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                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™
                                                          THE SISTAHS MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL
                                                                       JULY – SEPTEMBER, 2012
 NEECHY Feature:
 You’re Pregnant with
                                                             Designed for
 God’s Purpose
                                                               Michelle Y. McDonald

                                                                   Walking in
                                                               Mis. La’Tanyha Boyd

                                                                         Poetry Feature:
The Call…                                                    Dream Again
Hear and                                                                      Alicea Davis

Answer                            The Five Stages of a
Min. Tiffany R. Easley
                               Committed Relationship
                                                                               Mara Prose

                                                  of J. & Teenage Girls to Impact
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                                   5th ANNUAL SISTAHS EMBRACING THE ELEVATION

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                                                About           The SISTAHS Ministry International

                                   I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies
                                   a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
                                                                         (Romans 12:1)

    SISTAH Teen Mentoring
                                   Saved by grace
    ELDER SHARNAE COAKLEY          In the beauty of holiness
                                   Seeking to serve and encourage all women
                                   Taking back what the devil has attempted to steal from us
     International Chapters
                                   Anointed by the power of God presenting our bodies
         Africa and Italy          Holy and acceptable unto God which is our reasonable
    EVANGELIST MAGDALINE           Service

              India                                                  OUR MISSION
     Mt. Hebron Prayer Church
                                   Uniting women and teenage girls, who are victims of domestic violence,
                                   at-risk, single mothers and homeless, to impact their world is the heart
         U.S. Chapters             beat of The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International through partnering
                                   together in ministries of evangelism and compassion to train, empower,
          Massachusetts            inform and inspire.
                                                                      OUR VISION
        CARMEN L. WEST
                                   The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International gives leadership to at-risk teens,
            New York               teen mothers, victims of domestic violence, authors, poets, women with
     MIN. CHERYL BRAXTON           business and other ministries. Through a shared vision and the
                                   empowering of the Holy Spirit, The SISTAHS Ministry works within the
          Pennsylvania             principles of the Bible to obey the great commandment and the great
    VIS. VALARIE D. COLEMAN        commission, carrying out Christ’s redeeming work of love, mercy, and
                                   justice in the world.
                                   VISIT OUR DEVOTIONAL BLOGS:
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                                    Letter From the Editor
             The Breakthrough Experience to Upgrade

It is time out for doing things the same old way. As Mary Mary
says… and many before them… “In order to get something you
never had, you’ve got to do something you never did.” So many
times we become complacent with what we have and we come to
point where we “really” believe this is where the Lord wants us so
we, unfortunately, try to “learn” to deal with life right where we
are, instead of striving for more… instead of striving for the

But, I decree and declare, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! John 10:10
says (paraphrasing), “The thief comes to steal, kill and to destroy,
but I have come that you may have life and have it MORE
ABUNDANTLY!” And in that scripture when you get to the
“but” it cancels out everything before it. So, I don’t know about
you, but I’m ready for the MORE ABUNDANTLY. That’s a
PROMISE, and no matter what other people do, no matter that
other people say, no matter how people act, one thing I know is
that GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES! As was prophesied to me,
“ARISE, your light is come…!” So walk in that light boldly and
with confidence.

I would submit to you that we need to upgrade our belief and faith
to know that when God makes a promise HE IS FAITHFUL TO
PERFORM IT! I would further submit to you that in the
UPGRADE you must maintain wisdom and faith. Wisdom to
know, the Lord wants more for you than where you are right now.
Wisdom to know, the Lord keeps His promises.
Wisdom to know, when the devil tries to take over your thought patterns.
Wisdom to know, when the devil is trying to steal, kill and destroy that
promise the Lord has placed inside you; that promise that was spoken over
your life; and the promises in the Word!

Your UPGRADE is contingent on your development of WISDOM!
You have to possess the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting.
You’ve got to have what’s called insight.
You’ve got to have common sense and good judgment.
You’ve got to have The Fear of the Lord.

Serving the Lord of the UPGRADE,
Rev. Celeste Kelley

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   5
                                                  ~ Table of Contents ~
“You’re Pregnant with God’s Purpose” by Neechy .....................................................................................8

Word on the Street – Dating & Relationship Principles
“The Five Stages of a Committed Relationship” by Mara Prose ............................................................10

A SISTAH’s Lifestyle
“…you were designed for greatness…” by Michelle Y. McDonald .........................................................12
“The Virtue Vow” by Deaquelynn Williams .....................................................................................................15
Living the Victorious & Blessed Life
“The Call… Hear and Answer” by Minister Tiffany R. Easley .....................................................................16
“Walking in Purpose” by Missionary La’Tanyha Boyd ...................................................................................18
SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initiative
College Resource Information .....................................................................................................................20
On the Cover: Lorra Brown
“Upgrading the Breakthrough Experience” .............................................................................................22

Domestic Violence & Abuse
“Understanding the Cycle of Battering” ....................................................................................................24

Faith and Finances
“4th Principle of Financial Takeover” by Cedric Dukes ...............................................................................26

Health & Beauty ................................................................................................................................................30

A SISTAH’s Closet
“Going to the Chapel and What to Wear
To a Wedding” by Tonja Ayers ........................................................................................................................32

SISTAHS Services & Business Network
Feature: Tina C. Hines, For My Sister Friends .............................................................................................37

Soul SISTAHS Café of Reading & Poetry
Author David A. Taylor ...................................................................................................................................40
Poetress Alicea Davis ......................................................................................................................................42
The Writer’s Friend – Donna Goodrich .......................................................................................................43

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network
Feature: Danetra Moore, Sunday Best Finalist ........................................................................................44

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   7
You’re Pregnant with God’s Purpose

Does anybody feel stressed out from the North, South,           If you are pregnant in the spirit right now, you need to
East AND the West?!?!?                                          get excited. Your delivery date is SOON approaching.
                                                                That’s why your church members seem to be against
Seems like if someone taps you on the shoulder, you will        you. That’s why your own family members won’t help
break into a million little pieces! Everything seems out of     you.
whack…church, house, relationships, job direction…
                                                                You’re pregnant, and you’re glowing in the Spirit! We
You’re at your breaking point! Lord, I need you to show         talked about the season of death a few weeks ago.
up, I can’t take anymore! You feel like crying at random        Many are dying so that those who have been pregnant
times of the day. You feel like God is tugging on you to        can begin to deliver God’s Word and His love to the
pray more.                                                      nations!

You’ve prayed and cried…prayed, and cried some more             Rejoice in the fact that the pressure is there, we’s gone
– Lord, what direction should I take concerning moving          have a baby in the spirit yaw! All of the weight, pressure,
into a new home/apartment, my job…how do I handle               unusual experiences…it’s all apart of being pregnant.
my area of gifting? Lord, people seem to be ganging up          But here is what we know, the baby MUST come out,
against me, they don’t even recognize that I’m going            and when it does, we will see that all of the preparation
through a rough season!                                         was worth it.

Ha, God is working saints…don’t get it twisted!                 We have to recognize that there is a process to birthing
                                                                the gift. When a woman is pregnant, she has no control
You are in the last few weeks of your spiritual pregnancy       over the amount of weight that she will gain, the morning
for this season. Yes you are. It’s time to rejoice! The         sickness, mood, or appetite – the baby inside of her
labor pains are becoming more frequent, but it’s                controls all of that, lol. Just like in the spirit, we have no
because you are truly pregnant in the spirit! You have          control – we yield everything unto our Lord and Savior
heard many speak about being “pregnant” but you’ve              Jesus Christ – His will be done.
never experienced it.
                                                                Don’t get distracted in this season. Get in position and
It’s your turn. A baby takes 9 months. God has already          get ready to PUSH!!!! Thank God for the gift.
told you that He has placed certain gifts within you.
Those gifts must be cultivated…thus…the spiritual
pregnancy.                                                      HELPFUL SCRIPTURES:

You’re starting to get uncomfortable and you are ready          Philippians 1:6, New International Version (NIV) –
to deliver this baby! Come on now Jesus. This is a time         6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work
of excitement, it is a time of preparation for the arrival of   in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ
the “baby”…more prayer is required, more sensitivity to         Jesus.
the Holy Spirit.

