2011 Advice to AP students next Year by EhZMOG



     Keep a box of tissues handy
     Don’t argue with your teacher… You will not win.
     If you don’t understand a joke, Nod your head and smile
     Listen to Maneevone…she can actually teach you something
     Don’t do things just to get them done! Actually pay attention
     An “F” is better than a zero
     Don’t forget to eat you need your energy
     Study, trust me you’re like “that’s not me” but really it is
     Make your teacher your friends, they are knowledge spewing machines
     Make sure you manage your time, the first month or so is hard, but once
      you get use to the work load you will get used to less sleep
     Make sure your STUDY!! Yes you need it! You’re not special and if you don’t
      you won’t get good scores on quizzes or tests
     Have common sense and use it! They give you clear directions. Listen and
      follow them
     Read the book assignments for English. She loves to give quizzes and she
      makes sure that you don’t be able to answer them if you read spark notes
     Don’t complain about everything
     Pay attention to directions
     Don’t put your papers in the wrong place otherwise you’ll get it stapled to
      the ceiling
     Don’t be afraid to ask RELEVANT questions
     Get sleep whenever you can
     Do all your work
     It’s a good idea to start your homework before 10 pm
     Actually read
     If you don’t understand sarcasm just laugh everyone else to avoid being
      single out
     Do not do other class’ work in class
   Be committed
   Feel accomplished/be proud of yourself
   Talk to your teachers they will always help you
   Keep track of your grades
   Plan ahead
   Be truthful to yourself about whether you understand
   Do what Maneevone says
   Don’t let your bad grades on early tests to discourage you
   Keep Tylenol with you
   Do your history notes over a couple of days
   Eat a lot of chocolate
   Stay optimistic, no matter how insane it makes you
   Schedule your time
   Sometimes it’s ok to fall asleep on your textbook
   Don’t cry too much
   Sit near the front of the class
   Take little breaks here and there
   Always outline/brainstorm your essays
   Pay attention to time periods
   Be nice to Maneevone
   Think HARD
   Don’t make up excuses, they’re useless
   Break assignments are very important
   Understand what you are reading
   Use resources on Maneevone’s website
   Don’t be late
   Don’t sit in the back of the room to the very left…its mutha frkin coold!
   Do break assignments early
   Take advantage of all the extra credit opportunities
   Take notes during lectures
   Do the practice quizzes in the review book before tests/quizzes
 Learn to understand sarcasm. You will soon learn what I mean! :P
 It’s not as bad as it seems…kinda sorta 
 You don’t need remember specific dates, but you do need to remember
  time periods.
 Use historyteacher.net
 Figure out how you study best (in group, by yourself) before winter break
 Read the review book over spring break
 Finish notes ahead of time
 For the love of budda (>__<) don’t ask the teacher if they are done grading
 Always be prepared for the unexpected
 Your phone is not important enough to bring out during class
 Memory cues DO help
 Actively participate
 Buy a review book
 Don’t forget things after the test because you desperately will need it for
  the AP test
 Treat every essay (mostly in English) like it’s worth 150 points – because
  sometimes it is
 Don’t procrastinate! Just get it done as soon as possible so that you can
  smile when everyone else is complaining the day before a whole chapter is
 Listen to Maneevone! – she has good advice
 Make friends in your AP classes
 Don’t ask Maneevone what day it is or when it is due, she doesn’t know
 Don’t lie to your teacher because she will call you out
 If you work hard and be honest it pays off
 Do not stress over everything
 Go on Maneevone’s spring break trip
 Sleep belongs at home… not in class
 If it seems easy, you probably did it wrong
 Keep balanced life and make schedule to have time for both homework and
 Watch the news
 Never think that it does not count for you because it does
 Don’t start off going 110%. AP is like a race, you will burn out if you go too
  fast… pace yourself and give yourself breaks
 Maneevone isn’t as mean as she seems
 Take advantage of the coffee maker in Maneevone’s room
 It DOES get better
 NEVER ask a kid to copy his work over facebook… you never know who will
  read it and “like” it
 Don’t make enemies in your class… you will be with them all year
