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DOE-DPS Letterhead by Z4Rv5z


									                                                     Taylor University

                                                        P-3              K-6   5-9   5-12   P-12

           Content Areas: Instructional
Business Education
Career/Technical Education
     Agriculture
     Business Information and Technology
     Family & Consumer Sciences
     Health Occupations
     Marketing Education
     Trade and Industrial
     Engineering and Technology
Communication Disorders
Computer Education
Driver and Traffic Safety Education
English Learners                                                          x           x      x
Exceptional Needs
     Mild Intervention                                                   x
     Intense Intervention
     Blind and Low Vision
     Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Fine Arts (P-12)
     Visual Arts (P-12)                                                                     x
     Vocal and General Music (P-12)                                                         x
     Instrumental and General Music (P-12)                                                  x
     Theater Arts (P-12)
     Dance (P-12)
Generalist: Early Childhood (P-3)
Generalist: Early and Middle Childhood (K-6)                              x
Middle School Generalist (needs two core areas) or
Addition to an Elementary license
     Language Arts                                                            x
     Mathematics                                                              x
     Science                                                                  x
     Social Studies                                                           x
High Ability (P-12)
Health Education (P-12)                                                                      x
Language Arts (including speech communications)                                       x
School Librarian (P-12)
Mathematics                                                                           x
Physical Education (P-12)                                                                    x
Reading (P-12)
         Life Sciences                                                               x
        Physical Sciences                                             x
        Chemistry                                                     x
        Physics                                                       x
        Earth/Space Sciences
Social Studies
        Economics                                                     x
        Geographical Perspectives                                     x
        Government and Citizenship                                    x
        Historical Perspectives                                       x
        Psychology                                                    x
        Sociology                                                     x
World Language
        Arabic
        American Sign Language
        Chinese
        French                                                        x
        German
        Italian
        Japanese
        Korean
        Latin
        Russian
        Spanish                                                       x
        Other _____________________________
          Content Areas: Administrative
District Administrator (P-12)
        Superintendent
        Director of Exceptional Needs
        Director of Career/Technical
        Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Building Level Administrator (P-12)
         Content Areas: School Services
School Counselor
School Psychologist (P-12)
School Nurse
School Social Worker
                   Alternative Routes
Transition to Teaching                                             X   X
Masters in Teaching (initial licensure)


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