Visit NEECHY Online, or

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   9
                                     WORD ON THE STREET – Relationships & Dating

                                             The Five Stages of a Committed
                                                               By MARA PROSE

I have spent the past couple of weeks researching             the day, you should always maintain the acceptance
marriage topics. Part of it is for research for my            stage mentality. Instead, our society is a place where
upcoming novel and part of it is for my own marriage. I       marriage is no longer sacred, commitments are no
came across The Five Stages of a Committed                    longer honored and we find our divorce rates at
Relationship and was very enlightened. When you are in        astronomical numbers all because we are too selfish to
a long term committed relationship, especially one that       realize that it is not simply about us. When you are part
has spanned two decades, it is hard not to fall into a rut,   of a union, it is about the two of you and if there are
take things for granted and forget to nurture your            children, their feelings and needs should definitely be a
relationship. Life tends to get in the way and we are all     factor.
struggling to keep up with its rapid pace and the most        I am not here to preach to the choir, repeat the same
valuable parts of life can sometimes suffer because of it.    things we hear everyday because we all know what we
                                                              should do. I am here to share what I have learned, often
The five stages of a committed relationship starts with       the hard way, over twenty years. Some of these have
the Romance Stage – that unrealistic stage that               been learning experiences based on my own
seasoned couples know does not last and is found at the       relationship and some have been based on friends and
very beginning of a relationship. From there, you             their experiences.
progress into the Disillusionment Stage – this is that
stage where your blinders are off and you finally start to    I have learned that it takes a long time for some of us to
witness the good, the bad and the ugly of your significant    think in terms of “we”. I have learned that couples often
other. Then there comes The Power Struggle Stage – in         mature in the relationship at different speeds and there
this stage the realizations from Disillusionment Stage are    is often a lot of waiting for the other to catch up. I have
intensified and become harder to deal with and accept.        learned that taking someone for granted for too long can
Unfortunately, this is the stage that many people             wear down even the strongest of loves and you have to
become stuck in and wind up separated or divorced. But        work extremely hard to rebuild from that point. I have
if they are able to work past this phase, then they           learned that there are many temptations in the world, the
progress into the Stability Stage – a more peaceful stage     grass is greener scenarios and have witnessed the
where a true friendship generally evolves through             devastation and the healing from emotional affairs. I
reconciliation. Lastly comes the Acceptance Stage – that      have learned that it is best to keep people out of the
experts sadly say only 5% reach – it is the stage where       intricacies of your relationship/marriage and
your genuine love for one another is proven by the fact       communicate only with one another; no one else knows
that you are committed to remain together for better or       your relationship like you do and it is always best to keep
for worse and you are able to find a commonplace of           the naysayers out of the mix. I have learned that
happiness.                                                    affection is key and never to allow it to fall by the
                                                              wayside because it is a slippery slope into the danger
After reading several articles, I can honestly say that I     zones of a relationship from there.
have witnessed each one of these stages. I think some
of them you cross over several times but at the end of

I have learned to relish in the peace, comfort and             it once we find ourselves there and stop allowing the
unconditional support that my husband and children offer       enemy to tear our relationships asunder.
and have adopted a true it is us against the world
mentality. I believe the most important lesson I have          Until next time, keep those you love close to your heart
learned is that with enough love, enough commitment,           and remember that it takes two literally means it takes
and enough dedication to one another, there is not much        two to break or make a relationship.
you cannot overcome. We need to recognize the
Disillusionment phase, make an action plan to work past
                                                               © 2012 Mara Prose – All Rights Reserved.

Mara Prose is the owner and operator of Mara Prose Publishing which is dedicated to achieving writing success not only
for me but fellow authors.

Visit Mara at

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™     11
A SISTAH’s LIFESTYLE – Life Coaching Principles

                                         “…you were designed for greatness…”
                                                                  By MICHELLE Y. McDONALD

                                     Hello my beautiful sister,

                                     Yes, my dear I am speaking to you. I pray this letter finds you well; and if it doesn’t I
                                     pray that by it’s end that you are encouraged.

By the time you receive this, the season of summer may
have ended. Autumn, the season of change and                         Maybe you have gotten off the path God has for
transformation may have already arrived. However, this               you. There is no shame in admitting your mistakes. It’s
year has been a year of great transition for me, as it has           not too late to come back. He is waiting for you with
been for you I suspect. There have been great victories              open arms. Repent, call to Him! Give Him praise and
and some failures, that you had to overcome; or are                  honor! He’s there. Understand though, He has work for
currently facing. You can the mourn the loss; but don’t              you. Although we shine like diamonds, we weren’t
stay in that place. It is a temporary feeling that is not            created just to look cute. Everything good in you; was
meant to take up permanent residence.                                placed by Him, for His work.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself in times of failure; it         Yes, my sister, you are needed. If you have been told
takes courage to see yourself as God sees you; as He                 that you weren’t going to make it, don’t believe it. If you
always sees you. That courage is built upon the                      have been told that you can’t do anything, don’t believe
foundation of faith that sometimes gets cloudy during                it. If you have been called anything less than the
difficult times; but nevertheless it remains. The courage            wonderful, smart, woman of God that you are, don’t
will reignite the fire that the One who created you put on           believe it.
the inside of you. Then you, the you God sees, will rise
up and begin again.                                                  On this day, I declare and decree that we will walk in
                                                                     God’s purpose. We will strive to be in His perfect will for
You see, my precious, jewel of a sister, you were                    our lives and always remember that no matter what
designed for greatness! You are a daughter of the the                happens in life, we only need to look to the One who
most High God. You may not feel like royalty; but you                knows all and loves us more than ourselves for the
are! As women, we have the capacity to be both bold                  answers.
and beautiful. You are adored by our Father. You have
unique gifts that were placed in you, by Him. So you                 I love you my beautiful sister,
see, you can not stay in the dark place of despair;
because that’s not where you belong.                                 Michelle Y. McDonald
                                                                     © 2012 Michelle Y. McDonald – All Rights Reserved.

Michelle Y. McDonald’s heart's desire is to serve God and to encourage other women. She is a marketing consultant
and videographer who holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film.

Visit Michelle online at

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   13
                              THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING
                                            By DEAQUELYNN WILLIAMS
Have you ever felt disconnected from God? Have you ever felt that your prayers were just words that evaporated in the air
and never quite made it to God? Do you have a difficult time focusing when reading your Bible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to invite you to join me October 17-19th at 8:30pm
nightly for “My Spiritual Awakening” - a three-day intensive presented by Quelynn, Inc. In this three day course, you
will learn:

            o   How to create a prayer closet.
            o   How to pray the Word of God.
            o   How to meditate the Word of God.
            o   How to create a daily prayer practice.
            o   How to quiet your life through stillness.
            o   How to create a prayer journal/notebook.
            o   How to connect with God through worship.

I created this intensive after overcoming a place I struggled with often in my life. There were pockets of time where I felt
as close to God as a person could possibly get, only to feel disconnected a few short months later and struggled to
reconnect once again. This cycle went on for years until God awakened a desire in me to live in His presence and develop
practical practices that aided in the fulfillment of that desire.
Since this awakening, I must tell you… life is better for me! I’m able to: hear God’s voice more clearly, understand and
operate in His plan and purpose for my life, and freely share God’s love with His people through the development of
Christ-centered relationships, just to name a few.
Are you ready to connect with God? become more spiritually disciplined? see your prayers come to fruition?
...and to increase in your gratitude?
If so, then register today! Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with more details about the intensive.
Remember, this is a *FREE* intensive! However, you must register to receive the information and to participate.

