, maintain              molarity and           Holbrook                             Chemical
                                    chemical inventory,            dilution factors,                                           Technology
                                    troubleshoot and               general knowledge                                           Program
                                    operate chemical               of laboratory
                                    technology equipment,          glassware and
                                    and other duties as            equipment.
Library Page       LRC              Sort and shelve books          Must be able to        Cathy Burwell   910-362-   LRC       Must have
                                    and various library            provide quality                        7456                 successfully
                                    materials accurately           customer service,                      cburwell             completed
                                    according to the Library       have a positive                        @cfcc.ed             English 111
                                    of Congress Classification     attitude, organize                     u                    or English
                                    System. (Online and on-        and prioritize, and                                         112.
                                    the-job training               follow instructions.
                                    provided.) Will perform
                                    clerical tasks and use
                                    Microsoft Office Suite.
Studio Assistant   Art-Ceramics     Help with shop clean up,       Basic                  Geoff           910-362-   A-109     Must have
                                    including mopping and          understanding of       Calabrese       7431                 completed
                                    recycling clay. Load and       materials and the                      Gcalabre             Ceramics I.
                                    unload kilns, assist in        inner workings of                      se@cfcc.
                                    glaze mixing.                  the CFCC Ceramics                      edu
Sculpture          Art-Sculpture    Cleaning and organizing        Follow                 Breta Carnes    910-362-   A-108     Must be
Assistant                           the classroom and              instructions, be                       7237                 enrolled in
                                    equipment areas,               available to work                      bcarnes              Humanities
                                    sweeping floors, wiping        and report hours,                      @cfcc.ed             and Fine Arts
                                    tables, putting up art         able to lift 50                        u                    and
                                    materials; making sure         pounds, good                                                Sculpture
                                    all glasses in the welding     attitude towards
                                    area are turned off,           work, even
                                    organizing shelves of          sweeping!
                                    student works and              Understand the
                                    keeping them neat,             welding and clay
                                    keeping bags of clay           areas.
                                    recycled into wet
Marine Tech Lab   Marine       * Assist the Instructional   Ability to use         Shawna   910-362-   S-204-B   Must be
and Aquarium      Technology   Technician & Marine          Microsoft Office       Daniel   7407                 enrolled in
Husbandry                      Science instructors with     Suite;                          sdaniel@             the Marine
Assistant                                                   Transportation to               cfcc.edu             Technology
                               preparation and clean-
                                                            Wrightsville Beach                                   Program
                               up of laboratory             floating docks;
                               exercises – Cleaning         availability
                               glassware and lab tools,     throughout the
                               disposing of lab waste,      week, at least 3
                               and organizing lab space.    separate days-it is
                               Student may also be          required that
                                                            several of the tasks
                               asked to make copies,
                                                            be done on
                               shred old documents, or      separate days.
                               input data sets into Excel   Must be
                               spreadsheets.                comfortable with
                                                            getting wet and
                               * Assist the Instructional   possibly dirty;
                               Technician with routine      must be
                               maintenance and              comfortable
                                                            handling bait
                               cleaning of salt water
                                                            shrimp, dead/sick
                               aquariums. This may          fish, and dead/sick
                               include: cleaning inside     invertebrates;
                               & outside of tanks,          must be
                               cleaning sinks and           comfortable
                               countertops in aquarium      working outside in
                               lab, regularly checking      heat, rain, wind,
                               water parameters
                               (salinity, pH, nitrite,
                               phosphate, ammonia,
                               etc), checking filters and
                               pumps, and cleaning up
                               any spills and/or leaks.

                               * Assist Instructional
                               Technician with animal
                               husbandry of fish and
                               invertebrate populations
                               in aquariums. This may
                               include: feeding animals,
                               monitoring animals to
                               ensure that they are
                               healthy, medicating
                               sick/injured animals,
                               acclimating new animals
                               when they arrive, going
                               to the floating docks to
                               acquire live food,
                               maintaining logs for each
                               aquarium, and changing
                               water when necessary.
Retention           CE               Filing documents/files,      Must be able to        Susan        910-362-   T-125       **Student
Clerical                             organizing files, logging    alphabetize by         Ferguson     7173                   will be given
Assistant                            files on computer before     letters and                         sferguso               a clerical test
                                     given to the Internal        numbers;                            n@cfcc.e               to show their
                                     Auditor; checking files      computer skills;                    du                     skills in being
                                     that have been received      clerical skills                                            detail
                                     by the Internal Auditor,                                                                oriented and
                                     preparing/checking                                                                      ability to use
                                     documents to be                                                                         the alphabet
                                     scanned, indexing                                                                       and numbers
                                     documents, clerical                                                                     to file things
                                     projects as assigned by                                                                 appropriatel
                                     the CE Registrar/SR                                                                     y.
                                     Registrar Technician.
Student             Engineering      Helps maintain               Basic computer         Mark Gray    910-362-   NB-203      Must be
Assistant                            electronics labs to          and electronic                      7391       NORTH       enrolled in
                                     include general              skills.                             mgray@c    CAMPUS      the
                                     organization, component                                          fcc.edu                Electronics
                                     sorting and organization,                                                               Engineering.
                                     minor changes to lab
                                     computers, instrument
                                     checks and other duties
                                     as needed.

