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									                                                          The German Club

                                                 Sponsors German film nights

                                                 Participates in the weekly German
                                                 conversation hour (Kaffeestunde)
Study Abroad Opportunities
  _____________________________                  Organized a German soccer team and
                                                 participated in the Soccer “World Cup” of the
- Spring Break in Berlin                         Language Clubs at CUA
- Summer in Austria
- Summer or Semester in Eichstätt, Bavaria
                                                 Plans excursions to many cultural events in
    o Info at:
                                                 DC, including concerts, lectures, and movies,
     Internationales/ sommerkurs/eichstaett.en
- Semester in Berlin                             visits to the Goethe Institut and the
    o Info at:    Embassies of Germany and Austria

          Degrees Offered
  _____________________________                    The German Club is open to all
                                                 students of German and all German
- Major in German                                      speakers and friends!

- Major in German & Secondary Education
- Minor in German                                Contact Dr. Bornholdt (Faculty Advisor)
                                                 Join CUA’s German Club on Facebook
       Contact Information
  _____________________________                                                                          AT THE
Dr. Hanna Marks (                                                                    CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY
Dr. Claudia Bornholdt (                                                              OF AMERICA
Dr. Kerstin Gaddy (

The German Program
Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures
208 McMahon Hall
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Avenue NE
                                                                                                        FALL 2009
Washington, DC 20064
(202) 319-5240
                                                                                                 Department of Modern Languages                                                                           and Literatures
Basic Language Courses                                                                                        Literature Courses
_____________________________                                                                           _____________________________
Ger 101: Elementary German I                                                                          Ger 330: German Theater:
Dr. Gaddy
MWF 9:10am; Lab: T 9:10/10:10 am
                                                                                                      Text & Performance
                                                                                                      Dr. Bornholdt
MWF 10:10am; Lab: T 9:10/10:10 am
                                                                                                      MW 5:10pm
This course is designed for students with
little or no prior experience with German.                                                            This course, taught in German, introduces
The course provides an introduction to the                                                            students to central theories of drama that have
basic principles of language necessary for                                                            influenced German playwrights from the 18
written and oral communication. Students                                                              century to the present. After close reading of
use fundamental vocabulary and grammar                                                                plays by major German authors, students will
structures to talk about daily life and gain                                                          discuss a number of short plays by 20 century
insights into aspects of German culture                                                               dramatists and select one for performance.
through simple readings and Internet                                                                  Assignments include analytical papers,
                                                Advanced Language Courses                             presentations, a play bill, and the staging of a
activities. The class meets three days per
week, plus one additional lab session in
                                                   _____________________________                      play. All readings and discussions will be in
the multimedia classroom.                                                                             German. Prerequisite: German 204 or
                                               Ger 203: Advanced German I: German                     equivalent.
                                               Through Film
Ger 103: Intermediate German I                 Dr. Gaddy
                                                                                                      Ger 220: Austria
Dr. Bornholdt                                  MWF 11:10am
MWF 1:10pm; Lab: W 12:10pm
                                                                                                      in Literature & the Arts
                                               This course focuses on recent developments in
                                                                                                      Dr. Bornholdt
                                               modern and contemporary German society and             MWF 3:10pm
This course introduces additional grammar
and vocabulary, builds speaking and            culture as reflected in German film. Students learn
reading skills, and prepares students to       and use basic terminology and vocabulary to talk       This course, taught in English, explores
deal with basic communicative tasks in         and write about film. The four modalities will be      Austrian literary works of the 20 century with
German. Students read contemporary             developed by watching and discussing German            an emphasis on the themes of nation, identity
texts on various aspects of the culture and    feature films and videos, extensive grammar            and memory. It examines the relationship
civilization found in the German-speaking      review, reading excerpts of screen plays and other     between the literary texts and contemporary
countries. The class meets three days per      texts, writing and correcting five essays,             art, architecture, music, and film in their
week, plus one additional lab session in       translating short texts, and producing short videos.   historical, social, and intellectual contexts.
the multimedia classroom. Prerequisite: C-     Prerequisite: German 104 or equivalent.                Students are encouraged to participate in a
or better in German 102, appropriate                                                                  study-abroad program in Austria in the
placement score or equivalent.                                                                        subsequent summer. Fulfills Humanities or
                                               Ger 500: German for Reading                            Literature requirement.
                                               Dr. Marks
                                               TTh 3:35pm

                                               The fundamentals of German grammar and rapid
                                               reading and analysis of German texts. Passing this
                                               course fulfills the graduate language requirement.

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