                                                              THE VIRTUE VOW
                                                              By DEAQUELYNN WILLIAMS

If you've been a student or client of mine, or even if                    As a woman of virtue, I vow to let my light shine
you've followed me on social networks for a while you'll                   before men, that they may see my good works
know that the core of my messages, coaching and                            and glorify my Father in heaven. ~Matthew 5:16
classes is "teaching women how to live the virtuous life."
I so admire and strive to live up to the ideal woman                      As a woman of virtue, I vow to show God’s love
taught in Proverbs 31 by King Lemuel's mother. She                         to God’s people through the development of
sure knew what she was teaching her son! I love it!                        Christ–centered relationships. ~John 13:34-35
                                                                          As a woman of virtue, I vow to guard my
Anyone, I put together this "Virtue Vow" for women to                      thoughts and meditate only on things that are
print, speak and post in their homes. I believe it captures                true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report,
the essence of the woman of virtue in all aspects of her                   virtuous and praiseworthy. ~Philippians 4:8
life. I've shared this vow with many of my clients and
students. So now I'm inviting you to take "The Virtue                     As a woman of virtue, I vow to not let the Book
Vow" with us...                                                            of the Law depart from my mouth, but to
                                                                           meditate in it day and night, and observe to do
                                                                           according to all that is written in it so I can be
                                                                           prosperous and have good success. ~Joshua
   As a woman of virtue, I vow to love the Lord my God
    with all my heart, all my soul, and with all my mind.
    ~Mark 22:36                                                           As a woman of virtue, I vow to submit to my own
                                                                           husband, as to the Lord; trusting God to lead my
   As a woman of virtue, I vow to bear the Fruit of the
                                                                           husband to make sound godly decisions for our
    Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness,
                                                                           family. ~Ephesians 5:22
    goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
    ~Ephesians 5:22-23                                                    As a woman of virtue, I vow to build an
                                                                           environment at home that is loving, safe and that
   As a woman of virtue, I vow to cultivate the
                                                                           enhance the spiritual, physical, mental,
    incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
                                                                           emotional, social, and financial success of my
    which is very precious in the sight of God. ~1Peter
                                                                           family. ~Proverbs 14:1
                                                                          As a woman of virtue, I vow to care for my body
   As a woman of virtue, I vow to be a godly parent
                                                                           as a sacred temple of the Holy Ghost by keeping
    who does not provoke my children; but train,
                                                                           it pure and healthy. ~1 Corinthians 6:19
    discipline and counsel them in the admonition of the
    Lord. ~Ephesians 6:4; Proverbs 22:6
                                                                  ©2012 Deaquelynn Williams – All Rights Reserved.

Deaquelynn Williams is a humanitarian, life class facilitator, author, Bible teacher, inspirational speaker and a social
entrepreneur. In addition to founding Quelynn, Inc. she is also founder and executive director of A Light in the Dark
Outreach, an organization that provides resources and programs for the homeless and youth.

Visit Deaquelynn at

                                                                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™         15
                           LIVING the VICTORIOUS & BLESSED LIFE – Spirituality
                                        The Call… HEAR AND ANSWER
                                                               By MIN. TIFFANY R. EASLEY

                                      But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests,[a] a holy nation,
                                          God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God,
                                             for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9 NLT

I have truly learned and began to apply the belief ; God                  the origin of this sound. I looked in my closet to make
can use anyone and anything He chooses to speak to                        sure nothing had fallen. I looked in the bathroom to
His children. I constantly observe my surroundings with                   make sure that everything was still in place and then on
an expectation ; God is ready to speak to me and share                    my way back to my bedroom, I noticed something out
a new revelation like never before. Because I find nature                 the corner of my eye perched on the railing of my
to be the absolute example of God’s omnipotence I find                    balcony. There on my balcony sat this huge bird, while I
myself paying close attention to things outdoors. As I                    still cannot tell you what type of bird it was, I can tell you
walk I look at the clouds in total amazement of each                      it was God speaking to me. So as I continued with my
unique shape. When I am flying I take notice of how                       day, I began to think about the meaning this huge bird
God has separated the sky from the land and can only                      has in my life. I began to question; was it a vulture.
say WOW!! In saying all of this, I have always been                       Many say that vultures are a sign of death or something
fascinated by nature and recently became fascinated                       bad. I went to and found that a vulture is;
with the birds of the air. They are amazing animals that                  any of various large birds (families Accipitridae and
survive the harsh environment in which they live.                         Cathartidae) that are related to the hawks, eagles, and
Whether it is extreme heat, cold, or drought, a bird can                  falcons but have weaker claws and the head usually
survive in spite of what they face. As I think about how                  naked and subsist chiefly or entirely on carrion. Carrion
often I stand outside gazing into the sky or looking at the               is dead putrefying flesh (flesh not fit for food). Notice
ground while observing these magnificent creatures, I                     something here about this definition, vultures include
think of one of my favorite scriptures found in Matthew 6:                eagles, which are thought to be one of the most
26 AMP. The scripture says; Look at the birds of the air;                 fascinating creatures of all times. I quickly realized that
they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet                  this bird was God’s way of getting my attention to listen
your heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not                      to Him even more closely. The bird landed with a loud
worth much more than they? And even as I type this and                    bang, but flew away with the soft flap of his wings.
listen to Pandora radio, God subtlety reminds me, He
cares for me as the song His Eye is on the Sparrow                        Stay with me…I am setting the stage for something that
begins to play. This week God has simply reminded me                      will blow your mind. As I journeyed to church in Dallas
through the birds of the air, that He cares so much for                   and got inside, I had no idea God was about to use the
me, He calls me out for a purpose. He positions me for a                  experience I had at home as the foundation for the
season and He promotes me for His Glory.                                  confirmation of what God would say through the Bishop
                                                                          today. He began to preach from the book of Romans
One-hundred, fifteen days ago, God called me out into a                   8:29-31 and He simply said the “Call”. I ask you today,
place He promised to show me and each day, His                            have you heard and answered the call of God. It was
awesomeness totally A-M-A-Z-E-S me. For the past two                      today that God simply reminded me He has called me.
months I have seen several birds flying, but as I sit in my               He called me out of darkness into the marvelous light.
office, I have noticed an extremely large bird that flies                 God professed that I am part of a Royal Priesthood, a
past my window each day. While I still cannot tell you                    Holy Nation, all because I heard God’s call and
what type of bird it is, I can tell you God has chosen to                 answered (1 Peter 2:9). You may wonder how all of this
speak to me by allowing me to constantly see this bird.                   ties together, it is simply. God is calling you to be a part
One would think seeing this huge bird in its environment                  of His Kingdom and He will use whatever means
would not come as a surprise, but remember I told you I                   necessary to get your attention. I ask you, have you
believe God can use anyone and anything to get His                        heard and answered God’s call? See there are two
message to His children. While I simply enjoyed seeing                    parts to this, you must first hear the call and then you
this huge bird, God wanted me to do more than see it,                     must answer. Now if you think back to me describing a
He wanted me to understand what He was saying                             vulture it is synonymous with death and flesh. God was
through it. Well this morning as I was preparing for                      simply showing me that He is calling me to die to my
church I heard a loud BANG and started searching for                      flesh and walk accountable to my spirit. Noticing these

birds each day is God’s subtle reminder that there is a         Commit to the Process: Like clay in the Potter’s
call on my life and now that I have answered the call, I        Hands, so are you in the hands of Christ. Jeremiah
must constantly seek to walk in spirit and not flesh. My        18:1-6
flesh must die. God is calling me to greater things,
Kingdom things, purposeful things, and in order to fully        Commit to the Position: Remain in me and my word in
answer the call, my flesh must die. In using this bird God      you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you.
was also showing me the enemy is MAD AT ME! The
enemy is looking to kill me, before I complete my               Commit to the Purpose: Before I formed you in the
purpose. You may ask me how I know, well, he sent               womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I
cancer, I over came it, he sent hydrocephalus, I                appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5
overcame that. He sent isolation, I overcame that. Then
he sent low self-esteem and I overcame that. I overcame         Commit to the Process: There will be times when you
all those things not because I am so Holy or so                 may be pruned by God so you can grow and while the
righteous, but because I heard and answered God’s call.         cutting and bruising of being on the wheel, does not feel
I am here on earth on purpose, God’s purpose.                   good they are necessary so your GREATNESS can be
                                                                revealed. Jeremiah 18: 1-6. You have to understand
I have heard and answered the call to operate in my             you must commit to staying on God’s preparation wheel
purpose. There have been days I was not sure I knew or          until God is finished making you.
understood my purpose and there are days that I still
wonder if I am fully operating in my purpose. The bird is       Commit to the Position: You must understand if you
a constant reminder that God loves me so much He will           want to get to the DIVINE position God has for you in His
send signs (the word at church) and wonders (the huge           Kingdom, you must commit to the position He has you in
bird on the balcony) just to confirm there is a Call on my      NOW! Whether it is the janitor, the secretary, the usher,
life. I have been called by God and there are those who         or the worship leader, you must commit to where you are
may not understand it, agree with it, or support me as I        in order to see where you are going and arrive at
walk in it. While I am making this a personal testimony,        DESTINY. Be faithful over the small things so that God
you too have been called. You may wonder what you               can take you higher! Matthew 25:21
are called to do and it is simple you are called to be the
Greatest Manifestation of Christ on earth (Thanks               Commit to the Purpose: In order to commit to the
Spiritual Father: Pastor Howard E. Jones, Jr.). You are         purpose you must understand you have been
called to show the characteristics of Christ in all of your     predestined and uniquely designed to accomplish your
interactions. You are to show the World that you have           God ordained purpose. You are SHAPED for your
been called out from darkness into the marvelous light.         purpose. You have the right Spiritual gifts, Heart,
Because of this call on your life, the enemy will               Abilities, Personality, and Experiences to accomplish
constantly try to take you out. It could be terminal            the call of God on your life.
illness, near death car accidents, debilitating diseases,
or emotional distress. But through whatever the enemy           You see through all of this there is a level of commitment
sends your way stand tall and proud. Understand the             you have to make. The journey is not always easy and
call on your life is greater than any attempt the enemy         sometimes it may seem as though you will never get to
will make to kill you. You are called for such a time as        your Destiny, but you must trust God and commit to the
this (Esther 4:14)! You are called to be bold and               Process, the Position, and the Purpose. Stand Tall, you
bodacious for God! You are called to share God’s word           are on the road to something so great that your mind
and His greatness with all that you come in contact with.       cannot fathom it. Commit Now and get ready for the Best
You are called to commit your all to Christ: Seek God           Part of Your Life! It is coming, but you must Hear and
first and His righteousness and all these things will be        Answer the Call!
added to you. Matthew 6:33
                                                                © 2012 Tiffany R. Easley – All Rights Reserved.

