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									Dr. Dimitris Triantafyllou

                              Curriculum vitae

1.11.1963    Born in Athens

1981-1985    Basic studies at the Athens Law School

1985-1986    DEA in Public Law, Strasbourg University (Council of Europe fellow)

1987         Registered Lawyer in the Athens Bar

1986-1989    PhD, University of Heidelberg (DAAD fellow)

1988-1991    Lawyer-translator at the Court of Justice of the EC, Luxembourg

1991          Detached to the greek Ministry of Economy (for the banking directives)

1992          Secretary for the hearings at the Court of Justice of the EC

1991-1993    External assistant,Institute for european administrative law (Heidelberg)

1992-1996    Administrator at the European Commission, GD for Internal Market

since 1996   Member of the Legal Service of the European Commission

since 1993   Teaching Internal Market law to postgraduates (Sciences Po-Strasbourg)
since 1999   Teaching european public economic law at the Würzburg Law School

Publications:     Four monographies in public, economic and European Law, thirty
articles and three contributions in collective works in French, German, English and

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