 Always check the calendar
 Have a sense of humor
 Write your terms on cards and keep them
 Think logically on every multiple choice question you don’t know
 Don’t decide to sleep early then wake up early… you wont wake up
 Don’t cry… it just smudges your scantron
 Keep track of your grades
 Listen to what is going on before you ask a question
 Don’t listen to all the stupid people who say AP is impossible
 Bubble your version on your test
 DO NOT do assessment only unless you are hard-working or have a
  photographic memory, procrastinators will end up failing
 You wont get an “A” on a quiz unless you read the chapter
 Don’t over do it, sometimes its better to go to the beach instead of
  cramming before the test (however, if you blew it off until the night before,
  you probably SHOULD NOT be at the beach)
 Whatever suggestions you get on an essay, FOLLOW them! Don’t be too
  bummed if you get a 2 once, but don’t get too psyched if you get one 8
You know you’ve been in AP too long when:

     You fall asleep on the bus studying and wake up after you fall down
     You go to a basketball game and talk about History
     You laugh about people complaining about trials
     You actually know what the History Channel is talking about.
     You will discuss and argue about test questions for days afterward
     You actually spend money on an AP history app, and then you get excited
      about using it.
     You buy and Abraham Lincoln calendar.
     You randomly recite history facts to your family
     You randomly find term cards around your house
     You go to Study Parties instead of real parties
     Every random statement in your social life is connected to history ( i.e. “ my
      boyfriend isn’t texting me back!” your thought “ Salutary Neglect”).
     Keep a stash of Chocolate.
     You start being as Sarcastic as Ms. Maneevone.
     You listen to APUSH podcasts at night hoping the info will stay in your head.
     You wake up and your textbook is on your face.
     You do SOAPSTONE when reading a Magazine.
     Tomorrow always seems like a better day to do homework
     When you accept that you are a nerd.
     When you cheer about a good essay prompt.
     You go on facebook the night before the AP test and see all the AP students
      online instead of studying.
     You start to analyze the rhetorical strategies used in things you read
      outside of class.
     Everything Bianco says makes you laugh because… it would “behoove you!”
   When you deactivate your facebook account so can do your AP homework.
   Your find “Dave Barrey slept here” humorous.
   Your parents can’t help you with your homework.
   You rather go to sleep than hang out with friends.
   You’re making a list about being in AP to long.
   Writing “their” instead of “they’re” causes you to rethink your life.
   You question the implications of being able to analyze analysis.
   The phrase “I’ll do it later” pops into your head anytime you are told to do
   You know more about U.S history than your neighbor in the army.
   You try to make a joke with your friends and they don’t get it.
   You cheer after you get a C.
   You start to thing Bianco is funny, not mean
   You cry because someone got an 80% on a test, setting the curve.
   You can write an Essay in 30 minutes.
   You recognize all the people on money.
   You are excited that there are only 25 vocab words for homework.
   You cross your fingers when the dice is rolled
   You love study sessions at souplantation
   Only writing one essay seems great
   You tell people not to wait till the last minute then you do it.
   You go to bed at 12:00 doing homework thinking it was a good night.
   Coffee tastes better than hot chocolate.
   You start giving the presidents gangsta nicknames (George Washington= G-
   Jeopardy questions are easy.
   You understand the jokes on The Big Bang Theory.
   You get mad at historical inaccuracies (why is john smith in pocahantas?? It
    should be john rolfe!!)
   You have to take 4 finals in one class.
   You know the significance of Pottowatomie
 You can tell exactly how many ceiling squares there are in your AP classes.
  (190 in history)
 You have free time but you don’t know what to do with it.
 When your review book becomes your closest friend.
 You know more than your tour guide on your vacation.
 You reference history concepts at social events
 You sing the “Jackson song” on the homecoming party bus.
 You can identify juniors because they have coffee cups.
 You have a favorite treaty.