A born administrator and encourager, Minister Tiffany R. Easley seeks to minister to the hearts and souls of women
around the world.

Visit Minister Tiffany at

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™    17
                                                         Walking in Purpose
                                                         By MISSIONARY LA’ TANYHA BOYD

                              “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to
                                                                     his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)

                            In this journey called “Life”,               and I, of all people had to apply for public assistance?
                            I’ve learned that God never                  Lord, say it isn’t so!!!
                            consults our past to
                            determine our future. The                    I stepped to the counter, stated my situation and was
roads we take are used as a learning experience for                      given the application to file for public assistance.
growth and development, and to bring us into our                         Because of the embarrassment, pride and shame I felt, it
purpose.                                                                 was impossible for me to share this with anyone.

Often times we as Christians or even just as people                      On my second trip to the office to deliver some final
struggle with guilt, shame, fear, pride and lost                         information, sitting in the waiting area, a young lady sat
possibilities (Could of, should of, and would of.) We must               beside me upset and coughing. I reached in my handbag
not allow past situations, hardships, trials and                         and gave her a mint with the scripture John 3:16 written
tribulations to define us, nor to hinder us from fulfilling              on the wrapper. This opened the door for conversation.
our Purpose, because God certainly does not.                             The Lord let me know that it was time to minister to this
                                                                         young woman. At that particular moment, I forgot about
God reminded me of this.                                                 my own situation because I was “on-call.”

I remember when the company I was working for down-                      Here the revelation lies.
sized. As a result of this, I was one of those who lost a
job. During three years of being unemployed, I had to                    God had to bring me down this road, through this very
learn to trust God to provide for my family; my daughter                 path for growth; to tear down a wall of pride, but also to
and I.                                                                   realize that no matter what I was going through I still had
                                                                         a purpose. The situation looked bleak but had I allowed
Finances became intense, especially during that third                    my current situation to hinder me, I would have never
and final year. The possibility of being evicted was                     allowed God to use me as that vessel to bring another
knocking at the door, the phone was disconnected and                     young lady into her breakthrough.
there was no food in the house. I had no other option but
to apply for public assistance.                                          Not even two weeks following, did I find myself
                                                                         employed! Glory to God!
After dropping off my daughter to school that morning, I
remember kicking and screaming (figuratively,) tears                     You may not always be aware of how God is working in
rolling down my face as I rode the local train to the                    your life, but rest assured that He is indeed working!
Department of Social Services.
                                                                         Scripture Meditation: John 14:12; Jeremiah 29:11.
When I arrived at the office, I just wanted to crawl under
a rock. Here I am a woman of God, an Aspirant                            © 2012 Missionary Lá Tanyha Boyd – All Rights
Missionary (at that time) who professes His word daily                   Reserved.

Missionary Là Tanyha has a great passion for the up-building of God’s Kingdom. In having a mustard seed of “FAITH”
and believing in the promises of God, she stepped out on just that and "Faith ABeliever's Virtual Book Club," along
with “Spiritual Food for Thought~Radio" was born. With a mission to empower, equip and edify women in their life
journey, she often challenges women to step outside the box and live their dream to continue to reach higher heights and
deeper depths within.

Visit Missionary Là Tanyha online:


            KINDLE Version:

                         Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   19
                   College RESOURCE Information
Teen Ink College Directory                                     Embark
An online College Directory for a wide variety of colleges     Learn how to prepare for your college experience by
and universities across the country.                           working step by step through the process. Has an
                                                               extended section for international students, as well as
Teen Ink College Section                                       business and liberal arts undergrads. "Find, apply and
Check out Teen Ink's College Section, while includes an        get into the right program for you!"
archive of college reviews, essays and articles written        ETS
entirely by teens. Also includes an online College             "The Educational Testing Service Network" - Offers
Directory for a variety of colleges and universities across    information on standardized tests, including the PSAT,
the country.                                                   SAT and AP exams. Also provides helpful information on
                                                               jobs, colleges and financial aid. College Life: U.S
Read featured articles, or search for information on a         FastWeb!
variety of topics - from dorm life and Greek life, to school   "Helping Over 6 Million Students Find Scholarships,
loans and studying abroad.                                     Colleges and Jobs!" - Find out about scholarships,
                                                               search through the college directory, or get information
College Click TV                                               from national experts on admissions, financial aid, is a resource for prospective               money management and career planning.
students to get access to thousands of personalized
student interviews from hundreds of colleges nationwide.       Mapping Your Future
These students can also network, view updated                  Easy-to-navigate site providing helpful information about
admissions and college statistics, and use many of the         college and career planning. Includes sections for middle
unique features that can be found on the site.                 to high school students, college students and parents.

College Prep 101                                               My Future
Home of all your college preparation needs.                    Focuses on teens, particularly career and college
                                                               information. Build a resumé online, find out about college
CollegeView                                                    finance options, roommate stories, the military as an
Offers hundreds of virtual tours, financial aid and            option, and more.
scholarship information, profiles of over 3,800 colleges
and universities, career planning tools, and advice from       Office of Postsecondary Education
professional guidance counselors.                              This site has information for anyone starting the college
                                                               process. Has news and resources, links to different web
                                                               sites, and links to multicultural schools.

                                                                    can also search through college, scholarship, and career                                                     databases.
This site has opportunites for students of all ages to
study overseas. Learn about high school programs, or                The College Bound Network
consider a summer job or college education.                         An easy and detailed search database for finding the
                                                                    perfect college for you.
Teen Life
Guides, articles, and resource links on student programs            Transition Year
throughout the U.S.: summer programs, volunteer                     An emotional health website, including forums, to help
opportunities, test prep, careers and schools.                      teens stay stable and happy while transitioning to
                                                                    college life.
The College Board
An all-in-one web site with information on the SATs and   
PSATs, including the ability for online registration. You

                                                    For Our Daughters is a new, must-see, much-needed documentary that
                                                    shares stories of resilience, wisdom and a deep-rooted concern for today’s
                                                    Black girls and young women who are faced with the task of growing up
                                                    and overcoming a sexist, racially-challenged society.

                                                    Too many young Black girls face mounting misconceptions of beauty, and
                                                    challenges of self esteem and self worth. A precious resource, our
                                                    daughters are future mothers and the first and most important teachers of
                                                    future children.

                                                     For Our Daughters offers an aspect of Black women that we rarely get to
                                                    see in most of today’s misguiding media. This film shreds and dismantles
                                                    the stereotypical images of Black women that our daughters are
                                                    bombarded with daily, and provides us a way to balance their perspectives
                                                    and buoy their souls.

                                                     This important documentary by our good friend and great filmmaker, Eric
                                                     McKay, is truly an education and blessing for our daughters. Please click
the image above to visit the website and purchase your DVD to share with the wonderful young women in your life. (When you
buy the DVD using the above link, a donation will be made to the NBTEE).

  UniTee Design is a Black Youth Empowerment Enterprise all about
       helping our children find purpose, so they grow proud of their
         accomplishments, and have the power to improve not only
                                   themselves, but our communities.

Working with young, talented graphic designers, we create custom
RBG tee-shirts called “UniTees”. Every UniTee celebrates our
beautiful culture in style. And every UniTee has a message so you
can wear something that means something.

UniTees can be customized for special events and causes, and are great for group or school fundraising efforts. To learn more,
call 1.888.OUR.RBG.TEES.

Check out our newest designs at today, and support Black Youth Empowerment every day!