Electrical/Electr   Vocational       Will assist Instructors in   Knowledge of           Wes Gubitz   910-362-   NB-155      Must be
onics Helper                         maintaining supplies and     electrical                          7147       NORTH       enrolled in
                                     inventory for classroom      equipment and                       wgubitz    CAMPUS      the EET or
                                     labs.                        organization skills.                @cfcc.ed               SST program.

Office Assistant    Institutional    Assisting with various       Excellent written      Kim Lawing   910-362-   ADM 114
                    Effectiveness    tasks associated with        and verbal                          7003
                                     event planning,              interpersonal
                                     publications, quality        communication
                                     assurance, research          skills,
                                                                  skills, computer
                                                                  proficiency and
                                                                  event planning
Metals Lab          Humanities and   Help the instructor by       Must have taken        Melissa      mmanley@cfc    A-109   Must have
Studio Assistant    Fine Arts        keeping lab clean, help      Metals 1 and have      Manley       c.edu                  taken Metals
                                     keep inventory and           a working                                                  1, and
                                     restock, switch out          knowledge of the                                           preferably
                                     chemicals as instructed.     equipment they                                             Metals 2 and
                                     Other duties might           will be using. Must                                        have taken
                                     include making               also have                                                  class under
                                     examples, picking up         knowledge of the                                           Melissa
                                     copies from print shop,      chemicals.                                                 Manley or
                                     dropping off items at                                                                   Nick
                                     library. The Metals Lab                                                                 Mowers.
                                     Assistant will keep the
                                     lab open for students to
                                     work after class hours
                                     and must have a working
                                     knowledge of equipment
                                       and must be trustworthy
                                       with tools, supplies,
Clerical           Arts and Sciences   The student will be             Organized, good        Robin Metty      910-362-    S-201-D
Assistant                              expected to help with           communication                           7126
                                       filing, deliveries,             skills, ability to                      rmetty@
                                       shredding, bulletin             complete a task                         cfcc.edu
                                       boards etc.                     and follow
Computer           Computer            Help maintain the               Needs basic            James Parker     910-362-    NB-231
Technician         Engineering         classrooms by imaging           understanding of                        7452        North
                   Technology          computers, installing           computer concepts                       jparker@    Campus
                                       updates and software            such as; software,                      cfcc.edu
                                       and maintain the                hardware,
                                       integrity of the                networking and
                                       classrooms. The student         basic
                                       will also work with             troubleshooting
                                       instructors on projects         skills.
                                       that are ongoing.
Secretary          Phlebotomy, OTA,    Data entry, create              Typing skills,         Vickie Pridgen   910-362-    L-327-B and
                   Early Childhood,    documents/spreadsheet           computer skills,       and Julie        7492 or     C
                   Pharmacy            s using Word, Excel.            organizational         Smith            910-362-
                                       Create PDF files of             skills.                                 7297
                                       manuals that can be sent        Must be
                                       electronically to clinical      dependable,
                                       instructors. Organize           punctual, take
                                       supplies, make copies of        initiative to
                                       class materials.                complete tasks in a
                                                                       timely manner.
Service Learning   Educational                   Assist in            Phone courtesy.        Kate Santhuff    910-362-    NB-151
Program            Partnerships                   cataloging and       Knowledge of                            7594        NORTH
Assistant                                         communicating        Excel.Ability to                        ksanthuff   CAMPUS
                                                  with                 convert raw data                        @cfcc.ed
                                                  community            to graphic /                            u
                                                  partners for         written report
                                                  Service              format.
                                                  Learning.            Other Notes:
                                                 Run statistical      Must agree to
                                                  data on              confidentiality if
                                                  student              exposed to student
                                                  reports on           records
                                                  community            inadvertently.
                                                  partners and         If additional hours
                                                  community            are needed,
                                                  partner              student may be
                                                  assessment of        able to work with
                                                  student              other Ed.
                                                  volunteers           Partnerships
                                                  (anonymously).       Liaison downtown
                                                 Light filing and     once/week also.
                                                  organization of      Can check if
                                                  office.              needed.