 You plan what to do after the test two months in advance.
 You write a song about the Declaration of Independence
 You get emotional over the last sentence of Gatsby
 Having fun during the weekend is sleeping all day
 Not having a test every week makes you suspicious
 Coming to school in pjs and sweats is the new trend
 After the AP test you spend the night looking up the answers to any
  questions you remember
 You actually choose to go to tutorials
 You look up random facts for fun
 You have seen every single post card in the room
 You imagine how Washington, Franklin, and Adams would act at a frat
 Lectures feel like story time
 The difference between lay and lie is funny
 You walk out of math to go to the bathroom w/o saying anything because
  your other teachers don’t assume your ditching
 You watch tv and hear a fact and blurt out, “I learned the in AP (history, bio,
 You need to listen to Elton John’s Greatest Hits more than 4 times to finish
  your homework
 You have a B- in French but an A in AP history
 You aren’t in shock when someone uses a very sophisticated word
   You know what “the board” means
   You laugh at nerdy youtube videos
   You think 1 chapter is easy hw
   You know everyone’s habits
   Someone says “common sense” and you think Thomas Paine
   You make a song about Great Gatsby to “sexy can I”
   You hear someone say something dumb outside of school and you say
    “wow, that’s totally board worthy”
   You make up a game called history 4 square
   Your right forearm is bigger than your left
   You don’t understan why your other classes don’t have coffee and snacks
   You go to starbucks and write history study notes all over their napkins
   You get excited for the fun facts on the board
   You get excited when glee talks about muckrakers and yellow journalism
   You post facebook pictures relating to the Great Gatsby
   You see the wizard of oz in a whole new light
   You wish you were someone that studied everything
   You get in trouble and all you have to say is “AP!” and your off the hook
   Being at the bottom of your class doesn’t mean your dumb
   Coffee becomes a staple in your diet
   You have funny/awkward conversations in class and the teacher is okay
    with it
   A chapter in the review book is a blessing
   You find more interest in the “funny book” than in Dr. Suess or Twilight
   You find yourself eating lunch in history class to do hw
   You blame everything on AP
   Bring your review book to school on days that you have English
   There is drool on your textbook
   You bring your review book to read at the gym
   You think the funniest thing is Roosevelt’s big stick
   Writing an essay is like riding a bike
 Forest Gump makes sense
 Know every question on the CST boost your slef-confidence
 You talk about burning all your AP stuff after the test… but you know you
  never will
 Your mom yells at you for spending too much time on homework
 You leave a party early to go study
 You think free time is boring
 You secretly tivo episodes of the history channel
 You do all your chores plus more to avoid having to do hw
 You start to pray
 Your body only runs on caffeine
 You sing memory ques in the shower
 You analyze everything for logos, pathos, and ethos
 You check the quote board every day for new quotes
 You make up your own words
 You can relate Disney movies to historical events
 You realize America sucks, but then also realize that the world is 10x worse
 Your idea of “fun” is extra credit
 You watch news and know what they are talking about
 You get excited about how easy your honors classes are
 The presidents no longer seem great
 Your dog stops playing with you when you pick up your text book
 You play words with friends against your teacher
 You hear Rachael’s voice and she’s not even talking
 You read your review book in accents the make it more exciting
 When your parents say something and you think to yourself that should go
  on the quote wall
 When the AP test is over… you feel empty inside and don’t know what to
  do with all your free time
 You point and laugh (HARD) when the kids in “regular” classes complain
  about trials
 You’re able to listen to the teacher talk, take notes, and read all at the same
 Maneevone’s website is your home page
 In your non-AP class all you think about is AP
 Your coffee maker goes on strike from over use, just like labor unions
 Getting up at 7am to take a 4 hour test doesn’t seem ridiculous
 You fear breaks because that means a lot of assignments
 A lego version on Huck Finn is the funniest thing you have ever watched
 You notice factual errors in professional publications
 You are so sleep deprived that you actually believe maneevones sarcasm
  for a couple seconds

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