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Reaching the Higher Level of Success

 ON THE COVER: Lorra Brown, Founder & CEO of J. Stevens & Associates
Lorra Brown prides herself in servicing individuals and small companies on a personal level. Her company is large
enough to get the job done, but small enough to work closely with her clients and make the most of your relationship. An
inspiration, Lorra Brown coaches’ women in business as well as those who are career inclined, to be the best they can be
and empower them to the next level.

Lorra Brown realized how much she wanted to own her             level. As a Christian and a family focused entrepreneur,
business when she discovered her ability to help others         she believes that faith is a key ingredient in small
with their dreams. Now, through “putting God first”, she        business success.
successfully runs a consulting firm specializing in
servicing women-owned businesses, non profits,                  Lorra is a 13+ year finance veteran, who brings a wealth
training, accounting and finance services. She has had          of CFO level experience to clients. Experience gained
numerous successes with fortune 500 companies.                  from leading The Urban Alternative National Ministry of
                                                                Dr. Tony Evans one of Dallas/ Fort Worth largest
Lorra had this to share with SISTAH Talk:                       ministry nonprofit and working with several other
                                                                companies such as Unite Way and YWCA. In addition to
SISTAH Talk: Please tell us about Lorra Brown.                  consulting, Lorra has coached entrepreneurs and small
                                                                business owners to start and grow their business. She
Lorra Brown: Lorra Brown, known as one of the                   was a volunteer with SCORE for several years. Her
leading small business experts. She is a seasoned               career can be characterized as the ideal intersection of
entrepreneur, motivational speaker, whose mission is to         faith and finance.
empower, connect, educate and inspire women in
business to be all that they can be and to go to the next

SISTAH Talk: Please share your inspiration to start             organization this will determine how you are to run. Don’t
J. Stevens & Associates Tax Consultants and                     borrow someone else’s policies and procedures.
Business Advisors.
                                                                SISTAH Talk: Please share some characteristics
Lorra Brown: I’ve pretty much always wanted my own              women and teens should have to be successful in
business. When I realized that I was able to help other         their quest to start a business or non-profit
others with their dreams, it seriously motivated me to          organization.
launch my own business
                                                                Lorra Brown: Passion and Energy ~ Passion is what
SISTAH Talk: Were there any obstacles in                        drives me forward. Passion is what makes me go to bed
achieving your goal to start J. Stevens & Associates.           at 2am and wake up at 6am.” – Aliko Dangote

Lorra Brown: We had some obstacles in the first year            Persistence ~ Press on in the face of hard times when
of deciding who we was really our target market,                you feel like giving up.
charging what you worth and building a brand when I
came from a large nonprofit ministry of Dr. Toney Evans.        Self-Belief ~ You must believe in yourself, if you don’t
That’s who people associated me with.                           who else will.

SISTAH Talk: Please share some of the common                    Learn quickly from failures ~ Successful entrepreneurs
reasons why you believe one may consider it hard to             make a lot of mistakes that sometimes lead to business
get started in business.                                        failures but they don’t let it get them down. Instead, they
                                                                quickly acknowledge their business mistakes, correct
Lorra Brown: People don’t want to take the time out to          them, learn from their failures and move on.
do the homework and really get to know who their target
market is and what do they have to offer that is different      Commitment ~ You must be in for the long haul.
from their competitor.
                                                                SISTAH Talk: Please share a word of empowerment
First they must develop a thoughtful business plan and          with those women and teenage girls who may want
the ability to make it work by:                                 to start their own business.

Thoroughly researching their prospective business               Lorra Brown: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
model.                                                          Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways
                                                                acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.” Proverbs
Knowing why they need funds for operation or capital            3:5-6 (NIV) Don’t give up! Be patient! Understand you
expenditures.                                                   can't do it all at once. Dream bigger, because you can.

                                                                SISTAH Talk:      Please share your upcoming
Establishing how much risk they’re willing to carry             projects.
                                                                Lorra Brown: Part of my upcoming projects is doing
SISTAH Talk: Please share some helpful hints for                motivational speaking to women and women in
starting a non-profit organization or business.                 business, speaking on domestic violence which is a
                                                                close personal subject. I’m also in the process of getting
Lorra Brown: Research- Before starting a nonprofit              ready to conduct training programs through a program
examine the need. Know what you really getting into.            I’ve Developed Prosperity Diva’s and Destiny diva’s for
There are over One million nonprofits and many struggle         women and young girls. Prosperity Diva's program is a
in attracting constant funding.                                 life changing program to help women and young girls
Once you’ve done the research and determine there is a          change their financial mindset.
need for the nonprofit ask yourself these questions: Who
will be involved, What do you need to do, When should           SISTAH Talk:      How may you be contacted?
you file paperwork, Where can you get assistance, How
do you create and substain a nonprofit, Why is there a          Lorra Brown: I may be contacted through my website
need for a new nonprofit to accomplish your mission?            at or by calling my office at 817-
State and Federal forms- Laws and regulations on                381-6139. We are also on Facebook at
starting a nonprofit organization vary from state to state,
find out your state requirements. Find out what Federal
forms are need to start a nonprofit.
Establish plans, policies, and procedures for your new
organization. Know what your putting into place for your

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™        23
Domestic Violence & Abuse
Understanding the Cycle of Battering

It is important to understand the cycle of battering if we    This stage can last for very long periods of time (up to 10
are to break it and help those who may be victims of          years). Both want to avoid the acute battering stage.
domestic abuse. Though there are always variations in         External situations will trigger this phase into the next.
behavior, the following description of the phases of
battering have been recognized as the patterns                There's a definite escalation and intensity before Phase
experienced by most victims of chronic abuse.                 II and the oppressor ceases to respond to any controls.

PHASES                                                        A point of inevitability is reached.

1. Tension Building Stage - Abuse occurs and escalates.       PHASE II - ACUTE BATTERING STAGE
Woman copes with abusive behavior and attempts to
control the situation by placating the abuser. She            This stage is characterized by the uncontrollable
attempts to control external factors. He becomes more
                                                              discharge of tension that has built up during Phase I.
oppressive -- he explodes.
                                                              Batterer fully accepts that his rage is out of control as
2. Acute Battering Stage - (shortest stage) -                 does she.
characterized by the abuse being totally uncontrolled
and devastating. Abuser stops only when he's
exhausted. Both partners deny, minimize brutality.            He ends up not understanding what happened.

3. Loving Behavior Stage - promises to change, contrite,      His rage blinds his control over his behavior.
begs forgiveness.
                                                              He starts out wanting to teach his woman a lesson, not
PHASE I - TENSION BUILDING STAGE                              intending to inflict any particular injury on her, and stops
                                                              when he feels she's learned her lesson.
Minor battering incidents occur.
                                                              The trigger for moving into Phase II is rarely the battered
The woman will choose any one of several techniques           woman's behavior; rather it's usually an external event or
that have proven previously successful. She may               the internal state of the man. She occasionally does
become nurturing, compliant and may anticipate his            provoke a phase II incident. This occurs when the couple
every whim or she may stay out of his way.                    has been in Phase I for a long time. She knows Phase II
                                                              is inevitable and wants to get it over with. This way she
                                                              controls when and why the incident occurs, rather than
She does not permit herself to get angry with the
                                                              being at his mercy.
batterer. She resorts to "denial." She denies that she's
angry at being unjustly hurt and rationalizes that perhaps
she did deserve the abuse.                                    It's the shortest phase (Usually lasts 2-24 hrs.)

She tries to control external factors even though she         It's impossible to predict the kind of violence that will
knows these minor battering incidents will only escalate.     occur. This anticipation causes severe psychological
However, again she denies this to help her cope.              stress for the battered woman. She becomes anxious,
                                                              depressed and complains of psychological symptoms;
                                                              sleepless nights, loss of appetite, or opposite.
The batterer does not try to control himself because he
feels he has a right to discipline his woman. This is
reinforced by society's laissez-faire attitude about          He usually is unable to describe much about what
domestic violence.                                            happened.

He knows the behavior is wrong and fears she'll leave         Only he can end the Phase II state. Why he stops is still
him.                                                          unclear. He may become exhausted or emotionally
He becomes more oppressive, jealous and possessive
in the hope that his brutality will keep her captive.

It's not uncommon to wake the woman out of sound                 When she attacks police, she demonstrates her loyalty
sleep to begin his assault.                                      to her batterer, hoping to avoid further beatings.

No matter what she does, she gets the beating. She               Battered women have stated that if they were sure that
generally realizes he's out of control and she usually           the batterer was removed, and not permitted to return,
won't resist, just waits out the storm and stays calm.           they would not attack police.