Administrative     Humanities/Fine     Assist in organizing office     Reliable, detailed     Robert Sutton    910-361-    S-511-B
Assistant          Arts                library, files, clerical data   oriented, good                          7133
                                       entry, running on-              organizational                          rsutton@
                                       campus errands.                 skills, computer                        cfcc.edu
                                                                       and clerical skills,
                                                                able to work
Student            Truck Driver   Answer phones, deal           Computer skills,       Libby Vance     910-362-    NC-115-A
Assistant          Training       with prospective              and operate office                     7577        NORTH
                                  students, filing, mail        equipment, ability                     evance@     CAMPUS
                                  packets, typing and work      to work outside if                     cfcc.edu
                                  with instructors to clean     needed.                                lbartolo
                                  equipment/building.                                                  @cfcc.ed
TV Studio          Media          Assist TV Studio              Needs to have          Timothy         910-362-    L-220-D
Assistant                         Specialist in daily tasks,    knowledge of basic     Vandenberg      7444
                                  producing video and           video production.                      tvandenb
                                  audio content                                                        erg@cfcc
Foundation         Foundation     This position requires        Great people skills    Kay Warren      910-362-    G-112
Work-Study                        someone who is willing        are a must in this     Patsy Lackey    7331
                                  to perform a variety of       position. Attention    plackey@cfcc    910-362-
                                  tasks and is comfortable      to details and         .edu            7207
                                  interacting positively        organizational
                                  with people who visit or      skills are
                                  call the Foundation           important.
                                  Office. Clerical tasks will   Computer skills are
                                  include filing, creating      important.
                                  spreadsheets, addressing
                                  mailing materials,
                                  maintaining files,
                                  preparing materials for
                                  events, answering and
                                  making phone calls and
                                  any other jobs needed in
                                  order for the office to
                                  run smoothly.
Registration/Fro   Learning Lab   Data entry in the             Typing skills, good    Lori Williams   910-362-    Downtown     ***Students
nt Desk Clerk                     Learning Lab’s TutorTrac      phone and                              7476        L-218 and    must have 2
                                  System, help students         customer service                       Lwilliams   North        letters of
                                  register/enroll in the lab,   etiquette. Some on                     @cfcc.ed    Campus NA-   reference to
                                  filing, alphabetizing CUR     the job training                       u           113          bring to the
                                  and IRF forms, answering      will be provided                                                interview***
                                  phone, questions,
Tutor              Learning Lab   Students must have            Students will be       Lori Williams   910-362-    Downtown     ***Students
                                  made a grade of A in the      required to fill out                   7476        L-218 and    must see Lori
                                  course in which               an additional                          lwilliams   North        Williams for
                                  interested in tutoring        Learning Lab                           @cfcc.ed    Campus NA-   additional
                                  and/or have a                 Tutoring                               u           113          application
                                  recommendation from           Application and                                                 and to
                                  instructor.                   interview.                                                      schedule
                                                                On the job training                                             with the
                                                                provided.                                                       Learning Lab
                                                                                                                                Must also
                                                                                                                                have 2
                                                                                                                                letters of
Assistant to the   Learning Lab   Clerical assignments as       Computer skills,       Lori Williams   910-362-    Downtown     ***Students
Secretary                         assigned, customer            communication                          7476        L-218 and    must have 2
                                  service                       skills                                 lwilliams   North        letters of
                                                                                             @cfcc.ed   Campus NA-   reference to
                                                                                             u          113          bring to
Student Worker   Hospitality       Make copies, distribute    Honest, tact,        Diane     910-362-   S-511-C      Student
                 Mgmt./Pineapple   mail, bulletin board,      confidentiality,     Withrow   7072                    must be
                 Guild             make and sell popcorn      clean and sanitize             dwithrow                enrolled in
                                   and cookies, collect       equipment and                  @cfcc.ed                either
                                   funds, keep track of       supplies, make                 u                       Hospitality
                                   student hours, keep S-     change, get along                                      or Culinary
                                   511 area tidy and do       with and                                               program and
                                   tasks for offices in and   communicate with                                       be a member
                                   around area as             a variety of                                           of the
                                   requested. May require     persons.                                               Pineapple
                                   dealing with sensitive                                                            Guild.
                                   and confidential tasks.

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