Brief history of Mater Dolorosa by Z4Rv5z


									Brief history of Mater Dolorosa Church

An online history of Mater Dolorosa (no longer online) indicated the following:

Mater Dolorosa, located in the historical Carrollton section of New Orleans, began in a humble
borrowed house on Maple Street in 1848. It was first known as the Church of St. Mary of the
Nativity. Then in 1868, a school was opened and called the Carrollton Parochial School.
However, the turmoil in Europe was heard across the Atlantic and within the next three years a
new church was built opposite to St. Mary's for the Germans and was soon called Mater
Dolorosa leaving St. Mary's to the French worshipers. Very soon Mater also had its own school
to serve the German children. Finally, by 1898 the division was healed and Mater Dolorosa
emerged as the church for the faithful of Carrollton.

The original bells "James", "Francis", and "Maria" still call the parishioners to worship in the
glow of the magnificent stained glass windows that depict the life of Mary, the mother of Christ.

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