She feels psychologically trapped and unable to free             PHASE III - KINDNESS & CONTRITE LOVING
herself from the situation.                                      BEHAVIOR
                                                                 (MOST DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND)
The acute attack is usually followed by initial shock,
denial and disbelief.                                            Characterized by extremely loving, kind and contrite
                                                                 behavior by the batterer.
Both rationalize the seriousness of the attack!
                                                                 He knows he's gone too far - he tries to make up. It is
She'll minimize her injuries - making excuses.                   here where her victimization becomes complete.

She won't seek help during this period unless there's            A very calm period - the tension built up in Phase I and
severe injury.                                                   released in Phase II is now gone.

Reactions of battered women and catastrophe victims              Batterer behaves in a charming and loving way.
are very similar.
                                                                 He begs forgiveness and promises he'll never do it
Disaster victims generally suffer emotional collapse 22 to       again.
48 hours after a catastrophe. Their symptoms are
listlessness, depression, and feelings of helplessness.          He truly believes he will never again hurt the woman he
Battered women are the same. They remain isolated for            loves.
at least 24 hours and it may be several days before they
seek help. They feel no one can protect them from the            He also believes he has taught her a lesson and she will
violence, even the police.                                       never again behave in such a manner, so he'll not be
                                                                 tempted to beat her.
Police are usually called during this phase.
                                                                 He says he will change or get help, etc.
Police attest to the difficulty of interrupting this stage.
                                                                 She now wants to believe him, feeling this is the real
Often police will try to mediate and counsel the 2 people        person rather than the violent part of him.
and then leave. Often violence will increase after police
leave. It's important to separate the parties at this point.     The chances of him getting help, however, are slim while
                                                                 she stays.
Studies by Morton Bard, a NYC psychologist who works
with police, have shown that when police are properly            This is the phase where she usually drops charges,
trained to deal with violent family situations mortality         stops separation or divorce proceedings and tries to
rates go down.                                                   patch things up.

Police also complain of being attacked by women if they          He makes her feel guilty so she will stay with him. He
intervene in Phase II.                                           often threatens suicide. Some actually do after she
Police understandably become indignant and frustrated
because the very person they set out to help turns on            Their relationship is symbiotic - each feeding off the
them. They interpret her behavior as complicity with her         other - both lives are drastically affected by the other.
husband's violence. There is a need to understand that           She tries to keep this phase going for a long period of
the woman knows that when police leave, she'll be left           time. However, when this phase is followed by an
alone with the batterer again and she's terrified of further     intense period of phase I behavior, the woman may lose
abuse.                                                           control of her suppressed rage and may seriously injure
                                                                 her man as she feels she cannot cope with further

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™       25
                                                                                         Faith & Finances

Financial Takeover
4th Principle of a Financial Takeover – Investing
Excerpts from Hostile Takeover - Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances

By Cedric Dukes

The last principle of the financial takeover series that we   company, bank, or government agency for a
will discuss is investing. As we have seen in the past        predetermined time in exchange for income. Bonds can
year, the stock market has been unstable, economies           be secured through an investment firm, bank,
taken a major dip, and rising unemployment. What we           government, or corporation. The company or bank pays
thought was a sure bet is no longer one. Long gone are        you interest in exchange for your investment.
the hefty returns. The markets are undergoing a               Governments use bonds to finance major projects such
correction due to the unstableness in other countries.        as parks, recreation facilities, and highways. Companies
The best analysts cannot predict the market or even tell      use bonds to finance research and development of
us what to buy. We have learned in this market that           major products. Bonds are secured loans that have a
there are no get rich quick schemes in investing.             specific time period. They don’t pay the same type of
                                                              interest as a savings account; they pay at a higher rate.
Wait a minute before you throw investing to the can;
Investing is a spiritual principle. The Bible tells us in     The next area is stocks. Stocks are the most common
Ecclesiastes 11:1-2, 5 tells to,“Cast thy bread upon the      instruments traded today. However, they can be risky.
waters: for thou shalt find it after many days: Give a        Buying stocks simply mean that you are buying
portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not     ownership into another company. Rushing to buy a stock
what evil shall be upon the earth…even so thou knowest        is risky, especially without doing the proper homework.
not the works of God who maketh all.” The main point is       To avoid the risk of losing money, conduct research on
to diversify your investments because you do not know         companies that have a long-term focus. A long-term
the works of the Almighty God. No one knows how God           focus enables you to buy high-quality companies, which
is changing the economy, not even the experts. He is          are those that have a vision for their product, advantage
changing it for a specific purpose. A successful              over their competition, and potentially new technology
investment strategy must accomplish three main                that will increase future revenue. Long-term investing
objectives: diversification, long-term focus and              enables a stock to go through the roller-coaster cycle of
continuity. These objectives must work together. If they      a company’s performance, plus it reduces the risk of
don’t, your investment will not generate a good               losing money. Investing in stocks individually will not
return. Investing is a slow, grinding, and even a             build your assets quickly. Stocks should be a
mundane process. With that, there are several different       complement to your 401(k) or IRA portfolio. Seek
types of investments that you can use in your investment      wisdom as you invest. How much better is it to get
journey.                                                      wisdom than gold and to get understanding rather than
                                                              to be chosen than silver! (Proverbs 16:6).
The first area is the savings account. A savings account
gives you an easy method to put money away for a short        On the other side of stocks are mutual funds.. Mutual
time or even for emergencies. The interest on a savings       funds are one of the best alternatives to increase your
account is not that terrific, but it is a great way to have   assets. Mutual funds can double your growth over stocks
your money available (liquid) for emergencies or for          each year. Unlike stocks, you do not own a stake in the
planned expenses. Within a savings account you can            company’s fund. A mutual fund is a collection of
move up to a CD or money market account which will            companies owned by investment firms that invest in
give you a greater interest rate. All of this is good for     another companies’ stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Fund
short term saving.                                            managers run mutual funds. They are certified
                                                              professionals who typically spend time, resources, and
The next investment is bonds. Bonds are actually good         efforts selecting the right companies to invest for that
for a market like this especially with the unstableness in    particular fund. Here are some advantages of mutual
the economy if you do not like risks. Good bonds will         funds. They are easy to invest in because you don’t
hold your principal balance neutral. Bonds allow you, as      need a large amount of money, as opposed to stocks
the bond investor, to lend certain amounts of money to a      that you buy. Secondly, they provide instant

diversification. You’re automatically diversified among             life found in Luke 16:12 - And if you are not faithful with
many different companies. Lastly, they are easy to sell             other people’s things, why should you be trusted with
without the expenses of a stock. You can diversify in any           things of your own? Once you start helping others, you
type of fund like growth, international, bond, and index            will get what you desire. This principle is the highest
funds. There are many of them, research and pick the                form of stewardship and investing because you have
best one.                                                           used your resources wisely for someone else and have
                                                                    taken over your finances.
Lastly there is a people fund. Investing in people is the
best type of fund because there is a return for that you            This concludes the 4 principles of a financial takeover.
can expect. Investing in people could be paying for                 Start working them and watch your finances come alive.
college, paying a loan off or volunteering or donating to a
shelter where people are directly helped. Once you start            ©2011 Cedric Dukes – All Rights Reserved.
investing in people, you will see this principle come to

Cedric Dukes is an ordained deacon, author, speaker, and columnist. His book, Hostile Takeover - Manifesting God’s
Plan and Purpose for Your Finances, has changed the way people think about finances and has been featured
nationally. You may contact him at

   Do you want to learn how to manage your money wisely? Join us as we share tips,
                               resources, and insights.

 BudgetWise Financial Solutions, LLC is a premier financial education and consultancy firm, where we teach
                                    people to manage money wisely.


   To support and promote financial literacy and education so that people can move beyond repetitive money
 issues to lives of freedom and purpose. Our products include: Financial workshops, seminars and training for
   educational communities, businesses, and non profit organizations. Individual consultations and coaching.

                                Key areas: budgeting, debt, and savings and investing.


                        Samirian Hill, also known as The MoneyWise Teacher, is the President and founder of BudgetWise Financial
                        Solutions, LLC. As a trusted financial educator and inspirational speaker, she has a reputation for making
                        complex financial concepts simple and bringing order to chaos. She has helped many people improve their
                        relationship with money and get on the path to financial freedom.

