The Unification of Germany by Z4Rv5z


									The Unification of Germany
       Germany before 1871
• Before 1871, Germany was split into many
  different states
• Each state had its own ruler
• Most people spoke German in these
  states and followed the Catholic religion
           Otto von Bismarck
• A Prussian statesman
  named Bismarck
  dreamed of a unified
• Practiced “Realpolitik”
  which means practical
  rather than ideological
Prussia goes to War with Denmark
                • In 1864-5 Prussia
                  fought Denmark over
                  Schleswig and
                  Holstein (red)
                • Most Germans
                  supported Prussia,
                  giving Bismarck an
                  opportunity to gain
                  their allegiance
    Prussia goes to war with Autria
• Austria had German
• Prussia also had
  German allies
• Prussia won but gave
  the Austrians a
  lenient treaty so they
  wouldn’t seek
• Prussia was now
  most powerful
  German state
           Bismarck vs. France
• Bismarck engineered a war
  against France and even
  managed to make the
  French appear as the
  aggressors, thus ensuring
  that his southern German
  allies, such as Bavaria,
  joined a war in ‘defence of
• Germany won and
  Bismarck convinced all the
  German people to accept
  Wilhelm of Prussia as their
• Germany was now a
                                Unified Germany in 1871
      Unified German Empire
• Unified Germany, with the help of
  Bismarck became a powerful nation
• His trade policies boosted the German
• German industry passed up British
  industry by the end of the century in both
  quality and efficiency
• 1. How would you summarize Bismarck’s
  unification of Germany?
• 2. Britain was most powerful country in the
  world at this time, the empire upon which
  “the sun never set.” What do you think was
  the British reaction to a unified Germany?

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