                                                                 Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™         27
Liberia 2013                    with Dr. Sabrina Black

                              Founder & President of Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing, Dr. Sabrina
                              Black, has again taken renewed hope and potential to the students of Trumpet
                              Early Foundation School located in Liberia Africa.

                              With a Team of five strong, the mission team delivered funds to cover 30 students
                              who would not have to leave school due to delinquent school fees. Joining her in
                              this endeavor Dr. Georgia Hill Global Projects Board Chair, Dr. Lisa Haston
                              Fuller, Board Secretary, Min. Veronica Fletcher and Gwen Harris.

                              This Team brought gifts galore to a school in need and a country working to
                              recover from a civil war that stopped many children from going to school for 17
                              years. With this generous gift the students complete 2011-2012 school year and
                              teachers were able to be paid. Seeing the need the Global Projects Team purchase
                              new jersey for the soccer team, parts for the school van as well as school supplies,
technology and books.

Global Projects has for 12 years reached out to 5 of 7 continents to help in situations of crisis through their
Crisis And Relief Education program with materials and resources to help people get back on their feet. Global
Projects partnership with the Liberian school is another effort to touch lives, transform lives and give renewed

The mission to Liberia in 2013 will again offer like-minded persons to consider sowing a seed to cover 30-45
students for the 2012-2013 school year as well as salaries of dedicated teacher who often continue to teach
when not being paid.

The principal of the school Pastor Weyhee is aligned with Global Projects and made a trip to Detroit as part of a
best practice and learning tour to help him be the leader, in his ministries and the school to gain the know-how
to take all he is responsible for to the next level of efficiency, excellency and effectiveness.

Hope does spring for the students. staff and principal as Global Projects helps to drive resources, helpers and
teams to help the healing of a student, family, teacher and a nation.

If you would like to support this investment and take the premise of "no child left behind" on a global scale call
313-205-7300 and become the difference. All gifts are tax-deductible.

                                          Visit Dr. Black on Facebook,

               Unforgettable You is an Image Consulting Company specializing in
              wardrobe styling, personal shopping, hair/makeup services, freelance
                 beauty and image events, and we even have a RETAIL division,
               Amazing Grace Boutique (Consignment/Resale)! We also conduct
                individual, corporate and group platforms on Social and Business
                   Etiquette and a hosts of other BEAUTY and IMAGE topics!

              Closet shopping (or a wardrobe analysis) is almost a mandate before
             she shops for a client! Simply put, Denitra believes in being creative with
                                       what one already has!

                         Call Denitra Townsend for your
                             Image Consulting Needs!

Amazing Grace Consignment Boutique

                          Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      29
Health and Beauty
Smashingly Good Looks for Fall in Image
Factory Collection

The fall luxury makeup collections just keep on coming, and as always, they coordinate with the fashion styles
being released for the upcoming season. Smashbox’s latest addition for Fall 2012 is titled Image Factory, and as
expected, it features smoky looks like other high-end fall lines. Image Factory, which just launched, contains four
new essential beauty products in two different color options each to give you plenty of ways to make yourself up for

                                                   The Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette is already a favorite among
                                                   consumers. The $39 compact contains six shadow colors with
                                                   velvety textures — including bases, highlighters, and defining
                                                   accent shades — that will help you achieve a variety of different
                                                   creative looks. The crease- and fade-resistant formulas of the
                                                   richly pigmented shadows make them ultra-blendable and
                                                   versatile for fall. Shades in the Icon palette include Alabuster,
                                                   Thunder, Blackout, Roast, Black Currant and Seafoam. The
                                                   Muse palette is made up of Russet, Truffel, Bare, Juniper,
                                                   Sandstorm and Sumatra.

Airbrush Whipped Cheek Color is made of ultra-fine pigments that allow for ultimate blendability, silicone
elastomers that diminish imperfections, and a mousse-like formula that will give you an airbrushed effect. The
lightweight blush will give your cheeks a naturally radiant glow in either the Berry Bliss shade or Dusty Rose.

The finishing touches to your fall look will come from the Waterproof Shadow Liner and the Lip Enhancing Gloss
Duo. The $22 pencil comes in bronze and charcoal and can be applied as a smudged liner or blended as a shadow.
The versatile formula makes this mistake-proof product great for all-over cover. The gloss duos have a long-wearing
formula and are available in Fab/Snappy and Luxe/Chic.

To view the full collection, visit

                                                            Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   31
A SISTAHS’s Closet
                             Going to the Chapel and
                                     What to Wear to a Wedding                                            …
                                                           BY TONJA AYERS

                             Church Wedding                      Wedding Guest Style for Her

                              Modesty is the key when            o Informal Daytime: Short dress or suit (business attire
deciding what to wear to a church wedding. Articles worn         OK for morning weddings)
in a place of worship should be modest and respectful.           o Informal Evening: Cocktail dress
Short dresses and low cut dresses are not acceptable. It         o Semi-Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit
is best to wear a wrap or jacket if your dress is too            o Semi-formal Evening: Cocktail dress
revealing. You can simply remove your wrap at the                o Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit. Hats and gloves
reception. A simple dress or suit "with" hosiery is the          optional.
best solution in a "What to wear to a church wedding             o Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Long or dressy short
dilemma?"                                                        cocktail (beading, glam accessories, wrap)
                                                                 o Ultra-formal or White Tie: Long gown, extra glitz (furs,
                                                                 diamonds, etc.)
Black Tie Wedding
                                                                 Do's and Don'ts for Her
Black Tie means the wedding requires formal attire.
Formal attire is a tuxedo for the men and floor length           o Don't wear white because it competes with the bride.
formal gowns for the women; however evening suits are            There are plenty of other colors available.
also acceptable.                                                 o Don't wear black or sequins during the daytime.
A nice pointy toe stiletto or strappy sandals are both           o Don't worry about wearing the same colors as the
appropriate for black tie weddings. However, if you plan         bridesmaids or mothers. You can't possibly coordinate
on dancing the night away at the reception, select a             with everyone in the wedding party.
lower heeled shoe for added comfort. The length of the           o Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of
dress will cover the height of the heel and you will be          respect for your hosts. Clubwear, overtly sexy clothing
able to boogie the night away!                                   (deep cut, see-through, etc) doesn't belong at a
                                                                 wedding. If you have to ask if it's appropriate, it probably
Indoor & Outdoor Weddings                                        o Don't wear opera-length gloves (to top of arm) with
                                                                 anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns.
If the invitation does not state black tie or formal you         o Do take off gloves to eat or drink.
may wear some of the same items listed above however             o Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify
shorter dresses and tea length gowns are also an option.         the formality of the event. A pastel suit or soft floral dress
Remember not to outshine the bride by wearing white or           for daytime or a little black dress for evening (after 6
anything too revealing or sexy. Have fun and enjoy the           p.m.) will take you almost anywhere.

Article Source:

Tonja Ayers, known as “The Shoe Lady,” has been in business for almost fifteen years and has been featured in the
Detroit Free Press and the Michigan Chronicle. She specializes in stylish and fashionable shoes for the budget conscious
shopper! Her selection consists of bright, colorful, different and exotic shoes which emulate the styles of current shoes
designers from the runways of New York to Paris to Milan.

Visit Tonja online at

                                                     Zaria’s CLOSET

A Mobile Boutique for Women
      of All Occasions

Call Elonda Moore today to book your own private
    shopping party for your friends and family!

                                                   Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   33
                                 Welcome to                    J'Adore!
 J'Adore is more than just a brand, Carmen Bradley will help you to create a lifestyle
 of luxury living. J'Adore offers unique styles and collections of shoes, handbags and
           jewelry. She is truly passionate about fashion and look forward to
                          helping you meet your fashion needs!

                Call Carmen Bradley today!


          Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   35
Services & Business Network FEATURE

    Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   37
             17344 West 12 Mile Rd. Suite 106, Southfield, MI 48076,

       Sara’s House/Place is helping to break the cycle of homelessness

one person at a time by providing women with the necessary resources and skills

                  to strengthen and gain their independence.

These families become self-sufficient and contributors to our economic growth.

   Sara’s House/Place will allow the women to reside for at least two years.

      During their residency, the women will be given the opportunity to

          participate in the following counseling enrichment sessions:

                            Money Management
                            Health & Wellness
                            Education (G.E.D.)
                            Spiritual Enrichment
                            Family Care


                                        Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   39
Soul SISTAHS Café of Poetry & Suggested Reading
                Face-to-Face Appearances from Jesus
                                      DAVID E. TAYLOR

                                                      Many amazing face-to-face visitations from Jesus
                                                      Himself are intimately detailed by author David
                                                        E. Taylor in this beautifully woven true, and
                                                       continuing, love story about his conversion and
                                                                   life journey with Jesus.
                                                      You, too, can develop a face-to face relationship
                                                      with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father.
                                                        This book provides you with proven practical
                                                         principles and concepts to seek and find a
                                                          "beyond personal" spiritual relationship.

                                                          In this new book you will learn how to:
                                                            Deepen your intimacy with Christ;
                                                            Meet Christ face-to-face in person;
                                                           Experience multiple appearances from
                                                                   Him on a lifetime basis;
                                                        Become more prosperous in every way; and
                                                              Fulfill your calling and destiny.
                                                      Today you can go beyond "feeling His presence"
                                                                to "seeing Him face-to-face."

                                           How to order:

Available at the Healing Gatherings of David E. Taylor and also from his ministry office.

To order you new book by David E. Taylor please call Joshua Media Ministries today, toll free, at: 1-877-
TheGlory or 314-972-7926

Or you may send a check or money order for the total amount to:

Joshua Media Ministry
Post Office Box 1270
Florissant MO 63031

All books ordered from his office will be signed by the author.

                                    From the Author…
Dear Friend,

This is David E. Taylor. It is a great honor to meet some of you informally via e-mail and right now for the first
time on this site! I’m also deeply humbled and honored that you are hungry for a face to face relationship and
intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ on a continual lifetime basis, and not just a one-time encounter.

There are so many of those who do believe in the supernatural but who has turned this to be so cold, less
intimate and shallow. His coming to me in an appearance face to face for the first time changed my life and I
know that it will change yours to. I know that from Jesus personal face to face appearance to me telling me that
He would appear to those that hear this message or read the new book, the same will also happen with you as it
has to hundreds of thousands of others over the last preparatory 18-20 years of the ministry the Lord has given
me. I can’t tell you the exact time He will come but some has ranged from the very same night they went to
sleep, to an average of about 3-4 months time. We have noticed a very quick turn over rate. The longest on an
average is 3-4 months but I’ve also seen a much smaller amount of people that has seen him after a year or two.
But that group range is about 2 percent out of a hundred. Immediately when you read this book the visitation of
an unusual increase of the Lord communicating with you through dreams upon your life, husband’s, wife’s and
children’s life will begin but the face to face appearance visitation happens in the Lord’s timing as He chooses.
I know He’s going to come to you, be very encouraged. Thank you so much for being open to promote Jesus
through your desire to see Him face to face. Thank you for your contribution to the Kingdom of God.

I’ve heard so many great wonderful testimonies over the years concerning the Lord appearing to those who
heard this message. My friend, I cannot wait for you to also share yours with us!

To those who love His appearing,
(2 Timothy 4:8)

David E. Taylor

                                                          Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   41
                                            "Dream Again"
                                                   BY ALICEA DAVIS

People what you settling for?
Do you think you can acquire just a little bit more?
Some might be looking funny
Thinking that I’m just talking about money.
But this is about acquiring knowledge.
This is about someone starting or finishing college.
Or whatever goal it is that you have in your heart.
It may even be a business that you’ve been wanting to
Is it false or is it true?
Do these things apply to you?
Now I know that some may be comfortable and content.
With just getting by paying the rent.
Sometime ago it was accept it.
This lifestyle that was selected
And I don’t know if you’ve heard this before
But you have the right to go after more.
I know that some may just sit and pray.
Simply standing by, waiting on judgment day.
Just thought I should tell you that it is okay.
To make your trip on earth a more comfortable stay.
As a child, what did you want to be?
What was your vision? What did you see?
When was the day that you forfeited your fight?
You were free to dream but you gave up that right.
It doesn’t matter what is the color of our skin                 And there is a voice inside of your mouth
Or the neighborhood that you grew up in.                        With positive words that need to come out.
Your parents may have not been around.                          And just as sure as you can blink
Your family may have put you down.                              You have that right to dream and think.
But you have the right to dream at night.                       No man on earth can give you permission
You have a future that can still be bright!                     To accept and complete your only mission.
 Do you think that there’s inside information kept outside      Your mission to fulfill your calling in life.
of your community                                               Your mission to finally get this thing right!
And that the knowledge is controlled while there is no          Because God has some major plans for you.
sense of unity.                                                 Just put Him first in all you do.
Well, even if there is truth in that                            But do something! Contribute! Participate!
You still must consider this simple fact.                       Inside of you is a person that is great!
There is a brain inside of your head                            You can’t lose hope! You can’t lose sight!
With ideas for you to get ahead!                                You are free to dream and you must exercise that right.
There is a heart inside of your chest.                          So focus on the vision that you have within.
Full of passion for you to be your best!                        Start living your life and dream again.

                                                                ©Alicea Davis – All Rights Reserved.

          “Dream Again” is featured in Alicea’s book, The Sky Is Not The Limit: A Book Of Empowering Poetry.
        Alicea Davis is a passionate gospel poet and artist who is dedicated to creating work that will encourage
                               others to embrace the greatness that God has given them!
                  Visit Alicea online at or e-mail her at

                            THE WRITER’S FRIEND – DONNA GOODRICH

                                            Contains hints on:
                                            Letting Go of Grief
                                            Letting Go of Failures — Your Own and Other People’s
                                            Letting Go of Your Successes
                                            Letting Go of Possessions
                                            Letting Go of the Hurts in Your Life
                                            Letting Go of Your Children
                                            Letting Go of Health Issues
                                            Letting Go of Your Youth
                                            Letting Go of Guilt
                                            Letting Go of Control
                                            Letting Go of Worry
                                            Letting Go of Doubt
                                            Letting Go of Fear
                                            The Land Beyond Letting Go

Donna has five people to thank for helping her get started. The first was Frances
Burnside, a children’s librarian in Jackson, Michigan, who introduced her
to The Writer magazine when she was nine years old and gave her a chance to
read her writings at the annual talent show in the library auditorium.

In 1980 Donna attended her first Christian writers’ conference. She had sold 4
books and around 200 articles, but at that point in her life writing was only a
hobby, something she did whenever she found the time. However, a quote by
Harold Ivan Smith at that conference literally changed her writing life. He said,
“We are called to write, and I feel we will be held responsible at the Judgment
for the people who are hurting that we could have helped but didn’t because we didn’t write what God laid on our
hearts to write.” This statement took writing out of the “hobby” category for Donna and made it a calling. From
that point on, she holds the firm belief that she is as called to write as a minister is called to preach.

She tells her students at conferences, “The rewards of writing are not in the bylines nor the checks. Rather, it is when
someone calls or writes you and says, ‘What you wrote changed my life and now I can go on.’ ”

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   43
Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network

Danetra Moore

Danetra Moore is an exceptionally talented and dynamic      Lawrence, Jonathan Nelson, Ann Nesby, Paul Porter,
vocalist, model and actress. She is a native of Stockton,   Kierra Sheard, The Williams Brothers, Brian Wilson,
California that now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Ever       Bebe and CeCe Winans, Trace Adkins, and many
since the age of two, those around her knew that she        more. Danetra Moore, is also featured on the long
was indeed blessed and called to minister the gospel in     awaited project of Pastor Jasper Williams (Old
song. She hails from a family of great singers,             Landmark) singing I Am The Way. In 2010 she was
preachers and musicians. She began writing, singing in      nominated for Best New Artist and Song Of the Year of
professional choirs and professionally recording by the     the Atlanta Gospel choice awards and being apart of the
age of 10. She has an instrument that amazes and            2010 Trumphet Awards. She has been in many
inspires those who hear her. To witness her perform live     commercials and many national television shows and
is a true tour de force. Gifted with both powerhouse        plays as well. She is currently the background vocalist
vocals and a radiant beauty, Danetra remains quite          for Ledisi and Angie Stone. Even though Danetra is
humble. Danetra Moore's performance curriculum vitae,       young, she knows that her work for God doesn't have an
belies her young age of 25. The list of artists she has     age and she looks forward to inspiring and encouraging
shared the stage with reads like a "whose who" of           all those that she meets through her testimony and the
music. Danetra has blended her vocal presence with          gifts that God has given her.
Marvin Sapp, Jennifer Holliday, Angie Stone, Will
Downing, Ledisi, Angela Winbush, Cherelle, Glen             Visit Danetra at
Jones, Lenny Williams, Sherrie Jones-Moffet, Vicki
Winans, Sunday Best Winner Crystal Aikin, Byron Cage,
Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Stephen Hurd, Donald

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   45
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   47
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   49
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   51

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